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Ascii Text Art, Pictures, Cool Text Characters, Keyboard Symbols!!

(✿◠‿◠ ) Wêl¢ömê †ö Ascii Text Art, Pictures, Cool Text Characters, & Keyboard Symbols!!ด)̯(ด้ Now it's time for some textual stimulation. ¯\(°_o)/¯ First things first; Good Luck with Understanding Ascii, but have a great time creating Ascii Text Images & Art; Or simply posting Cool Texting Characters & Symbols.

٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ Like this person in Cool Text Characters to the left (waving his hands up), I’ve placed little Cool Text Characters & Symbols throughout this window, but if any of them do not show themselves, they’ll be displaying weird text boxes; dots, slashes etc instead of the cute face or characters intended., Click Refresh when this window is completely uploaded; to reset them and see if they appear properly then. And also you can copy and paste all of them anywhere if you wish, because if they show properly here, they’ll show properly anywhere.

ASCII Keyboard Symbols & Characters, ASCII Text Art & Pics ͡~¿͡~ By not understanding Ascii fully (like myself), you will still be able to generate some fantastic images and pictures, but you will also have the option of just using Cool Text Characters and Symbols instead of Ascii Text Images & Art. Before I begin explaining further what I myself can not grasp completely, I will tell you that you may be confused, but I assure you that it does not matter - because Cool Fun is here.

❤`͡•.̮̃͡ •´ You may think I’m explaining about ASCII alone, but I’m explaining a little about that with a lot about Simple Cool Text Characters and Symbols that are not exclusive to Ascii Formatting, but added to the adventure of it’s creation. Created or discovered by Discovery or Creation of Ascii (just don‘t quote me, I'm being cool). Here's something cool, look at this; this is Cool Text Characters and Symbols that many consider text art as well: [_̅$_̅(_̅ιo_̅_̅̅o_̅_̅o_̅_̅)_̅$_̅] There are 33 Characters in that cool text art, and together (tightly like the cropped/snipped image just below) they create a One Thousand Dollar Bill. Is that Cool or What?¿

인̃◔★ If you look at the top of your keyboard, where the numbers are; you’ll notice that on top of them are also Character Symbols, as well as on the side. It’s as easy as taking those; calling them "Cool", and creating a line of them to create a text art, or putting them on each line to create a picture (made up of rows of symbols). Many of them wouldn’t work on this html window, so I cropped/snipped them and placed them as images.

ⓐⓢⓒⓘⓘ Now for Ascii (which sounds like it‘s the same thing as cool Texting but is not - but is - but isn‘t? Don‘t quote me.); you’re dealing with a computer language that is way out of my expertise, but it can create Images and pictures using Characters and Symbols, translated by Numbers. Or something like that; it’s hard to explain but I’ll give it a go.

✱ ✲ ✳ ✱ ✲ ✳ ✱ ✲ ✳

You can generate Cool Text Like This Also @ ᑕᗝᗢᒪ ƒᔕ૪ᙢᖲᗢᒪᔕ Wavy Page!¸¸.•*¨*I❤ ASCII is the great unexplainable thing you can do while online, ASCII is not the term to use for what someone is doing, but it is the term to use for what the process is involved with. It’s so unexplainable that I made sure I linked to sites that truly explain ASCII Text Art, or “Text based Visual Art” in General. The sites below will not only explain and display but they will help you with generating a few of your own. Or you can just copy and paste from the Tables and Lists of many many many; and I do mean many, of the Characters and Symbols used by ASCII.

Generate Cool ASCII Graphics From a Word or Text. More Than 130 Fonts. -

^.^ I read that “Computers can only understand numbers“, as the beginning of on long explanation for Ascii, so try to figure that out. I’m not typing numbers write now, but apparently my computer understands only numbers. I continued to read that “Ascii code is the numerical representation of a character such as ‘a’ or ‘@’ or an action of some sort.”

 ͡๏̯͡๏ What I got from the Dictionary alone, says it’s pronounced “[áski] n.”, and it’s a “computer data exchange standard: while the full form is “American Standard Code for Information Interchange”. A standard that identifies letters, numbers, and various symbols by code numbers for exchanging data between different computer systems. And if that doesn’t cut if for you visit the Wikipedia Link in the list below and you’ll understand a bit more.

★ Wikipedia says @̮̮̃@ “One of the main reasons ASCII art was born was because early printers often lacked graphics ability and thus characters were used in place of graphic marks. Also, to mark divisions between different print jobs from different users; bulk printers often used ASCII art to print large banners, making the division easier to spot so that the results could be more easily separated by a computer operator or clerk. ASCII art was also used in early e-mail when images could not be embedded.” Was that understandable for you? Now it’s time for me to show you what it is.

