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Become an Activist! Yes! Yes! We Need More Like You Advocating & Encouraging Positive Change For Good, as appose to all the disgusting or just plain ignorant people out there Advocating & Encouraging Negative Change For Bad; while being successful and getting away with it.

Click here for HRW Sitemap Anytime.What do you mean you don’t know - because it’s scary? Of course it’s scary because everything is scary now; because scary people are running the different parts of the world, so really, it’s not scary - they’re scary.

Don’t be scared, WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER; you can get into Activism Online and you can get into Activism Offline, but you‘ll never come across a more exciting yet scary opportunity to do good; get stronger, make a difference, and stop Scary People from Corruption, Destruction, Torture, Murder, and Disgusting Behaviours (that’s happening as we speak).

Every time you succeed in your Activist & Advocacy Efforts, the scared feelings “recede” and you “succeed” in Making a Difference, or Making a Change. A difference for the better or a Change in other people’s Mind for the better. You succeed in being an Activist.

"What are you an Advocate for? This year, the world population exceeded 7 billion people. That’s 7 billion people with 7 billion ways to be an advocate for human rights and social change. The Advocates has officially launched the “I am an Advocate” campaign at the 2011 Minnesota State Fair. Using a human rights framework, The Advocates believes that every person can be an advocate for issues that impacts them, effect change, and make a difference. Speak up about what human rights issues are most important to you and why." - The Advocates For Human

"Do you have 10 minutes? A day? A week? A month? A year? Activism comes in many ways with small and big steps. Discover how to be an advocate for human rights issues with resourceful toolkits" -

Don’t worry you can Advocate your Cause anywhere now, online and offline; be an Activist Online or Offline, it doesn’t matter how you Take Action & Make a Difference, You can be an Activist Starting Today.

When you start taking actions, and doing all the amazing things you can do to help out, those scary feelings & worries about being an Activist go away, because you are one now. You find the Cause’s, you find the actions you wanna take, you’ll find the successes you couldn’t imagine you’d achieve, and you may even find yourself. We learn so much I couldn’t begin to tell you here. But you’ll find it’s all amazing.

Are you serious though?, because if you are, , becoming an Activist or Virtual Volunteer for Causes all around the world, is a wonderful way of giving to those in need. Because becoming an Activist Online 1st; for Animals to Humans; and to the Earth?, is the best invention since Activism offline only.

Now a days more and more people are becoming Important Activists (beginning with simple actions that do something), because More and More people are being affected by the terrible things going on in this world, and it takes all of us to Stand up and Fight for what is right.

Getting into Taking Action as an Activist Outside of the “World Wide Web;” now that gets more involved and even more dangerous but it‘s very very important, since the people that we need to Advocate to also Live outside the world wide web. Many of the people we need to Advocate to don’t even go on the world wide web; or they go for selfish pleasures and corrupt ideas

But we can always rely on the thousands of Activists that we need to Advocate with, and how they are online; for us to mobilize and work with.

We are not alone, Taking Action, Getting Involved and Helping Out can all be done while Virtual Volunteering Online 1st and then Taking Action Together with others Offline; where it may even be more effective.

► Emergency Notes/Blogs of Support ☞✉☑ Of course you can Advocate Online & Offline, but many people are not able to leave their home so they can be Virtual Volunteers of Action Takers, Advocates & Activists in a Global World Wide Community and working behind the scenes many of the times.

It is time to pass ENDA!"Take a moment and think about the trans people you know who struggle to find or keep a job. People call almost every day to our offices with stories of outright discrimination or simply being overlooked for positions time and time again. Unemployment is an ongoing crisis for trans people, both individually and for us as a community. Passing ENDA won't fix all of that at once, but it is a critical step in giving us the tools to stand up to discrimination in the workplace. Please join us by taking action on this bill. It is time to pass ENDA!" -

Vsit the links & logos & here ❖ Take Action Window of the Main Menu's "All Links Listings". Not only that one but ❖ Click 2 Donate as well, and browse around for more because many of the Windows Contain Fantastic and Important Resources for Activists & Advocates of all kinds; for example the Social Networks & News Sites of various communities online; The ❖Death Toll / Deaths Door Page, and so many others - for spreading the word and speaking your mind on what is important.

