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Hello & Welcome to our ❖ Ecodox About Us Window of Diversity 4 Security 4U The Visitor. I‘m your Host with the Most: Ari Kolman aka ArishmaryCanada.

  1. ...Ecodox is the Name of our Online Presence.
  2. ...Ecodox is the Name of our Offline Home Land.
  3. ...Ecodox is the Way We Live Life w/Awareness.
  4. ...Ecodox is the coming together of two Words.
  5. ...Ecodox is giving to others, Diversity 4 Security.

More Than The Official Ecodox; The Original & Only Ecodox. Official Sounds like a Business Corporate Government Conservative Influence. We are anything but those things. ❖ We are Ecodox / Name & Theory Created by Edward C Remming - 1985 Online Theory; Presence & Designing by Ari R. Kolman - 1999 Eco/logy & Para/dox Here’s to Ecology & Paradox No Ecology No Life / No Paradox No Living ECODOXICALLY SPEAKING

We are of the World, so we are of your world. Your World is our world, so what we do in our world really matters because it affects everyone in it.

We educate the uneducated and have important issues come to light, for those who live with hardly any light at times, in our world. We take action and make things happen for the good of all while harming none in our world.

We live somewhere where all people live, so we are living with all people. The World houses us all, regardless if we are good or bad, poor or rich, homeless or not,, and so we must live in it as if it is ours; meaning all of ours not just the people who run it, the people who know things, smart people, the sexy and the healthy, the wealthy and the elite, but all of us. When something is not working in our house for anyone, we must fix it, and right now is the time for fixing. We don’t want to fix the world, we want to fix our world. Our House, our Home.


Our Home Ecodox offline is a Sanctuary which is the inspiration for Ecodox Online. They have given us so much that we would like to share it all with friends and the world. Ecodox Offline has Shared with the World since 1999, but now it shares more than ever.

Throughout the Various Internal Informational Windows & Internal Links Listing Windows, you’ll find everything Ecodox is About, but on this page you’ll find information you won‘t find on those windows.

Such as more personal information about Ed and I in the following Tabs below. With me it’s easy by now to know all about, but Ed has written his short biography & Timeline for everyone to view, and then you’ll know all About Us even more.

You know all ready that no one has to Sign up or Sign in to enter any part of Ecodox at anytime, and once someone enters any part of Ecodox at anytime, they won’t have to worry about the kind of things they worry about while visiting other websites. Know one has to think they’ll be spammed, or tricked, or attacked with Popups and Viruses, in any way at anytime.

There’s no Porno, there’s no Junky Boring Sites Linked, and there’s no Government Officials Monitoring Everything you look at.

We are not a big organization with many employees, it is only Ed & I with our personal website (or homepages), and we are not a website with just a few things on each page (so you click and click and click for nothing), that has you wondering why the hell you went there to begin with.

♥ IN SHORT (until further lengthening): Ecodox is a diversified Resource Directory via Personal Homepages and Blogs, you‘ll need at some point or want at many points in Life. We are a wonderful website (if we do say so ourselves), with personal information & my personal blogging; Illustrations, animations, Resources & References to OTHER PEOPLES WEBSITES AND BLOGS that many people want, need, join, use, share and find worth bookmarking. Enjoy.


Ari R. Kolman - Born in 1967 / The Summer of Love, Ontario CA.

I’ve joined many Social Networks and wrote about me in all of them. So there’s not much to say for myself here; except that by reading all the pages I’ve created online in Ecodox and at social networks, you should be able to find out all you need to know about me, but for here I don’t want to waste the space repeating myself when a lot of you already know about me.

I am For Love, Beauty, Support, Freedom, Education, Progression, Pro- Action, & Diversity 4 Security. I am involved with Online Charity Orgs., Online Grassroots Communities, Groups & Social Networks - Advocating Campaigning Supporting & Educating Through Global Collective Action Online. I also belong to Communities For Online Activities of Sharing & Fun, Development & Storage Social Networking, Campaigning & Writing for Ecodox, Facebook, Twitter & others - Making Pleasure Work & Work a Pleasure.

I’m just a simple loving person, who used to be a Professional Dancer, Choreographer, Poetry Writer, Model, Professional Hairdresser (after years of professional enslavement called apprenticeship or assistant), DJ, Club Party Event Co-Coordinator, socialite butterfly bar hopper, a Door to Door Salesman, and many things in between. Trying to make sense of it all pertaining to Ecodox would take pages and pages of blogging, so moving right along...

I feel I am now worthy (or deserving) of a Great Life, before meeting Ed I did not because I didn‘t know anything back then about what was going on in the world. Now I know all to much and to well; so I am a Writer & Blogger, an Online Source, a Concerned Citizen, an Activist, a Webmaster & Website Designer, an Environmentalist, an Animal Liberator & Protector, a Spiritualist, AND A VOICE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ALL. Yes and I like Singing and having fun online still, but mostly I’m serious until I make a page or write a post that is not.

Ed and I met in 1997 when I had no clue what I was going to do next. It was the last time I was living with my Mom before she passed away. Ed & I had made a wonderful Love Connection and stayed together as a couple, when finally in 1999 Ecodox Online was born.

It was a sudden birth, because after we had met, Ed had introduced me to the Concepts, Theories, Awareness & Vision for Ecodox so I wanted to hurry up and have it already. Now I incorporate and try and capture all of Ed‘s Concepts, Theories, Awareness & Vision into myself and our proud Ecodox, since they are all part of our lives.

I share online more than I ever could and it’s from the heart; from the home, from the love, from Ed and from Ecodox; somewhere we can have friends and followers of our life (or from my social network communities who enjoy me in some way), come over & visit us here. Coming over for confirmation & appreciation, coming over to learn about things as we sit and I tell you in detail.

Come over to get serious and down to work, or resourceful and away from the office jerk. Get playful and feel like you’re the smartest person around, or get inspired just by all the creative designs you found.

Reading more about me is no problem, just keep reading and visit every window, because I’m everywhere throughout Ecodox talking to you (blogging & writing to you), personally like we know each other.

Feel free to enjoy my writing and please don’t speed read or just scan, because for sure at some point you will misunderstand. About Ari R. Kolman you ask? Thanks for asking and now please click the next tab for Ed’s Short Biography and enjoy.


Ed C. Remming - A Brief Auto-Biography

1943 - Born in Rochester NY, A Pre-Baby Boomer.

1961 - Entered Canada as a Student at University of Windsor.

1963 - Immigrated to Canada. I walked across the Ambassador Bridge from the near-by University Campus in Windsor, ON to Detroit Michigan, turned around, walked back, and legally immigrated to Canada.

Activism in the 60’s: - Anti-Racism: Participated in Demonstrations, Organizing, and Fundraising.

Peace Movement & Student Movement: Anti-US Drafts, Vietnam War Resistance, Demonstrations in Washington, DC.

War Resister Assistance: Aid & Support to US Draft Resisters and Military Conscientious Objectors fleeing the US into Canada.

Attended “Woodstock” Summer of 1969: Inspired & Blown Away.

Founded “Riddle Lake Commune” a “Back to the Land” Community on 400 acres of Ontario Wilderness near Bancroft, ON, involving young people (“hippies”) from Canada, US and England. 1969 - 1974.

