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Death Toll / Deaths Door- Poisoned, Tortured, Killed or Suicide - Un Necessary, UnWanted, UnFair, Cruelty!

WE ARE BEING KILLED, IF NOT RIGHT NOW, THEN SLOWLY AND WITH TIME; AS IF WE‘RE LIVING AT DEATHS DOOR but pretending it‘s a door to candy-land.. Many reasons linger to be very afraid of being at Death‘s Door or ending up part of another Death Toll. As I am sure you watch the amazing show "1000 Ways to Die", you’re aware of the health & accidental problems and situations that result in death, so with these two pages we will cover that and go beyond health, sickness & accidents. Death is taking place for various reasons beyond those, and everywhere in the world right now as we speak.

After about 200 seconds of arriving to this window, there will have been way to many Acts of Corruption by People, Corporations & Government, as well as corruption in Military & Religious Institutions. Corruption is a Base, that can internationally franchise into Crimes against Humanity, and or Violence; Torture or Brutality, Killing or Death by inadvertently Killing, etc., etc.

There will have been Needless Police & Military Brutality as we speak; Violence & Killing as we speak, and there will have been to many People, Politicians, Government & Religious Leaders (& Church Goers) expressing in public; their Racism / Sexism, Homophobia & Hate towards good people and good communities they want to see hid, put away or dead. To them we are Felons and people who are enemies of the State. To them we are Anti-Patriot because we fight for Human Rights, Government Transparency & Investigations, Consequences for the Corporate Criminals and all the rest of it, for all who show corruption, destruction & ignorance.

Yes, nice people like you and me can be put in prison and at the same time be innocent (just like a person can be called a felon but they‘re innocent - innocent of trying to grow 2 marijuana plants that didn‘t survive before they got caught by the Drug War Police), and the corruption via violence connected with that prison could kill that innocent person, especially after a life depleting amount of time spent there. If the Government & Military don’t want us to share how terribly destructive and unprofessional they are, but we do, and they come to our home to arrest us and take us away with out our computer (because they have that) it‘s our own fault and we‘ll be called Felons or something worse. They can then hold us as long as they want, fine us as much as they want. Call us whistleblowers; socialist Marxists, vigilantes, criminals and more.

And did you know that Government & Military can hold someone innocent for how ever long they wish without any evidence of being guilty? Without proving nothing of a sort (all because on the internet someone shared with the people corruption & unjustified disgusting behaviours and violence within a Government or Military Department), while inside the Government and Military Departments, they don’t hold anyone who should be held accountable for disgusting actions and behaviours of violence (if anything they bail them out, or pardon them). Unless “we” make that happen, “we” being all the people like me sharing the truth, and those in the field fighting over it while campaigning for Human Rights Laws and Policies to be Fought for and won.

Government, Corporations, their money & their Products are killing us; The Health Care Industry is killing us / Professional Doctors & the Pharmaceutical Industry are killing us. Pollution & Poison in our Air, in our water, in our fields; Foods & Beverages will kill us. FDA Corruption running like an oil-spill and spreading with the wind in all directions will kill us and allow others to contribute in the killing. Environmental Destruction covers communities & Habitats from one side of the world to the other and will kill us. And they could all Kill us, as easily as Sharia Law Threatening to Incarcerate, torture or Kill all GLBT People along with Friends & Family. Need confirmation? Just visit this site: but there are many other sites listed in the links listing below that can show you more confirmation about everything I’m telling you.

The world is over populated as it is but that doesn‘t mean people of power have the right to rip the lives from others they don‘t appreciate. The world is over populated with Greedy & Evil Dictators; Leaders & Politicians of Influence, Religious Nut bars, un-intelligent and un-educated Conservative & Right Gun Winging - CEO & Corporate Capitalist Career type of money and power hungry people - addicted to pleasure, exploitation, cheap bad thrills and oil, plastics, chemicals, weapons of mass destruction, noise, pollution, wasting time and going over the limits.. These are all People having a hard time Loving & caring for others or breaking away from bad influences; bad habits & bad people (all together a disgusting lifestyle).