While you may want to leave the homestead and get involved with projects in your community that need your physical attention regarding issues you care about, you can do that or you can go Online and spend 1 or 2 hours Volunteering to Take Action at “this site and that site”, but offline and away from your home may take 1 or 2 hours; if there‘s no protesting or Stand Up Advocacy involved, which if there is you can be away from your home Advocating in the Field of Life for hours upon hours.


Online or offline, on the computer or on the telephone. Off-site from the organization being assisted; using your home or work computer, using school platform, Tele-Centers, Media Platform Centers, or other Internet-connected devices; not to mention your friends and family if they care too = many ways to Become an Activist few times, part time, full time or all the time.

An activist lives and breaths and even eats Activism & Advocacy. It’s all we think about because we must find a solution. We just have to, and if we can’t than we must.. If there's no Must in sight, then we’ll think of ways to help others find one for us.

Activism is the most positively charged (or exciting) thing I’ve taken part in for years online but at this time in my life, I am unable to be out there in the field of Activism & Advocacy; I can only do it all from my home, and still for many hours a day.

For years I’ve been clicking to donate, signing petitions, campaigning for different causes and trying to raise money for various important reasons, all online - BECAUSE I MUST. I’m affected by the bad things happening out there, so I take action when I can, but I make it a plan or daily ritual, I don’t wait for the time I make it.

And now I can utilize ecodox for sharing with others and being an online source of quality and trusted Activist & Advocacy Resources & Directories. Take Action Pages; Campaigns, Causes, Newses, Articles, Blogs, Click2Donates, and more, including How to become an Activist Popup Window. It’s so exciting for me I can’t even explain.

Through out all the links; you can find Activist and Advocacy work that will take you out of your home and into the outside environment of Resistance to Change. For right now the “Becoming an Activist” Links to Articles, Education, Tools & Sites are placed simply in the following list. Later on there will be more of them in more categories and still in this smaller window.

More writing; descriptions, explanations and purposes will also arrive later on. I say "later on" because I am making several of these popup windows for several of the categories in the main menu first; then after they will all be updated, so enjoy and thank you for Taking Action Today.