Education & Employment

1968 - Masters in Psychology, University of Windsor. Thesis: “The Development of a Measure of Self-Actualization.”

Psychology Intern in a Hospital Criminally Insane.

Group Worker in an Inner-City Summer Program in Rochester NY.

Teacher of Psychology in two Community Colleges.

Psychology Consultant, Toronto Schools, 1974 - 2003.

1985 - Masters in Environmental Studies, York University, Toronto Ontario. Thesis: “A Paradox of Environmentalism”.

1985 - Invented the Word, the Theory the Concept and the Place: Ecodox. In 1985 it was also used for our Home to have a Name, that is one of Expression for Environmental Awareness, Fostering Human & Animal Rights, and Expressing Spirituality. The Land we Live on is Our Ecodox, the theories involving ecology and paradox are also Ecodox. The Concept we live our lives by are also Ecodox.

President of Union Local Representing Psychologists & Social Workers in Toronto Catholic Schools.

Advocated for & Assisted Schools to Develop Policies and Practices addressing Suicide, Bullying, and Homophobia.

Developed and Presented Seminars, Workshops and Information to Teachers, Administrators and Students on Sexual Orientation, Homophobia and Suicide.

Active in Local Environmental Group Working to Protect Natural Environment. Active in LGBT Group Working to Promote Acceptance of LGBT People in Rural Communities.

"Homosexuality and the Catholic High School A compilation of newsletters with new material."1997 Met the Love on my Life Ari Kolman aka ArishmaryCanada on a beautiful Summer afternoon Surrounded by Nature and Good Sprits. We began our Life Journey Together.

1999 - Wrote “Keeping Our Children Safe: Adolescent Suicide and Sexual Orientation”. An Article for the Catholic Schools with Recommendations for Educators on How to Provide a Safe and Excepting Environment for LGBT Students. The Article was distributed to Catholic Schools throughout Canada in their Newsletter "Homosexuality and the Catholic High School A compilation of newsletters with new material."

1999 to Present - Through our collaboration on Ecodox, Ari becomes the Creative, Expansive & Resourceful Force in the Development of Ecodox with an online site of Love & Beauty, Spirituality, Information and Activism, in the Spirit of the Ecodox motto: “Diversity For Security”. My Dreams are being Fulfilled.


♥ Our Pet Animal Children - ♥ Our Friendly Wildlife Children - ♥ Our Environment & Sanctuary. Enjoy a little trip down ecodox lane, and end up at Lovers Lane experiencing things that could take you out of this hectic world, and into feelings of love and harmony again. Remember those feelings?

Love & Harmony can be found with Pets and Animals that Love you and show you how much they love you on a daily basis. Our animals have shown us things we never thought we could see between human and animals, and as people just think that animals are just animals, they're incorrect because they are more than just animals.

They are as fantastic as the Wildlife Animals that come to visit from a far, or just from the Forest behind the backyard. They are also ours because that is what you say about someone you're in love with; you say they're yours, and I'm in Love with the wildlife here at Ecodox, so they are mine and I’d like to share them with you.

Along with this great big Environment & Sanctuary we live in, I want to share it all because you are not here with us, you are online like a good friend; so like a good friend sit down and let me explain a trip that no one but me has ever taken in such a light and focus of love and inspiration, helping, giving & healing the world.

Our Pet Animal Children:

When I moved in with Ed, I had my Baby Star with me, and she was the Love of my Life. A German Sheppard mixed female sweetie that hated to be apart from me for more than 10 minutes at a time. Then she met Ed and everything changed, she wanted to be with him all the time and the Love between those two grew beyond even my control.

Star Loved Everything about Ed; his attention, his Love, his Land, The New Life and all the fun-stuff she was now receiving from the two of us, “but what’s this?”, there was someone else who had his attentions on her & wanted to have fun-stuff with her,, and his name was Ziggy.

Ziggy was Ed’s Baby Boy and he was an English Bull Terrier; the sweetest Bull Terrier you’ve ever met, unless you were someone whom he met and didn’t like because you were mean or acting like you were guilty for some reason.

Along with Ziggy, Ed had beautiful Diva Cats, they were all Calico Cats and loved there own space downstairs in the spacious basement. Ziggy didn’t mind them if they just stayed down there, and they didn’t mind Ziggy if they just never ran into him. With Star it was the same, but basically they all Lived together here with us as a big happy family and waiting for our attentions & care. The last Beauty of the litter to survive was named Chaos and now we have no more Cats but the memories are as strong as their years of touching and nuzzling us. We also don’t have Star anymore, or Ziggy, we miss them all and think about them daily.

What we also think about is our last surviving baby Goat. Everyday she is the one we look after but once upon a time (all documented with Photography), we had so many Loving Goats living in harmony & excitement with us. Names were Romulus & Reemous, Babbs and Boobs, a whole group of babies with one named Moishe, and then Prezi. Prezi was able to enjoy many years with her family here but while growing up, everyone else passed away and she is the only one that survived and still with us today.

The Love of our Lives, was Born on Presidents day, and she’s been with us now for years all by herself, but loves the security, attention and cozy sophisticated Condo Barn she lives in with our daily love and attention (and my smothering). Not wanting to repeat myself or make this window to fun, cute and silly, please make sure you read about them all at the photo sharing social networks that I place pictures and images and stories of them with really adorable memories (updated as time allows).

Links to Photo Places are at the end of this Tab, and visiting them will have you see Photographs & images of animals, environments, human rights Action and many of the interests being mentioned here and in the other various windows within ecodox.

Our Friendly Wildlife Children:

You know those people that just pass wildlife and don’t even acknowledge them or appreciate them at the time? Well we’re not like that, not anytime, and not being like that is one of the great aspects of people who acknowledge and appreciate many things that deserve acknowledgement and appreciation.

When it comes to the importance of acknowledgement and appreciation, they’re right there and they’re in turn acknowledged and appreciated by others. But what’s not to acknowledge and appreciate when it comes to Wildlife, and when it comes to our Wildlife, the acknowledgment and appreciating is like 10 fold and over flowing.

There’s nothing like it, having Wild Animals come to your house everyday for fun & games; food, snacks and drink, not to mention breeding and bedding places of security located throughout the land. They’re not threatened by us, but they are threatened by the neighbours, so they keep alert but Everyone socializes when they‘re here.

They talk, they play and I’ve written about them over the years so much, our Wild Animals (including the many families of Birds), just love it here at Ecodox, and when they come for the first time, they never want to leave.

Many of the families have lived here forever, many are just born on the Land, and there are many that also visit at various times of the years. The Birds; The Ducks, The Blue Haring, The Black Squirrels, Red Squirrels, Chipmunks, Raccoons, Possums, Deer, Wild Turkey, Crazy Fox and More, Love Ecodox & tell their families about us.

To see all these animals you must visit the Photo Sharing Networks for now but my goodness when they come to our doors and windows to say hi, it’s a time to smile and feel like you are more alive & worthy than ever. Each animal is Important to Protect, and Each animal protects what is important, number one being the environment & sanctuary they have found.

Our Environment & Sanctuary:

Sanctuary: What is a Sanctuary? It’s an Asylum, it’s a Refuge. It’s a Spiritual & Meaningful place; it’s a safe & special place, it’s with special people or special animals (and all animals are special) especially those who have been homeless or have been attacked or tortured where they lived or survived until now somewhere else.