Over Population (or Over Populating) is a bad influence but can only be slowed down by intelligent and educated people of a Loving Nature and not influenced by “power, control, ego and cheap bad thrills.” We know how important it is to stop having children added to the planet to encourage the same and so on and so on. Taking part or personally claiming the above disgusting behaviours I’ve mentioned and the one’s I have not; along with the people addicted to ignorance, evil, corruption & capitalism - prevents what ever is intelligent & educational for anyone to learn from. From what?

The person. The Situation. The Results. Anything. If it comes from the pretence of thoughts derived from concern for only one’s self. There is nothing to learn from it, but to only help one’s self, to only gain for one’s self, to only be caught up on a daily basis with one’s self. There is nothing to learn from a person like that, unless you wish to be like that, but please don’t. The disgusting behaviours & corruptions that are taking place by those who stay quite and don’t do anything about anything because they don’t know anything else but themselves and their lifestyle of daily self monotony; is also very destructive and nothing to learn from, and if that were me then yes, I would be at deaths door and end up just another Death Toll.

Staying quite and not doing anything about anything, helps and hides Hate & corruption & more ignorance and addiction. And the money which is taken away from educating people, is spent on those disgusting yet powerful behaviours mentioned above - or just given to the hands of the Corrupt where we don‘t see or hear anything about it, but we can feel the death upon us daily. Sometimes I feel like I’m obsessed with Death, because all my thoughts of disgusting behaviours leading to crimes against humanity, torture, persecutions, corrupt government & corporate systems, but I’d rather have an obsession with death than an obsession with Consumption (or occupation) of Corruption.

The Consumption of Corruption, is Corruptions Occupation, while we the people for the opposite reasons; Occupy Wall Street, Politician Homes, Corporation Offices, Streets of Senate Meetings and Parks beside Government Embassies to make our lives better,, they occupy all of our lives to make their lives better and consequently ours become worse. So we have an Occupy and they have an Occupation.

“TO BE ANIMAL” they will say is their instinctual behaviour, but it’s just because they eat to many of them and encourage the excess needless slaughter of precious animals all over the world. Animals have an instinct to hunt and kill yes but to survive, the people I’m talking about have an instinct to hunt and kill for power and control, while the rest of us have an instinct to Love.

It’s kill or be killed for them, but they are not animal fighting another animal, they are human and they’re fighting against their fellow humans. That does not mean they eat us, but it means they will kill or be killed for land; food, resources & the freedom to politically preach hate speeches because freedom for hate speech is allowed. But to them being killed is like having no land or house, no food or car, no money or no rights (so better us then them).

In That Case I am correct, they will kill us all. They can’t stop, they’ll fight till the death if they’re forced, and they’ll consume in excess until they die; UNLESS WE STOP THEM WE THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE FEWER AND FEWER HUMAN RIGHTS. Especially the Human Right to Fight for what is Right For the People & by the People - NOT FOR WHAT IS WRONG - LIKE FIGHTING FOR OIL OR EXCESSIVE DISCRIMINATORY & VOLATILE GOVERNMENT POLICIES.

THEY FIGHT AGAINST AXES OF EVIL - WE FIGHT AGAINST “EXCESS EVIL”. EXESS ANYTHING IS BAD. Excess Restrictions Against Public Knowledge of Government Property, Excess Policies that discriminate against any type of Woman or Man. The Addiction to Excess Oil resulting in Excess Toxic Poisoning of the People, Excess Natural Resources of the earth being exploited, but the earth does not have Excess Natural Resources any longer.

Excess building construction sites that destroy natural limited earth resources one after the next while jeopardizing surrounding communities. Excess amounts of money from taxes to build more prisons for the innocent. Excess foods of toxic and poison for people and the environment, excess lighting & light pollution disturbing the atmosphere, excess use of palm oil destroying endangered valuable species of the Forests, or even just excess times off thrill seeking; time & money wasting, energy consuming, life neglecting, all the time, everyday for ever, as a mind set or disgusting lifestyle of Excess. The real Axes of Evil.