❖ Becoming an Activist - Make a Difference → Daily Resources / Organizing & Event FAQ's ✦ / Civil Liberties / How To Become an Activist.PDF ✦
ACLU-NC Activist Toolkit: Hosting a Community Forum ✦
Action Tutorial Blogs ✦
Action Toolkit - ✦
ACTivist ✦
Activist ✦ The Activist Network is a connecting tool for social justice and environmental activism.
Activist Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming ✦ News, Politics, Forum, Contributors, Documents & Legislation.
Activist Toolkit - Discover Human ✦
Activist Toolkit - ✦
Advocate Form - Ontario ✦
Advocates For Youth / Activist Resources ✦
Advocate Your Cause Free e-Book ✦
All Posters Activist ✦ News & Politics / ACTIVISM Special Coverage ✦ Activist Books ✦
Amnesty - Learning About Human Rights in Countries & Topics To Choose From ✦
Amnesty - PDF/Activist Toolkit. ✦
Animal ✦ Animal Activism Queensland Dedicated Team of Activists. / Get Active Now!
Animal ✦
Article: What Makes an Activist? - Psychology Today ✦
Bradley Manning Support Network / FREE BRADLEY MANNING NOW WORLD CAMPAIGN! ✦
Brave New Activists - Do Something ✦
Care2 Community of People Who Care & Difference Makers ✦ Action Network / From The Creators of Action Day 2009 / Make Change & Join Today ✦
Courage Campaign Actions / NationWide Progressive Network ✦ / Society / Activism / Resources ✦
Democracy / Spread The Word & Get Involved Now ✦
Do / Social Action Training ✦
Do / Become Activist ✦
Do / Non-Political Action Activism Information ✦ - Environment Defense Fund ✦ / Electronic Frontier Foundation ✦
Free Child Project: Youth-Led Social Activism / Resources ✦ Making a Difference (Or: Becoming an Activist For Your Cause) - By Stuart Bechman ✦ ✦ Getting Started; Getting Educated, Instant Activism, More Activism, Links, etc ✦
Look To The Stars: The World Of Celebrity Giving / Charitable & Philanthropic Celebrities/ And The Charities They Support ✦
Meet / Do something • Learn something • Share something • Change something ✦ Identify. Connect. Support / Case Studies ✦
NAACP.ORG: National Association For The Advancement of Colored People / Advocacy, Issues, Programs ✦
NCADP: Devoted to Abolishing Capital Punishment / Be a Youth Activist & Make Change ✦
Ontario Coalition For Accountability (OntarioCfA) / Canadians!, Please Visit the Website "" And help Make Change For The Better to Stop The Changes For The Worst. Get Involved! ✦
Ontario / Become an Advocate For Nature ✦
OpenSecrets Center for Responsive Politics / Taking Action Issues & Information Index ✦ / Advocacy Section: The Chronicle Of Philanthropy ✦
Planet / What is & How to be an Activist ✦
Planned Parenthood Action ✦ / North America / Canada ✦
Index of /activists_handbook Files
RADICAL ISLAM.ORG ♐☪☠♌ψ STOP RADICAL ISLAM & TAKE ACTION TODAY ✦ Leading source for information about the threat posed by Radical Islam: Current Campaigns, Activism Kit, Questionnaire, Ongoing Campaigns, Past Campaigns, Make a Difference, Your Initiatives
Rainforest Action Network Resources ✦
Rainforest Action Network Teachers & Families / Heroes ✦
Ruckus Security Culture For Activists.PDF ✦ Promoting Student Voice in Schools / expert assistance program focused on Student Voice & Meaningful Student Involvement Throughout Education. ✦
Stop The Drug ✦
The 420 - 05/2011 - How To Become an Activit ✦
The Advocates For Human ✦
The Change Agency / Activist Education ✦
The Activism ✦
The /BPOS Pages/ Become An Activist ✦
The Campaigns / Make Something Happen & Browse of the Campaigns To Learn & Do More ✦
The Transadvocate / A Blog For Every Advocate ✦
Whistleblowers / Falling ✦
Why We Protest .net – Anonymous Activism Community ✦ How To Become-an-Activist / ✦ How To Get Involved with Green Peace ✦ Social Activism ✦
✦ Wikipedia Information, Resource & Research Pages ✦
Abolitionism ✦Activism ✦Activism 2.0 ✦Bradley Manning ✦ Capital Punishment ✦ Child Mortality ✦Civil disobedience ✦ Crime Against Peace ✦ Crimes Against Humanity ✦ Cruel and Unusual Punishment ✦ Deaths ✦Demonstrations ✦Direct Action ✦ Freedom of Speech ✦ Freedom of The Press ✦ General Strikes ✦ Geneva Conventions ✦ Genocide ✦Genocide In History ✦ Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp ✦ Guantanamo Bay Naval Base ✦ Hacktivism ✦ Hague Conventions (1899_and_1907) ✦ Hate Crime ✦ Incarceration ✦Incarceration Rates ✦ International Humanitarian Law ✦ International Intentional Homicide Rate ✦Internet Activism ✦ Julian Assange / Wikilinks ✦ List of preventable causes of death ✦List of Prisons ✦ Marc Emery ✦ Mexican Drug War ✦ Military Prison ✦Non Violent Protest ✦Occupy Movement ✦Occupation (Protest) ✦ Open Government ✦Picketing (Protest) ✦ Prisoner of War Camp ✦Private Prison ✦ Puerto Rican Drug War ✦ Refugee ✦Retentionist ✦ Suicide ✦The Peace Movement ✦ Torture ✦ UNHCR / United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ✦ UNHRC / United Nations Human Rights Council ✦ United Nations Convention Against Torture ✦ Universal Declaration of Human Rights ✦Virtual Volunteering ✦ War ✦ War on Drugs ✦ Whistleblower ✦Xenophobia ✦
Wise What is an Activist ✦ / Video Advocacy Planning Toolkit / WITNESS / SEE IT - FILM IT - CHANGE IT ✦
World Socialist Movement ✦ The WSM is a global socialist movement that believes capitalism cannot meet the needs of the majority of us, the workers (or proletariat) of the world, no matter how progressive it might become in the future. To meet these needs we contend that capitalism must be replaced by socialism ✦
YouTube Browse Nonprofits & Activism ✦