It’s a place where humans or animals or both have overwhelming appreciation for and should be protected. A place or area of land where wildlife is protected from predators and from being destroyed or hunted by human beings, and in the same way it can be a place of protection for humans with to many problems to survive. It’s something Asylum Seekers would love to find as they live day to day without knowing if they will live tomorrow.

Some would call it a Holy Place, and some would just call it really really amazing because they have no experience with any Sanctuary what so ever. So let me take you on a little trip for you to get the feelings of what it’s like to be in our Environment or Sanctuary.

In the middle of our backyard, you can close your eyes and empty your mind, to wake up your other senses that don’t get enough to do during the day. You can release all mental tension while your nose will take in the calming fragrance of Thyme, flowers & fresh Grass, and you’ll drift into a feeling of perfect love and perfect trust as you lay back and float with everything that is floating. It is a freeing of the will and inhibitions that you can feel just being still, on our Land of Ecodox.

Further back into the Happy Valley Forest, you can stroll with an open mind & heart, while troubles appear no where in sight. That’s when a feeling comes over you as if you just met someone and you really love being around them. You just can’t wait to be around them again and you’re planning a stroll in the Forest so you can both share each others feelings, and explore the wonders of love from then on.

Or if you can’t identify with that feeling just yet, how about the feeling as if all your troubles went away and now you have a new chance at life, with every step in the Forest being a reminder of how precious life really is. What I’m trying to say is, when you walk in our Forest, and after you’ve emptied your mind from burdens of the day to really appreciate what it is in front of you, you can start to really feel some feelings of joy you may never have felt before.

It’s pages and pages of blogging descriptions & metaphors of life, love, appreciation, spirituality and beauty, because walking in the forest with all the little lives surrounding you: external factors that influence life and activities of people, plants and animals, and that can make you feel the greatest of things at the greatest of times; and the saddest of things at the saddest of times, but always the most meaningful of things with powerful feelings and inspirations leading to invigorating mental energy.

Diversity shows itself in a Forest; full of tall trees, plush bush, ponds, plants, species and inhabitants we can’t even see; not to mention the birds, and where there is acceptance of diversity, you’ll find Security. So you’ll feel secure being in a place that is of such natural worlds. It is when one feels secure that one can do many things productively, so secure I feel most of the time.

At the end of our trip (but never the end of the feelings given to us by it) we head over to the pond in the depth of our Land’s Forest. If we’re quite and lucky we’ll be able to hear inhabitants of a family or just a pair of lovers bathing in the water together. After sitting at the pond and watching everything that moves along with the quite that is not moving, you could be feeling the presence of inhabitants everywhere that you can not see, and as you connect to Nature this way, you can almost feel like you’re connecting with a memory of Love you once had.

Further down a twisted pathway of Tarzan Vines; a small water fall, big green ferns, “Jack in the Pulpit” and Bushes everywhere, you’ll find our Secret “Lover’s Lane” just past the cliff and ready to seat two on Tree Trunks. Yes a seat on a tree trunk could be hard on your behind, but when you hardly ever visit a place like this, that‘s not even in your mind.

What ever it is that calms you down; makes you love more, and keeps you smiling, that is what you experience sitting at “Lovers Lane” looking out over the cliff and suddenly wondering as the Sun goes down “oh my goodness it‘s getting late”. It’s like being caught up in a dream of once how you ran outside naked in the Rain, or it‘s like having the feeling of abandoning pain. Oh you never had that dream or feeling before?, well that’s what it’s like but many times even greater than those metaphors.

And then there’s the feeling of it all dieing on us. A sad feeling in the middle of the glorious feelings that it creates. Why because not enough people protect the Environment locally themselves let alone around the world, to be able to protect our own Forest when something is on it’s way to create destruction & death.

How long will we have this beautiful environment and sanctuary? We don’t know how long it will take for the planned government & corporate destruction of Nature, Forests, Wildlife Habitat and Communities to totally destroy everyone, so we enjoy what we have until we have no more (which every year is predicted sooner and sooner).

Last Note: ❖ Show Arishmary via/Main Links Listing in the Main Navigation Menu on the Welcome Index, contains 3 Special & Personal Photo Album Sharing Networks, Picasa, Photobucket & The Brand New AriShmary.DoesPhotography.Com At those places you can view anytime; many pictures of Ed & I, Our Animals, Our Wildlife, Our Environment, Our Memories, Our Change and more of Our Loves and Interests.



That is where the expression to remember "speaking up for those who can not speak for themselves," comes in handy. We Must Speak Up For The Rights of Others, as the Rights of Others are being Taken away as we speak (or not speak out).

If Human Rights get depleted then all Humans will loose the right to not only speak up for themselves and other innocent humans alike, but they'll loose the Right to speak up for the rights and protection of Animals and the Environment.

WE MUST STOP KILLING THE ANIMALS, KILLING THE ENVIRONMENT AND KILLING THE PEOPLE. We must Love all Animals, we must love all Environment and we must Love all Humans. Get Love, Speak Love, Give Love, Teach Love, and Share Love, then you’ll again Get love (rinse & repeat); which we've been doing and will continue, because it is this that is about us and Ecodox.

Taking Action w/ Environmental Rights 4 All:

If there is contaminated water in the area, we’ll have it on our land. If there is destruction of habitat in our area, the habitat on our land will be over run by asylum seeking wildlife and unbalance the harmony of living (doing the work they naturally & regularly do to keep the Forest Alive while keeping their own families alive). Because we don’t possess noise pollution like our neighbours & other households, the wildlife around them will find there way here as well.

Lost & disoriented many of them that first find us, but if there is any pollution or contamination in the area it will find it’s way here and will kill. The animals that die will effect the Environment that will then more quickly die. The environment that will die, will effect the Wildlife still alive that will then also die. What goes around comes around, and being spread around by humans, so it will come back to us and we won’t be able to stop it but it will stop everything in it‘s path.

The path & Planning of Destruction of all Natural Worlds (our environment) is taking place faster and faster, along with the amount of people being born; there is the growing of ignorance and the maintaining of planning destructions / along with excess wasting, animal killing and polluting taking place in double time. If our Human Rights our also being taken away like the rights for the environment & animals around the world, then we will not be able to fight for anything let alone the Environment.


All People together produce a carbon footprint which is a small fraction of the entire county’s carbon footprint, while non-green corporations; oil extraction industries and Government destruction & toxic building projects & Endeavours create the largest amount of carbon & toxic in the air we breath, as their disgusting enormous carbon foot print in the Air.. Huge + Huge = Enormous..

When you drive by all those restaurants, sports bars & events, malls & buildings of market value; open or closed from 8:30 to 9:30 pm on World Earth Day or any other day, those are the people you see that are participating in making this world suffer. . While we’re all discussing the planet and all living on it that need our help, what are they all discussing?

FYI: Did you know that, Oil Extracted from Tar Sands & many other business & company operations within lands of nature and those that were once Forest (only deforested for those businesses and company operations) require huge amounts of water? Huge amounts of our water; a vital source of our eco-system survival, so it is diverted from near by wildlife & communities and not only for small businesses, companies and government Oil Extraction from Tar Sands, but by corporations making water bottles of our vital water that those people mentioned above probably have on their persons - throwing the bottle away for the wildlife to be killed and the environment to be clogged.