I worked for someone who had a Jaguar with the licence plate proudly displaying the keyword “EXCESS”: meaning in life, you can have it if you want it. Or, you can have what ever you want, because having excess amounts or working towards excess amounts of it is perfectly fine. Any additions or surplus to a financial display of success is just fine. Owning 3 Salons; having a Wife and kids, a Jaguar and a huge house in the Rurals of Ontario (more Rural than where I live), what else can a conservative capitalist narcissist hair salon owner want?! Well, he wants a forth salon, another kind of car, a mistress & perhaps a downtown city home. Then he wants a few mistresses more and a secret bank account. Never once thinking any time through a week or even a day, that he maybe should help out a Cause or charitable organization with his money. Since he had excess of it.

I guess I should be happy he never used his money directly to influence political leaders or lobbyists, but people like that are always disgusting no matter what they do or not do, because they’re always doing what they do or not do; thus that is all they do, while never aware of the damage they’re actually doing, they never even do for others - and never thinking they have enough excess of anything to help anyone but themselves.

Catch them in a restaurant, and barf at the site of all they’re consuming, excess amounts of food guaranteed to leave leftovers, or thrown out with the trash of the week; while instead, they can be helping people who don’t have food to eat for a week, or even a month, or even at all. Over Consumption is something to many parents feed their kids and themselves, when they should take their kids and have them feed the hungry - who don‘t ever get to see a plate of food properly placed for them on a table, with salad, pudding and a nice drink. But no, Over Zealousness has implanted itself in the mind of so many, that so many don’t want to do anything like that and often leads to Fanaticism.

Over Zealousness is a high point from which one should really discover one’s self and the planet we all live on, but to many times one discovers instead the pleasures and addictions to Corporate Corruption & Over Consumption. It’s an Addiction to collecting useless materials/products/items, pleasures, money-making schemes & money itself. It’s an addiction to oil and it‘s production and destruction of, and for it.

An addiction to corruption because so many corrupt people, agendas, plots & schemes are excepted and encouraged, thus winning things that are not for us to win, for the soul purpose of taking away what is rightfully others because we can, is also excepted and encouraged. We are encouraged throughout life that we can do anything we want, but when we want to fight for others and Human Rights, we are not encouraged. We are told we are allowed to do anything we want, but we learn that it has to be for ourselves and for the enhancement of career or financial stability, not for no pay and fighting for others rights. But growing Pot for money?, that‘s bad. You’re not allowed to grow Pot, because if they catch you with just two broken down dying plants deteriorated from trying to grow while hiding it - You’re labelled a Felon. And boom, more jails to make because we have all these poor pot smokers that can’t smoke pot to live happy, but they can smoke cigarettes to kill themselves legally.

It’s an over Zealous mind set of False Excess & false freedom to do what you want without consequences. There are Consequences for Crimes Against Humanity and there are consequences for everything - but it’s up to Us “WE THE PEOPLE” to have those who commit disgusting acts of corruption & ignorance (only to get away with them), face their consequences of crimes against humanity and the earth, not support them with Over Consumption, Keeping Ignorant & not speaking up about it all… or else, many of the actual consequences they create will be for us to face.

Such as when they take an innocent life away, or let an innocent life be taken away. If we don’t stop them from doing this with their private meetings and judge rulings against “we the people & our Right to do THE RIGHT THING (like letting us know what‘s happening and giving us the right to protest what they decided is the right thing), then they will continue to be that way without any regards for the people, and it won’t stop their.

Taking an innocent life permanently off the planet, or taking an innocent life away from society (or the community their from), to add to the many that are already part of the mass amounts of false incarcerations; without proven guilt, without evidence, without a fair trial, without the truth - SHOULD NEVER TAKE PLACE - but it does and the innocent parish. That’s why if you are trying to make the world a better place by making people aware of some of the corruptions; Leaders, governments, politicians and dictators of power & influence get away with, then you are doing a great service for the good innocent people of the world and we thank you.