1. Before Ascii -> 2. After Ascii -> 3. w/ Color

╰✽╮ The color picture of the flower, with the word “Love” on it; I created for this example of what Ascii is. When you go to an Ascii Converter or Generator Online, than they will take a picture that you have chosen for a conversion to - Ascii Text Art. This is where the Characters and Symbols come in play to make up the image or picture. It’s like an impression of the image or picture in it’s black and white text form. After conversion it is not a copy and paste image for you (a gif or jpg); it is text characters to be highlighted from top to bottom, copied and pasted.

╰✿╮ Other than that if you wanted to save it as an image in a folder of images, you can just use the computer’s snipping tool for cropping it out of the page, and saving it into your folder; that’s if you have a snipping tool with your computer. I’ve done it for most of them to be on this page. However you’ll notice it's nice that way too, in the After shot of the conversion, of the image of my Love Flower.

╰❀╮ It’s amazing in black and white, and the conversions will convert small pics, normal size pics and huge pics. Some will convert the small one like mine on the left, to a huge one that's spectacular looking with see-able detail. For me I made it smaller after cropping/snipping it and making it an image for this window. The converter does it for you professionally; as if you hired someone to do it. It’s so much fun because you can use pictures of yourself; your pets, your loved one, or even just text messages.

╰❁╮ Then there’s color like the last shot of the flower. You’ll find some generators or converters will offer to add the color schemes that they can apply to their Ascii. The flower above; after creating it plain without color, I created it w/color to show you, but the colors options vary with each generator or converter you use. See it’s not that hard to do, and some offer more options; it’s just harder to understand what it’s doing, but what ever it’s doing it sure does it great.

Generate Cool ASCII Graphics From a Word or Text. More Than 130 Fonts. -
๑ิ.ั๑ Luckily there’s another version of it all, that I find easier to use than understand. It’s simple Cool Texting with Cool Text & Symbols. We can copy and paste them individually but all we really know by heart is that many many people just call them “Cool Text Symbols”, that can be used individually or in groups that create a picture or image, and that can be posted within your sentences that you type (or even just alone without sentences), just like actual computer keyboard text.

✸ Making images via cool text characters and symbols is different than making an image or picture with Ascii Text ArtWork. Ascii can make a real picture into an image created just by the characters and symbols. Making your own designs, or small cute graphics using symbols and characters is called “Using Cool Text & Symbols” text art (such as the Love Flower you've seen).

╰❃╮ Like this different Cool Text Characters & Symbols of the bouquet of flowers to the left, you can make your own picture - line by line from top to bottom. Using them for Texting; posting, Social Networking, Faxing, Sharing and more, without having to worry about Ascii difficulties & problems. The only problem you may encounter with Cool Text Characters and Symbols, is a Character or Symbol not showing on your Texting; posting, Social Networking, Faxing, Sharing and others; unless you've made an image of it like the one above, and placed the image instead of the Cool Text Art.

^.^ You can always experiment before posting (like I experimented before posting them on this window - where they did not show properly), so it’s all very much cute, good and fun just watch out for the certain Characters and Symbols that don‘t show themselves.

 ((ب_ب))  You can collect the “Characters or Symbols” you like the most, from different people or different pages that display tables and lists of them. Not only Table and lists but Downloads as well, such as the link in the list below from “fSymbols”, where they offer Character Maps, Generators, Keyboard Symbols, Cool Letters, Text Art for Facebook and Google excepting application. Not to mention HTML Codes of it all.

★ Cool Text & Symbols make for great Titles and Messages, personal and creative. The following table is full of individual Cool Text Character & Symbols for you to copy and paste if you wish, and further down; after the listing of links, you will find even more, but you will find the most from the links listed, so now enjoy. ᕮﬡᒎᗢᎩ