But not only the making and buying of water bottles and soft drinks but to many other things to mention here, please see the appropriate pages within Ecodox & from the links provided to see more.

The natural world (or environment), while it’s regarded as such to be at risk from the harmful influences of human activities, is full of natural and ecological diversity & security, and even though metaphorically it feels like you are secure walking within it, it itself is not secure and is in jeopardy of being destroyed everywhere through out the world, which will infect and affect all life. It’s serious, but those in charge don’t want you to think so.

It’s as if Drilling for Oil with Oil Rigs and erecting traveling Sour Gas Pipelines being implanted in the earth throughout the world is taking place right now, oh wait a minute that’s happening right now. Our Forest is affected with every terrible piece of destruction going on through out the world; air pollution and water pollution travel to these parts from other parts of the world, as easily as sour gas pipelines being built and installed closer on these parts dangerously threaten us, and put us all at risk of danger.

The environment of the world, is the home environment for everyone, even if you live in the city where you see no natural environment among a few planted street flower bins and trees next to the stores and malls. The environment is also the learning environment for everyone, and what everyone is learning is not good, what everyone is ignoring is even worse.

Please don’t ignore the Environment while you worry about other things because those other things, are all done in one environment, and that’s our environment. All of ours.

The Environment that is being destroyed all over the world is the environments of refuge; the safe places that are left for wildlife & communities, places that are naturally connected to everywhere and affect everywhere, but also a catalyst and body builder to a safer and stronger (longer lasting) future for all of us, if we don’t help destroy it, by ignoring it.

Stop staying quite about it. Speak up about it. Make a disgusted face and blow smoke out of your ears about it when the discussion comes up. There are solutions for our planet we live on, that are not being allowed by the government in charge, so we must all come together and fight for our Human Right, to protect our Environment & everything with everywhere connected to it, because our Environment is connected to everything & everywhere.

And if you know anyone that does not think one place affects another, what planet are they living on? Don’t they know that what happens here affects what happens there, as plain & simple as when sneaky corporate con-artists sell our Local Farmer a deathly poisonous chemical to grow their crops faster over here, they’ll sell their Local Farmer over there the same. Thus food here and there will be poisoned and spread around. Do we take action against food poisoning, against corporate con-artists trying to make money poisonly? Do we take action against the government whom do nothing to secure a safe environment and rid the poisoning within it planted or legally allowed by them?

So We take action on what we can when we can, that is all we can do, what ever we do, helps more than we realize, we are not alone, and we are a success because we are making a difference, and we will continue making more of a difference with your help and the help of those you know that care also.

Taking Action w/ Animal Protection Rights 4 All:

Animals are For Lovin’ Not for the Oven. They’re For Affection Not What’s Offered in the Main Course Section. Animals are For Protection, not to be killed for Personal Hygiene or Facial Complexion. They need Protection more than Man needs erection, and Man needs erection more than he can give protection.

All animals deserve the right to feel secure, while we go on living unsure, without certain rights to protect or secure them. They get hunted, bunted and shot at, the people that do that to them get to be on TV to display their actions & have others marvel at their disgustingness. Innocent animals are attacked in their own habitats by disgusting humans and called fun; parts of animals are eatin’ that other animals wouldn’t even eat and called healthy, skin in bones of animals are used for products sold all over the world and that’s called wonderful.

Animals are Tested on with burning & cell destroying Chemicals and Poisons, they’re also bred, found & stolen for scientific experimenting - all for products, for stupid-ness & cruelty, it’s overlooked, allowed & legal where ever it’s happening.

Speaking of legal where ever it happens yet disgusting, what about the unpunished Pet Owners of Cats and Dogs that buy them; breed them, Lock them up all day, and go about their business leaving the animals unsupervised un-cared for and unaware that anyone cares about them at all. Living in their own filth or the filth of the owner and their family, that is animal cruelty yet it’s allowed.

Animals big and strong and animals fragile & small; need freedom, happiness and protection to stay safe and alive, they need to experience behaving in a social environment, they need to be rewarded when they are good, they need constant water, they need not to be poisoned and they need to see that they’re not in danger, but all these disgusting people give them the opposite treatment.

Like the idiots that get a dog, call him a guard dog, and lock him up in a cage outside in front of the house so their barking deters the burglars; but many burglars are not as dumb as those disgusting pet owners, they know the animal is trapped and can‘t get out where ever he is.


All animals deserve a loving home, with all the nourishment to keep them content, from a little beetle to a whale shark and every creature in between. No animal deserves to be mistreated; harmed, tortured, used as bait, drowned, micro-waved, maimed, culled, set on fire, used as a piñata, mutilated, decapitated, skinned alive, starved, poisoned, bashed, hanged, trained for fights, gambled on, shot, stabbed, neglected, or even just left in a Zoo that doesn’t care about it, or worse left for dead.

People who are cruel to animals, deserve punishment not a slap on the wrist, a fine, and sent home with a warning. The animals are part of our Humanity but to much of humanity does not care how many of the food & restaurant chains are in charge of torturing and brutally killing their animals to be processed and served as human food. You know like Kentucky Fried Chicken; McDonalds, Wendy’s or anywhere in the world with countries that have big Industrial institution’s with desires to destroy the planet & all living on it with their products & Monies that destroy plant and animal life daily everywhere by the millions and not to mention the people and the rights of ours to stop it all..

We know our animals here at Ecodox, we identify many of them each day with personality traits or looks and build, but when I talk to them they know I’m friendly and I’m no threat. I wouldn’t hurt a mouse, I wouldn’t hurt a fly, and I wouldn’t even hurt a stupid neighbours un-supervised Cat that wants to come and prowl here so she can pounce on our flies, mice, birds or chipmunks. When the neighbours are regularly neglecting their animals that are outside, our animals here feeling safe start to feel unsure and wary (trying to always look out for the neighbours and their cats).

The screaming of the Neglected Dogs next door on both sides, tears my heart apart on a daily basis, but I’m not legally allowed to do anything that will result in warning them or taking the animals away from them to a better home (like my own). Then they would have owners that love them and not exploit them the way our neighbours do.

People who really Love Children, could never hurt a Child but they could hurt an animal, while people who really Love Animals could never hurt an animal or any child, because to them their animals are their children and they treat their children better than many humans treat their own human children. When you get to know an animal and they come to learn how you love them so, they are your child. They can not be mean to you, and they can only depend on you and love you.

Like Animal Children that express more Love many times than Human Children, we could not ever be mean to a human Child, because we feel we love them naturally even if they‘re not our own, but parents of their own children sure can be mean to them and other children. Animals are children, and they are like good children who deserve to be alive & protected; not exploited, ignored, tortured, or killed for food and products,

And our tax dollars. They’re being used towards cruel treatment of animals & more needless slaughter? Destruction of their homes, habitat and families. Clothing and Accessories and Products with animal skin & fur on them is a big seller throughout the years, but beautiful is the skin & fur that stays on an animal, and ugly is the person that owns a product with them on it. There are countless and countless reasons to stop the animal cruelty, the animal products and the animal digesting but who listens?, Only those concerned so we’ve got to make more people concerned by informing and educating them with facts and true horror stories.