Yup, the world is filled with Countries and Leaders of Dictatorships full of Wrongful Incarcerations, Hangings & Crimes against Humanity, not to mention themselves. They call me an Enemy of the State because I fight for everything that is good, and that is worthwhile, but they’d love to give me the Death Penalty for just saying what I’ve said so far. In their eyes Activists, Journalists and Freedom Fighters are like Terrorists and there’s a War on Terror they say.. More like War on Good People, War on Pot Smokers, War on Whistleblowers & Protesters, War on Journalists, War on Atheists & Spiritualists, Alternative Medicines, Global Warming, Women, Homosexuals & Education, Facts, Truth & What is right. Those are just some of the horrifying things that could kill us in this lifetime, our only lifetime. Thus: Diversity 4 Security 4 Life, For us to speak out about the gravely horrifying Foreseeable Future and how We The People must take action, is a must. Home ✦
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But it seems we must Fight for even that, which as a Human Right is already ours. You Either Care Or You Do Not. Please Care & Welcome to an Ecodox Window Presentation of RESOURCES TO ONLINE WORLD NEWS, POLITICS & OPINIONS On DEATH w/Tolls & Rates & Reasons for those taken away from us - never to be seen or heard of again.

Oh but some we see again, after years of torture or deplorable conditions of where they were kept (which is torture).

"An overwhelming majority of countries did not use the death penalty in 2011. Only 21 out of 198 countries carried out executions – a drop of more than a third over the last decade. Death sentences were pardoned or commuted in 33 countries, compared to just 19 in 2010."

"Nevertheless, an increasingly isolated group of countries executed at an alarming rate in 2011. China continued to put thousands of people to death, and in the Middle East there was a sharp rise in the number of people executed in Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. States that year-on-year figured consistently among the top executioners also included were North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, USA and Yemen."

"Even in those countries that continued to use the death penalty, progress was made in 2011. In the USA, Illinois became the 16th state to abolish the death penalty. China removed the death penalty for 13 crimes, while adding at least two new capital crimes. Decreases in the use of the death penalty were recorded in Lebanon, the Palestinian Authority and Tunisia. At least 18,750 people remained under sentence of death at the end of the year and at least 680 people were executed worldwide in 2011, excluding China." Click the Amnesty Links above To Learn More"

Die from The Death Penalty, or die from torture and malnutrition. Die from a Gay Targeted Hate Group or Die from poverty & sickness as a child. Which one would I rather die from if I had to choose? Because that's like the choices the government can give you sometimes for things in which they can never really answer you about.

We can go hungry, broke and homeless if we're not careful, but many people are still careful and fall into the trap of poverty, sickness & homelessness. Some are even born into it, and by some I mean the millions around the globe in different places that need our help - OUR ACTION FOR CHANGE. Everyone deserves to live, deserves a chance at life and all they have to offer it.

However we can also face deaths door just with daily living out in society - or not even leaving the home (except for doctors appointments). One day it can actually be the doctor's appointment that will kill me. Did you know that, Prescription Drugs are Now the Second-Leading Cause of Accidental Death? Yes, Accidental or prescribed by the medical professionals that do not except natural alternative remedies for living life healthy & disease free? That would mean that they don't naturally consider it while talking to a patient so they will never discuss any healthy and natural alternative with us (unless it‘s a pharmaceutical).

To many people are misguided, mistreated or misdiagnosed with medications, and to many people don't get treated at all." The leading cause of death in developing countries is infectious disease. The leading causes of death in developed countries are atherosclerosis (heart disease and stroke), cancer, and other diseases related to obesity and aging. These conditions cause loss of homeostasis, leading to cardiac arrest, causing loss of oxygen and nutrient supply, causing irreversible deterioration of the brain and other tissues. Of the roughly 150,000 people who die each day across the globe, about two thirds die of age-related causes. In industrialized nations, the proportion is much higher, reaching 90%. With improved medical capability, dying has become a condition to be managed. Home deaths, once commonplace, are now rare in the developed world." - Wikipedia

The Natural Path Article:
"Pain Killers Leading Cause of Accidental Death"
- Pain Killers Leading Cause of Accidental Deate Article

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the number of overdose deaths from prescription pain killers is now greater than those from cocaine and heroine combined. . . . In 2008, overdoses of prescription pain killers killed nearly 15,000 people in the U.S. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Prescription Painkeller Overdoses in the US, November 2011).

Unicef USA: Campaign "Believe In Zero" Achieve Zero"Over the last 50 years, UNICEF and its partners have helped reduce the worldwide child mortality rate by more than half. Much of that success is recent—the result of tried and true lifesaving interventions and programs perfected in more than 150 countries. Five years ago, 25,500 children died every day from preventable causes. Today that number is 21,000."