Congratulations! You’ve Graduated to Certified Activist. Ready to Take Those Small Steps (Locally & Globally); Everyone Considers to be To Big For Your Own Good. Saving Lives, Saving Places or Saving Animals, while Saving Face.

Click the dark Image of the Certificate in one of it’s 4 corners, and Download one of the 4 files I made of it; for your Browser to allow & open.

I Couldn’t make a PDF so I made a .wps (Microsoft Word Document) - top left click, a .png (Portable Network Graphic) - bottom left click, an .mht (Mime HTML) - top right click, and a .jpg file (Joint Photographic) - bottom right click.

By clicking one of the 4 corners of the Certificate Image above, you will open one of the files made. Download it or Open it; print it, Place your Name & Date, and Hang on your wall. Let everyone know how important you are, even though they could never admit it, but we here at Ecodox Thank You, and Congratulate you for doing a Wonderful thing, time and time again.

Love Is Never Wrong.If you have not yet started becoming an Activist, just Erase all I said in the last Paragraph and read it after you visit the links in the list, because anyone who goes through the effort and trouble of the time spent visiting the websites listed, and takes the time to understand more, is in our books, ready for the big Activist Certification & Plunge.

In Life there is no real Certificate needed to become an Activist, You also don’t need a Degree or Job Training. There is no Job because what you are doing comes naturally so you do it right after waking up in the morning. Unless you’re hired to be an Activist and wouldn’t that be fun.

However If you don’t know where to start, or who to help first, or what everything I’m saying entails; just start at, oh I don’t know,?, “A? a.. Start at A, and work your way to Z, if A, b or C have not created a fire inside you that has you BECOMING AN ACTIVIST IMMEDIATELY FOR SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT. So important, because lives are in jeopardy.

Bookmark this window for instant resources, and know that More Links for Becoming an Activist, are coming asap. If you want to take a look at the Taking Action Window, or the GLBT Human Rights Equal Rights Window, or the Click 2 Donate Window or the Petitions Window; they and all others can be found in their Categories through out the Welcome Index.

Join Do Today!Many Social Networks & Community Sites have some sort of Take Action, even if you do have to create it yourself, but theirs News & Political Sites I’ve Linked to as well, that have Take Action Pages. Even Some of the Links in The Government Listing Window, are Activist sites (shoosh don‘t tell anyone).

Thank you for Wanting to Stop the Hate & Start the Love, by Taking Action as an Important Activist when ever you can, because with being an Activist; you can INFLUENCE POLITICAL AND SOCIAL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER. You can Stop People & Governments from behaving so idiotic; selfish, cruel, and ignorant.

You can educate people and people will listen. You’ll find out all you need to know by visiting all the Links you need to see, enjoy and remember that you have strengths; not utilized as they should be, and by utilizing them this way, you encourage others to do the same.

- Yours Truly; Ari R. Kolman

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