The videos online that you can find will also contribute to spreading the truth & lies of the corruption destroying the animals; the wildlife, marine life, and the environment along with human rights 4 all. Being a resource Ecodox is full of Youtube video Links chosen particularly for specific “Links Listing” Windows of importance. Please check them out and share with everyone you can. Don‘t let people ignore the importance of protecting Animals & Wildlife of all Species while they worry about other things because those other things, are all done in one environment, and the animals with wildlife of all species live in this environment. It’s our environment and it‘s all of ours to live in like one big home that protects everyone in it.

All Animal & Wildlife Species; Marine Life, birds and those we’ve never even seen before, while they all live and survive on this planet with human beings jeopardizing every living space of theirs; destroying as many of their lands and homes as possible, and creating more and more threats and dangers for them every minute, they’re all vitally important to the world, and naturally resourceful as well for all of us and for the Environment. Each has it‘s ecological importance, if one specie goes, then slowly or quickly but painfully a piece of the ecosystem also goes (depletes or gets worse).

Stop staying quite about Animal Cruelty, did you know that many of the children and adults that abuse other children and adults, have abused animals one time or another? And did you know that most of the rapists, murderers & dictators in the world, also killed or most likely raped or murdered an innocent animal at some point in their life? Most of the cruel people in the world, take out their frustrations on defenceless humans or defenceless animals if they can find one, and they do.

Speak up about it. Make a disgusted face and blow smoke out of your ears about it when the discussion comes up. There are solutions for all the Animals & Wildlife we live with on our planet, that are not being allowed by the government in charge, so we must all come together and fight for our Human Right, to protect our Animals & Wildlife and everything with everywhere connected to them, because our Environment is connected to every Animal, Wildlife & Human Being everywhere.

And if you know anyone that does not think this issue involves them at all, what planet are they living on? Don’t they know that when you buy products made with animal testing or animal by-product in them, they’ve encouraged by the masses everything I’ve said about above - as plain & simple as when sneaky corporate con-artists sell restaurants over here contaminated food and get away with it, they’ll sell restaurants over there the same contaminated food.

It’s plain and simple to explain, because Animal Cruelty, Destruction of the Environment, and Crimes Against Humanity are all Connected to Corruption, and if we support corruption with our money then the corruption continues. If decadent chocolate is (& other products are) being sold and bought by someone somewhere, but palm oil is being used to make & process that company’s chocolate (or other product); no matter where it’s bought and by whom, they’ve contributed to corruption, destruction, needless animal slaughter, indigenous community eviction, removal and mistreatment of their human rights, and in many cases death - in a far away pristine natural forest of Orang-utan wildlife families (and families of human beings) that not enough people know about.

Palm Oil is a Product of Corporate Death, when Corporation puts to death Environment, Animals and People (exploiting natural resources that do not belong to them), yet it’s in to many products, it’s sold in to many countries, and to many good people are working for the disgusting corporations that contribute to these horrors with the excuse of finally having a good job. It’s disgusting.

Do we take action against the Palm Oil Industry? Do we take action against the killing of Orangutans for the Land Space of Palm Oil Factories in the Ancient Forests of Resources, wildlife & Palm Oil Trees? Do we go against corporate con-artists trying to make money poisonly or with resources that do not belong to them? Do we Fight the People who abuse their pets & or exotic animals they purchase to breed? Do we take action against the government whom do nothing to secure and protect Animals and innocent human beings from Corporate Exploitation and Destruction?

Or do we just Make People Learn what’s going on with this issue, while trying to encourage them to help Stop the making of Palm Oil Products involving Cruelty to Animals, and the Ignorance about it all?, - through boycotting, through advocating, through petition signing and more. It’s an Animal Issue; a Wildlife Issue, an Environment Issue and a Human Rights issue (not to mention a Health Issue), and every form of Corruption from Corporations and Institutions are involved with all of them.

We must stop it all and this is just one section we have as options to choose from what to stop first. Second, third, and forth if we’re still strong enough, but always we can make a difference online and anytime.

So We take action on what we can when we can, that is all we can do, what ever we do, helps more than we realize, we are not alone, and we are a success because we are making a difference, and we will continue making more of a difference with your help and the help of those you know that care also.

Taking Action w/ Civil & Human Rights For All:

Civil Rights is suppose to be basic rights: rights that all citizens of a society are supposed to have, e.g. the right to vote or to receive fair treatment from the law. Human Rights is suppose to mean freedom, justice, and equality for all Humans: the rights that are considered by most societies to belong automatically to everyone, e.g. the rights to freedom, justice, and equality.

However Dictators & Cruel Politicians in the world for Power and Money, keep consistently creating or enforcing allowances for anti-Civil & Human Rights Laws with Violent Actions. They work hard to create laws that actually destroy many of the Civil & Human Rights that their citizens deserve to have. Corporations who are considered Individuals by these people, get more Human Rights then Humans Do,

Such as the Civil and Human Right to Fight for & protect ourselves or others and places of importance. The right to speak up for your community or your friend’s community. The right to speak up against something with actions that metaphorically display the mistreatment & Crimes against Humanity.

Silver Chaining yourself to a gate to make a metaphoric statement in front of a Law Makers home that legislates against something that will help others, can get you not only arrested but pepper sprayed in the face with toxic poison; beat on with a club, and smashed in the head with a fist, shield or the ground. You’ll be dragged off like you were born an insect of insignificants with no feelings, and thrown into a cell mistreated for the rest of the traumatic (& corrupt) event.

That’s where civil and human rights are these days, in the jail cells that are needlessly being built for all the innocent people of the world who are falsely incarcerated and accused of terrible things. But the terrible things are them trying to protect the rights for themselves or others and make things better in the world by stopping corruption from Corporations; institutions and the very people that falsely incarcerate do-gooders out of the way because they interfere with the ongoing plans.

So they can continue their poisonous lifestyle bubbles that trickle down to our world and threaten civilization or kill us all in various fun or lucrative and financially beneficial & secure ways. WE MUST STOP THEM, WE MUST SPEAK UP FOR THOSE WHO CAN NOT ANY LONGER SPEAK UP FOR THEMSELVES ON THE COUNT OF SPEAKING UP FOR THEMSELVES WILL GET THEM IN FURTHER TROUBLE.

We get in trouble helping people, because they don’t help them. We get in trouble trying to stop corruption and crimes against humanity, because they don’t stop corruption and they encourage crimes against humanity. We get in trouble when we’re sharing factual information of certain governments, politicians or institution leaders that are disgusting & hateful or destructively corrupt, because certain governments, politicians & institution Leaders are,, well you know the rest.


Such as Asylum Seekers from various places in the world with disgusting governments and dictators of Religion & violence (God Complex, money & power hungry evil incarnates). GLBT People are being incarcerated, tortured, and eventually after God knows how long, Hung or Stoned in public. If we don’t save and protect Asylum Seekers against Crimes Against Humanity, then we encourage the killing of GLBT People in other countries about to be hung just for being gay. But we also encourage the killing of Heterosexuals as well; such as Women in their country, falsely accused of something ridiculous, and then with people coming forward to help them with a confession, those people either get in trouble or ignored.