"That means UNICEF has contributed to saving 12,000 more children's lives than was the case 20 years ago. But it also means that 7.6 million children are not reaching their fifth birthday every year. Worse - they are dying of preventable causes and treatable diseases. And the majority of those deaths are concentrated among the poorest 20% of households in the developing world." -

Take Action, Speak Up against Injustice & Think Social Justice!! Be Progressive & Expressive, Encourage a life of helping others around the world, stand up for their & your rights at the same time, because only with our help less innocent people will die be tortured or killed..

Now I know death by terrible health or diseases & syndromes can often times result from multiple causes of course; someone might have cancer but the direct cause of death can be pneumonia & to many mixed medicines (mixed medication) that shouldn't be in the body to begin with. Someone could also die because they’ve been living with Fibromyalgia (which include various and many symptoms), only to one day be beaten down to death during a political protest. Or that person with Fibro will be tortured in prison after being arrested, because in prison they don’t give you the care you need when you have conditions, syndromes and diseases, so that is mere torture and feels like you‘re at deaths door. There are lots of examples for reasons to the high amount of Death Tolls and those at Death’s Door, so shall we give a few more.

The Campaign To End The Death Penalty ( says “The United States is the only country in the Western industrialized world that still uses the death penalty. Since 1990, 30 countries have abolished the death penalty. Among the 74 countries who continue to execute, a tiny group accounts for the vast majority of the world’s executions each year— China, Iran, Vietnam and the United States.”

The Meaning of "Capital punishment & the death penalty - as in wikipedia: "Capital punishment, the death penalty, death sentence, or execution is a legal process whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime. Crimes that can result in a death penalty are known as capital crimes or capital offences. The term capital originates from the Latin capitalis, literally "regarding the head" (referring to execution by beheading)."

“The death penalty is racist. The death penalty punishes the poor. The death penalty condemns the innocent to die. The death penalty is not a deterrent to violent crime. The death penalty is "cruel and unusual punishment." -

Click here for the Facts...
Campaign to End the Death Penalty - Click For The Facts, The News & The Hidden Truths, Then Take Action Today! / How You Can Help › Activism Centre › Activism Tools › Social Networks › Social NetworksClick the "Campaign Heading Above" to Pop Open Their Site for The Facts & More Information on How you can Make a Difference. The Campaign to End the Death Penalty (CEDP) is a national membership-driven, chapter-based grassroots organization dedicated to the abolition of capital punishment in the United States. They have active chapters in cities and campuses across the country -- from Berkeley, California, to Austin, Texas to Chicago, Illinois.

They work hand in hand with those who have experienced the horrors of death row firsthand (death row prisoners themselves & their family members), and work to ensure that their voices are at the forefront of the movement. Well we who are not actual prisoners of the State also have a voice and we are speaking up against this barbaric system in front of Death‘s Door. Please help out and visit the site to understand more.

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

People are dying and being killed all over the world everyday, and it just happens as we live our lives not thinking about it. They're being Tortured daily or Dying From or being Killed By Hate Crimes, Crimes against Humanity and then on top of it all; Capitalism, Religionism, Corrupt Government Officials, Presidents, Kings, Dictators, Islamic Terrorists, All the American Wars, Greed, Disease, money, oil, etc, etc..

If the reasons are not of Power, Corruption & Greed or Religion, there are those who have died in terrible natural & un-natural disasters & accidents, mistreated or misdiagnosed patients, but there’s also Terrible Diseases, Faulty Health Care Systems & poisoning medication, , Defective School Systems, hunger or needing of shelter,, and many other reasons not hard to understand. You know hard to understand?, like how it is that ignorant people only caring about themselves & none of the above, stay the same & encourage nothing but the same.

They are your average person and your average caring person - Yes Religionism may not be a word, but when it’s around you everywhere, it’s more than a word, it’s a bad influence that you can see, touch, smell and walk away from. People who claim they’re not religious, but they believe there is a God; those people don’t want to kill us, they just want to know the truth about the God bit..