ASCII Keyboard Symbols & Characters, ASCII Text Art & Pics
❖ Ascii Text Art, Pics-Cool Text Characters-ḰᙓᎩᕊᗢᗩᖇᕍ ᔕᎩᙢᕊᗝᒪᔕ
All Posters Text Art ✦ Text Art ✦
ASCII - - Signature Files ✦
Christopher's ASCII Art ✦
Copy Paste - ✿ Their favorite set ✦
( =':')---<[:]|||||||[:]>
(..(")(")✿❀❁(")(") .. ᑕᗝᗢᒪ ƒᔕ૪ᙢᖲᗢᒪᔕ
Cool Text Character Codes \ "" / Character Maps, Generators, Keyboard Symbols, Cool Letters, Text Art 4 FB & Google ✦
Cute And Cool Symbol Pictures For Your FB About Me Section ✦
Flip My Text - Keyboard ASCII Image Art Comments ✦
Dollie / Display Name Symbols & Cute Text Generators ✦
Glass Giant ASCII Pics ✦
Network - - ASCII Generator ✦
Patorjk Text ASCII Art ✦
PCman Website FREE Ascii to Unicode Converter ✦
Photo2Text Art ASCII ✦
Picascii ASCII Pics ✦ - Convert ✦
Wikipedia- ASCII Art ✦
Generate Cool ASCII Graphics From a Word or Text. More Than 130 Fonts. -

`͡•..͡•´You may have also noticed the two symbols I’m using regularly throughout ecodox: ✦ that one and ❖ that one. Those are just two of the hundreds of symbols and characters available, along with one’s like hearts; hands, faces, phones, arrows, snowmen, different kinds of letters and numbers, and even the full set of Zodiac signs and many Music Notes. Copy them, save them, share them, and make others smile with them.

♈ – Aries (The Ram) ♉ – Taurus (The bull) ♊ – Gemini (The Twins)♋ – Cancer (The Crab)♌ – Leo (The Lion) ♍ – Virgo (The Virgin) ♎ – Libra (The Scales) ♏ – Scorpio (The Scorpion)♐ – Sagittarius (Centaur The Archer) ♑ – Capricorn (Horned SeaGoat ) ♒ – Aquarius (The water bearer)♓ – Pisces (The fish)

Generate Cool ASCII Graphics From a Word or Text. More Than 130 Fonts. -

♒><((((º> Basically, @̮̮̃@ when people in a cute mood look at these things, they think “how cute”, and when people not in a cute mood see these things, they think it‘s in the way. You decide which cute and happy ones to use and where. However there are also serious symbols you can use for your serious posts so make sure you check all of them offered online.

You can generate Cool Text Like This Also @ ᑕᗝᗢᒪ ƒᔕ૪ᙢᖲᗢᒪᔕ Wavy Page!★ It’s really hard to explain Ascii vs Cool Text & Symbols, but I hope my effort helps a little, because I would have to get more technical, scientific and computer geeky on you; thus comes another long blogged window - we just want fun. So I’ll leave it up to the Websites linked above, and the Cool Text Characters and Symbols I have on the page for you to copy and paste anytime (like the Cool Faces of Cool Character & Symbols below.





















✸Some scared & serious faces of Characters & Symbols for you in that Table above, but you don’t have to be scared and serious while creating or producing others like them. I’ve seen people use and post scared, serious, happy and delirious faces in different places, and sometimes they use & post them more than they use and post words to express themselves.

I’ve used all sorts of Character & Symbols for a long time to Title my Blogs, Tweets, Shares and posts to my network friends and followers.

➹ BIGPICTURE➷ You can try to Draw a big picture of something on your own page/document/html area/blog etc., by using the Cool Text Characters and Symbols. “Draw” being; placing them in the order or positions (top to bottom), that you need to create a bigger picture with. Or just use them in your writing as fancy cool characters you know are perfect for you; Like how I put the cool characters perfectly before my paragraphs on this window for you.

o ب_بo ˇ♡ When you create or just type the Cool Text Characters and Symbols on a Computer App, or program that allows them along with text options; know that you can experiment further by using italics, colors, underlining and different fonts. Many times the result creates something else you think is really something else. You know like when you cook a meal for a good friend just from imagination and intuitive scenes, you plan something great - and it turns out to be something fantastic and delicious. A Fantastic Friend should always receive something fantastic from you, how about some Cool Texting Characters & Symbols..

◡‿◡✿ Easier to use than they are to learn about, for the average cool creative person. If you want to work on Ascii Images & Art, use the generators to start with and you won‘t believe your eyes. Either will your friends when you show them what you’ve created. And now after you tell them it’s Ascii Art, they’ll ask what the heck that is?, Feel free to explain it all yourself, or just send them here. ᕮﬡᒎᗢᎩ.

๑۩ べò♥ㄥℴ♈ℯ ᗩᖇᓰ ᖇ. Ḱᗢᒪᙢᗩﬡ
å k å ☞ Ä r ï § h m å r ¥ Ç å ñ å Ð å ☜ @̮̮̃@

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