Innocent Women are Killed, Innocent Children are Killed, GLBT People are Killed, Animals are Killed, Environments are Killed, Communities are Killed, and all this is encouraged just by people ignoring it and not doing anything about it. We can find out the companies in charge of all the corruption, destruction and killing, and boycott them all. We can make and sign petitions, and write letters, make phone calls, and send money if we have, to people and organizations that also help out but with more resources and access.

It can all be stopped but it takes everyone to help stop it. It doesn’t matter where we live, and where we know they’re killing people, we can help those people where ever they are because we’re everywhere, when we’re online. There are people taking up space on this planet that just hate anyone who is not what they think is “normal”, so they target them. They target certain Women; certain children, the Gays, the Girlyboys, The Transsexuals, the different races, the different ages and so forth.

There are many examples of Big Civil & Human Rights Cases, not to mention Crimes against Humanity Cases, so I’m making a big case of “You visiting the Links Listing Windows within the Pages of Ecodox,” so you can see the windows that hold vital Take Action & Social Networking Sites; Causes & Petition Networks, NGO and Organization Websites, Government Sites and more that will provide resources, news, information, ideas and great ways to make a difference.

The biggest Links Listing Windows available at the moment for this topic of Civil & Human Rights 4 All is the Window titled “Death Toll / Death’s Door,” and “GLBT Human Rights & Equal Rights For All” so when ever you’re ready you can head on over to them from the main welcome index menu, under the letter “D” & “G”, but for here right now I don’t want to waste the space repeating myself with blogging I’ve Blogged on those windows.

If everyone could at least start by helping just one person somewhere else, the difference made in this world will be colossal and have rippling positive affects throughout & over the rest of the world and everyone in it. Ed and I personally help one innocent person in Africa experiencing Femaphobia, Homophobia, Racism & just plain old violent Hate & jealousy towards good people.

His name is Junior, so after beginning our relationship with him, we call him June (when we talk to her), and to me June is like my Loving Daughter; a loving Brother, a caring Sister, and a dear friend for life, but how long will her life be? June is a Feminine Gay Transgender Boy, and if you met him you’d think “Wow, how could anyone treat you the way you’ve been treated for years?”. It’s terrible and the worst part is, nothing has been done for her to be allowed to leave that Country as a legal refugee or immigrant to go somewhere else & live in Refuge.

To find out about June and perhaps help us to help her, please visit the Special Facebook Page made for her called “GLBT-ASYLUM-SEEKER-REFUGEE-POSTS-NOTES-NEWS-VIEWS-COMMUNITY-SUPPORT“ & or click the image below and find many links and pages of support, as well as the petition we made for June. Like it all and learn, so you can spread what you learned with your friends, then others can like it and spread what they learned with their friends, thus more people will know what’s happening with June and someone may really really help us with her one day, because there is not a Government or a rich person in any Country at the moment that cares at all.

Bundle of Love & Support @ Bitly

Like I said, many people don’t have the right to protest or speak out against the corrupt, or where Crimes against Humanity is taking place, like for instance if you report crimes against humanity from the Government of the US, you’re at risk of being beaten and incarcerated.

If you expose the crimes against humanity with Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq Government, you can also be in a violent meeting of cops or military personal to harass you for exposing the truth and facts about places also like in Stephen Harper Canada, or New Zealand or Asia, in Western Europe, etc., and if you expose South Africa to really not be the Progressive Equal Rights Democratic Country it says it is, then they’ll also take action against you, or worse make you disappear.

And the sick part is the Canadian & The US Governments try to have relationships with countries that cover up asylum seekers & Torture and Killing innocent people, so ssshhhhh don’t‘ confide even in the UN because their aware of it already.. You’d think the UN was an Organization considered to be an individual because that round table right there is full of the most disgusting corrupt and Super-Star Dictators of Crimes against Humanity, torture and killing then is even believable.

When I say that they’ve been exposed, I mean publicly writing with facts or proof that is unbelievable but true - and before publishing, no one knows them but you as it affects everyone. I’ve seen and read many of them online, and I’ve shared and written about many of them, I should be writing about them today but I’m busy at Ecodox trying to inform the public.

I‘ve collected many of the links to websites that discuss or explain them further, and offer solutions for WE THE GOOD PEOPLE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. When we see crimes against humanity, many of us are able to record it in some way now, or hack through government and corporate websites to publicly free the information secretly kept from the public while possibly the cause or root of problems and crimes against humanity taking place.

Crimes against Humanity that has secretly taken place somewhere far away and Hidden by authority - but reported by you (or you and others) before anyone else. Not reporting what is known already, reporting what is new and damaging information for the accepted and consequence-free perpetrators; Government or Military Personnel, Dictators or Corporate Leaders & politicians.

So not when you write like how I’m writing; about things that many people know already and have written similarly, but more like actual factuals, with wikileaking capabilities of spreading and sending lightning shocks of contained & private corrupt information around the world via internet or news media (also media on the internet) and damaging the corrupt in some way that will prohibit anything like what happened to happen again.

You can help the innocent human race by exposing that truth when ever you see it, or you can stay quite and encourage it to continue. You can speak up against it and help stop it or you can stay quite and encourage it while inadvertently participating in the enhanced cover ups and spreading of corruption, thus crimes against humanity.

What goes around comes around, whether you’ve done anything about it or not; and for those who do not, will get what comes around and won‘t know what the hell is happening when comes around to them. There are just to many who do not do anything about anything, unless it’s for themselves and their personal & locally living family Members.

But who’ll have time for them when they’re in trouble anyway, probably no one or people that will get them in more trouble. There are people who preach Hate & Anti-GLBT via public platforms of rudeness & dreck; trying to spread that, such as the religious and the ignorant. Like preaching how people being Gay; Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, or Intersexual is not something that is accepted; normal, equal or even deserving of all the heterosexual or religious human rights & freedoms, thus also saying that if we’re not normal & equal then we’re not worth saving or protecting.

Thus we shouldn’t help others, or teach others, educate others, inform others, cook for others, take care of others, do others work and make others successful. Or go with others for a beer, just because we’re a gay. By not protecting and speaking up for us GLBTI individuals, heterosexuals are loosing various protections, securities, access and human rights for themselves as well; and that includes their families and friends (never mind human rights for all and all the genuinely good innocent heterosexuals that deserve them).

When any part of equality & human rights for GLBTI Individuals (or even activistS and journalist individuals) are withheld, involved in some way is the prevention of human rights for all, Gay & Straight. And then those who claim to be religious by going to church on Sunday go there and other places to publicly speak up with Hate Speech of threatening Violent Acts Towards GLBT People, and will get to do just that - not to be punished by government in anyway, only to be encouraged that it can continue forever.

The Religious Institutions of the world have a lot to do with this corrupt setting & issue of HATE, but at the moment we won’t go there and the issue of hate is not hate for glbt, it‘s hate for anyone that is not like them and that‘s everyone in the rest of the world. However there’s a proper page for everything, because let’s not forget that many innocent & good people of different faiths & beliefs are being persecuted & tortured for believing in one religion and not another as we speak - just like the GLBT’s who are caught in their country and killed by the Murderous Religious Dictators just for being gay or knowing one, or being accused that you are one because you act femininely,, etc, etc, etc..

Yet people still support the Worshippers, the Churches and Religious Institutions & Leaders of corruption, lies & false Concerning, ignorance breeding Human Rights Sucking Animal Slaughtering Oil Addicted Cigar Smoking Baffoons - with hate on their mind false incarcerations in their dreams, and lots of destruction & corruption money in their pockets.. PEOPLE.

Individuals who are sleeping (as the one‘s who are sleep walking in the day), should wake up now because everything I’ve said so far; has been documented, repeated, shared, and written by others already in many ways not only by me but by to many to count around the world; of people who are caring and aware of the importance for taking action and making things happen on a global collective scale with me - you - and everyone we can mobilize - around the world.

That’s around the world, imagine what you can do just on the internet with your own local community.. The list of what to do is endless and all provided within Ecodox via links to fantastic resources, but the list of Human Rights Violations and Crimes Against Humanity continues to grow daily more than the amount of the Links provided for what to do, so we’ll just have to do what we can for as much as we can for anywhere we can.

Don’t give up, visit anytime, and we’ll make a difference for the better and for many. The Capitalists have their Power & Money; The Religious have their God, the Idiotic have their idiocy, the ignorant and weak have their delusions, but we have our Spiritual Love; Understanding, giving nature, Desire to help & Dreams of a better world. And Our abilities to help others in need as well as sharing the knowledge and wisdom to know what to do next, WILL - Take care of the rest.

By ourselves or with others like minded, we must all get together now to save this planet & all it's inhabitants from those trying to exploit or destroy us for more power & money. People and Animals Inhabit this earth, and the earth provides our Safe Environment for life and what we can use; or do to keep us and the earth alive as the source of other lives, not the source of exploitation power and money. So we must protect it with the animals and each other and the surrounding environments, not exploit what we can for money and power .

Over the years, the riches of our hearts & souls; mixed with the Power of Our Spirit, Dreams & Goals, will result in more and more speaking up successfully to fight against what is corrupt & not just sit there and say nothing so you can run. We’ll accomplish this in perfect Love & perfect Trust for the good of all while harming none, have a successful day and Take Action Later Before Having Fun.

Make sure you check out the appropriate pages within ecodox "Links Listing" Windows, to help fight for what is right and take action for what matters most. Links within the "Links Listing" Windows can help you stop destruction, wildlife & Animal Cruelty & killings, and the taking away of human rights for all. Resourceful Links to Websites that do more than sell things; report the news or just Blog and Display pretty pictures for you. They provide interactive ways to take action and make a difference for those in need; the places that need them, the communities that deserve them and the animals that can not save themselves. Thank you so much for also caring.

Last Note: ❖ Show Arishmary via/Main Links Listing in the Main Navigation Menu on the Welcome Index, contains 3 Special & Personal Photo Album Sharing Networks, Picasa, Photobucket & The Brand New AriShmary.DoesPhotography.Com At those places you can view anytime; many pictures of Ed & I, Our Animals, Our Wildlife, Our Environment, Our Memories, Our Change and more of Our Loves, Interests & Taking Action On What Matters Most.

Okay, before you ask “what kind of Success we’ve had”, let me just say that we have had Inner and Outer Success for a very long time. “What? What’s inner and outer success? “ Well, you see we are successful in a different way. Knowing About Us; About Ecodox, Ed & I, our life, our lives, our Loves, our inspiration, etc., is knowing about us & our Inner & Outer Success. So let us begin shall we.

We’re a Success Because We Help Others in Various Ways.; and always able to express the joys of helping others while encouraging to do the same, we feel successful inside and outside, and then via Our ecodox is a success because it carries out our love and support for others (in various ways), to the world, and that’s pretty successful.

What is Success anyway? We don’t ask people to become a member at ecodox for a yearly fee, and we‘re still here and free, that’s pretty successful. We don’t have to buy success, we don’t have to spend money to feel the joy of inner and outer success either. We just have to live life and let the love & support that we possess help everyone we can. Success is being and doing everything you can for the better when you‘re able, and that’s what we do here.

We’re not an NGO helping people and reporting on the success; we’re not a grassroots organization helping people on their behalf either, we’re not rich people giving our money away to others, and we don‘t offer anything but what you see on We are simply two people who care enough to make a difference through Love & Support; World Connections & Pro-Action, Resources & Experience, Education & Information, etc. And we make the difference without the intention of getting anything in return, or needing to feel a thrill of success.

Success is achieved not by asking, but by doing. You see, everyone wants success that’s their problem (especially with what they think success means). Some people expect to achieve success by never doing anything (or always saying they just need to catch a break).

Some people think it’s to late to start being a certain way or doing certain things to achieve anything, and some people don’t waste time thinking about such things and be the way we want; doing what we want to do, and achieving what we want to achieve (the success of helping others).

Wanting to achieve Success and not, is a problem, because while it‘s a problem, you won‘t achieve it. It has to not matter, and you have to do the best you can. When you do something for something, you get nothing, and then you get worse because all you do is expect back. If you expect back things for doing good, then you’ll receive back nothing for the greater good.. If your intentions are not genuine, either is your success and that will be the next big problem for you.

Our problem is different, it’s that everyone good deserves to live a Great Life and have success also; but because not everyone who is good does, that is our problem. We are parts of the Solutions to Global & Local Problems, just as a lot of us are parts of the Causes of the Global & Local Problems.

We can make a difference because we are part of the mass majority of good people (not successful people), while good people all over the world are falling victim to (or being control by) the other people of the world that could care less about anyone but themselves, and live a life of what they think is a Great Life, and a success - But they‘re disgustingly wrong.

To live a True & Genuine Great Life, you will find inner success feelings, and outer success feeling, or inner and outer successful feelings? Did I just loose you? Am I talking about someone’s belly button now? No, I’m talking about the inner and outer success button that we all have.

To live a Great & Genuine Loving & Giving Life, sure does feel like an Inner Success sometimes, and then other times when people are around, it feels even greater because others acknowledge it, which I’ve labelled our “outer success. Ed and I and our Outer Success Stories, come from within our Inner Success Stories, and is simply to Live Feeling what we want to feel, seeing what we want to see, being who we want to be, and learning how to help others be free, while that alone can make someone feel like they’re high on success.

However, the Inner Success is first, the outer comes second in ways beyond acknowledgment from others, and It's never to late for anyone to be able to feel that inner success of that Loving and Giving person they wish they could really be; just like it’s never to late to make Ecodox the really Loving & Giving website we wish it to be,, what’s the question again? I don’t know, but “Change” is what everyone needs.

Ecodox is in the middle of it, how are you doing? Do you think you’re the best you can be as a human being right now? Because one never stops learning, so how does one ever stop changing, unless one never learns? I write more about “Change” in the last Informational Window for Site Change Information, please read that window so I don’t have to repeat myself so much, but we could all use some Change For The Better.

Change permanently for the reality of “Loving and Giving Support” to influence everyone. To Change what we need to Change; Express how we need to Express, finally start speaking up for what we should be speaking up for, fight injustices & corruption that effects lives. We are living life with “how we need to give Love & Support to others in some way - and from our hearts at the same time” (and before we ourselves continue living life to the fullest).

From the heart to the mind & total outward expression; to the tip of the tongue and tingling feelings of inner & outer success, will the reality of Natural Loving People Always Giving Support, influence Everyone to Become Successful in This Way.

Love, and Awareness of Giving Support to others, are great calming aspects, catalysts & tools to the Inner & Outer success of an individual. When we’re in public, we are calmly non-threatening and display a welcoming & Loving attitude, when there‘s public at ecodox we also display the same things.

If you see other kinds of people in public you’ll notice lots of them displaying not to be calm, and showing jumpy irritation & “hurry hurry, I can’t hear or see you (while you’re talking) because I’m thinking of the next way to make money.” Oh My Cell Phone, Excuse me I must take this it’s important.

Ya right; important to know who’s meeting up with you for beer and who’s paying? These people may think they’re a success in life, but really they’re just pretending or lying to themselves so everyone believes. Have a great job, lots of money, and set for income while living a lush life for years? No, those people walk around only quickly agitated & paranoid, not to mention confused and worried about the different ways they will be making or getting more money, more career advancement and more contacts. All while on their cell phone or talking to themselves.

And for those addicted to Excess, they’ll never have Genuine Success. Because they never have enough, and that’s just too bad and tough. It is when you know deep down inside; that you are of a Loving embodiment & Natural to Nurturing, via Education or Speaking from experience with Awareness of Giving Love and Support to others who need help, that you are walking and looking like you have Inner & Outer Success.

People show respect when they think I am of success or fame, and even while they don’t know where my assumed success is from, before they ask; I‘m not thinking “Money, job, career, contacts, promotions & advancements or how I could benefit from them.”

I’m thinking “I’m such a Good Person, Helping Others, Giving Love, Encouragement, Hope, Affirmations, My Mom while she was alive, sitting around with friends, jokes, laughter, Sympathy (not to mention Appreciation, and Words of Wisdom for Inspiration & Motivation, Information, Facts, Peace, Taking Action, Always Being Me, and never quitting.” Oh yes, Also Giving Love & Support to Myself, because if you can’t do that, you can’t genuinely give it to others.

Inner Success is a part of outer success, because when we have inner success (the stuff of love and support for others), we want to project it outwards upon others, so that perhaps with hardly even trying we may help someone around us in some way at some point.

Give to others and add your Love & Awareness in Outward Expressions (whether from speaking out in public, on the phone, or online). Outwards from your Inner Self; always trying to help, support, give, learn, Change, appreciate and acknowledge, then add the acceptance of Diversity, and you’ll find Security.

Security is an aspect of confidence; it’s a freedom from worry or loss, the feeling of safety, the feeling of being secure, getting protection. Security in the Masses, Security for the Masses. Then there’s Security in your computer and security on your Browser, PLEASE DISABLE YOUR SECURITY, because here you’ll need none of that kind. Many types of Security exist, but for right now I’m talking about the kind that is of self “Confidence”.

Security is an aspect of self confidence, and with your inner success, you’ll Feel more; See more, Be more, Learn more and Give more (when you‘re here you‘ll find more and do more). You can even genuinely give the feeling of Security to someone that needs it; because when you’re secure within yourself, someone out there that needs you may just feel insecure and need to know that you care. Since you’re secure within yourself, you can share the security with them.

When you run out of Security or you find yourself getting low, it is somewhere that Diversity Lives that you should go, then Security will itself again show.

Security will protect us within, but will it protect us without? We need Security 4 Diversity and Diversity 4 Security; for Emotional Stability, for Inner & Outer Success, for knowledge, for Peace and for Love.

For Spirituality, for Ecology, for Life & for Freedom. Real Freedom to Love; Freedom to Care, Freedom to Speak, Freedom to Choose, for the good of all while harming none, the security of love we‘ll never loose.

Ecodox Offline (where we live) is Located: 43.991211 Latitude & -79.595666 Longitude on the Topographical Earth Map of Nature. Our Ecodox Online is Located, right here right now, so don’t get in your train, plain or automobile to find us.

We live in an ecological significant rural area in Ontario Canada called Happy Valley, and Happy Valley is a sparsely populated ecologically-sensitive area on a glacial deposit called the oak ridges moraine. It’s still green and needs to be preserved, conserved and protected but tell that to the neighbours & builders on all sides.

We preserve, conserve &protect our Ecodox Land for the Environment and the Beautiful appreciative Wildlife & Species that live with us on the land, or visit us daily. We do our best to protect them also, but tell that to the Neighbours & Cruel Animal Owners on all sides.

“Happy Valley is a Forest and is a 6.48 square kilometre provincially-significant ecological area; classified as an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. It consists of an upland forest on steeply rolling topography, various wooded swamps, and minor wetland areas (wet meadows, thickets and cattail swamps). A few small kettle ponds are also present..”

The above & below selected info of Happy Valley is from Wikipedia, click here anytime to read more, However that’s where we live, smack dab in the middle of it. Everyday acknowledging and appreciating the beauty, the wildlife, the rare species that come along, and the traveling animals that come over to us every summer, winter, spring and fall.

“In the valleys of this forest can be found Largetooth Aspen Trees, with White Birch, Red Maple and occasional Beech, Red Oak and Trembling Aspen Trees.” “Supporting over 100 bird species, and numerous other wildlife species, the Happy Valley Forest is recognized for its size and the presence of various rare species.”

“Native and rare species include: Acadian Flycatcher (endangered), Hooded Warbler (threatened), Red-shouldered Hawk (vulnerable), and Cerulean Warbler.”

“Happy Valley Forest faces a number of political and social issues. Since the late 1990s, ATV use throughout the forest became a concern, both because the vehicles create noise, and because they cause damage to various plants; some indigenous plants are in danger of extirpation, while similar, hardier invasive species take over their habitat."

“To address the issue, in 2007 the township passed a bylaw mandating that all concession roads in the forest be closed, and erected fences around the property, to eliminate access to ATVs.”

ATV’s, SUV’s, RV’s; & Humvees. Big Trucks Small Trucks, 2, 4 & 8 wheelers: Old Trucks New Trucks, Bulldozers, Motorcycles, and Vehicles Dripping Oil into the earth and Polluting the Air with their exhaust pipes that allows waste gases to escape from their engines. Also there are times at 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the morning during a quite night that I work, when the rumbling of some kind of huge transport going slow right in front of our home with all sorts of Lights around it.

Also at 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the morning during a quite night I work, and then the rumbling of some kind of huge transport going slow right in front of our home with all sorts of Lights around it.

We don’t even know what that one is, but oh the poor animals who try to survive around it all. Many of them pass by here to see how safe we’ll be, but if their bigger than a fox, they usually keep going until they find a bigger land with more shelter. Like the beautiful Deer that pass by our front driveway once in a while (looking for a safe place to park their hooves).

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (Click to check them out) has a long-term goal to protect 500 acres (2 km²) of Happy Valley Forest. It has currently protected over 300 acres (1.2 km2)[8] via land purchases, land donations and conservation easements”. In order to help protect these lands, we support the Nature Conservancy of Canada, an organization working in every province to safeguard biodiversity and natural land. Please check them out.

And Now You Know More About Us, then many people wish to know, however there’s still more, and it’s the last informational window for “Change” or “Site Change”. If you enjoyed finding out about us over here, you’ll enjoy reading about our “Change” with us & the site over there. I can go on forever blogging like this, but I know you don’t have forever today, maybe tomorrow.

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