But by supporting religious institutions that call for our suffering because we are for educating and speaking up for Human Rights; Gay Rights, Women’s Rights, Political Prisoner Rights etc., then you’re supporting & encouraging more of the suffering that comes from under the God bit they want to find more out about..

I'm a codepinker & you should be too.. Please take some actions from this page today & save some innocent lives.. Click here.

CODEPINK: Issue - Tags - Accountability Afghanistan Ahava / Stolen Beauty Bailout BDS Blackwater Boycott BP Bush / Cheney Condi Contractors Cost of War Donate Drones Egypt Environment Fourth of July Gaza Green Jobs Hillary Clinton Humanitarian Aid Human Rights Hummer Impeachment International Women's Day Iran Iraq Israel / Palestine Karl Rove Local Conference / Retreat Mother's Day National Priorities Obama Occupation Pakistan Peace Ribbon Refugee Crisis SB 1070 Social Forum Stop the Next War Now Torture Troops Walk in their Shoes War Criminals War Funding War on Terror WhistleBlower WMD

CODEPINK is a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end U.S. funded wars and occupations, to challenge militarism globally, and to redirect their resources into health care, education, green jobs and other life-affirming activities. Click the Image above anytime to open their website for more. CODEPINK is not exclusively women — they invite men to join them — but they are particularly eager to see mothers; grandmothers, sisters, and daughters, female workers, students, teachers, healers, artists, writers, singers, poets and all outraged woman rise up and oppose the global militarism.

The New York Times along w/NPR, have put together “The Guantanamo Docket” Section in their website, so I brought you the link here. Just click the banner anytime to open the page and find Documents and research related to the 779 people who have been sent to the Guantánamo Bay prison since 2002. A History of the Detainee Population Timeline, along with Information of Detainees, Transfer Countries, Citizenship and more. When you’re finished there you can visit their Related Coverage From the Times » NPR: The Guantanamo Papers » to further blow your mind.

CLOSE GITMO NOW PLEASE!!! Tear Down These Barbarian Wires of Torturous Dictatorship and let's help the innocent be safe and free in this world!! I SAID LET THERE BE LOVE NOT HATE!! Please help out and visit these sites. is a Campaign Web site of the American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU Foundation. Everyone knows the amazing ACLU because they are The Guardian of Liberty; working daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and laws of the United States guarantee everyone in their country.

Tear Down These Barbarian Wires of Torturous Dictatorship and let's help the innocent be free!!  I SAID LET THERE BE LOVE NOT HATE!!THE WORLD IS NOT A BATTLEFIELD!! Click here to understand more.. It's unbelievable yet for real!!

10 Years Too Many: Close Guantánamo: / "Ten years have passed since the first prisoner arrived in Guantánamo Bay, making it the longest-standing war prison in U.S. history. Almost 800 men have passed through Guantánamo’s cells. Today, 171 men remain. Fashioned as an “island outside the law” where terrorism suspects could be detained without process and interrogated without restraint, Guantánamo has been a catastrophic failure on every front. It is long past time for this shameful episode in American history to be brought to a close."  

"Ten years on, we are stuck in a multi-branch quagmire, where no arm of government is willing to act to end Guantánamo’s blight on our reputation and our security. All must change tack, and Guantánamo must close."  

  • The Supreme Court must define the scope of war-time detention, and ensure that the right to habeas corpus is a meaningful one that tests, and does not endorse, the government’s case. 
  • Congress must lift the unnecessary restrictions on transfer and release from Guantánamo, particularly for the 89 men whom our security services and military have unanimously determined should be released. 
  • And the President must show the courage of his previously-stated convictions and either prosecute the other 82 men in federal court, if there is untainted evidence against them, or set them free.

From the Blog: INFOGRAPHIC: Guantánamo by the Numbers (1/9/2012)
& Injustice at Guantánamo: Past and Present (1/8/2012)


"Like the Bush administration, the Obama administration has claimed the authority to hold terrorism suspects in indefinite military detention - even suspects captured far away from any battlefield who have never taken up arms against the United States. But the so-called “war on terror” is not a traditional war. It has no geographic or temporal limitations. How will it end? How would we know if it did? And where is it taking place?

So far, individuals have been captured in over fifty countries, and the list is sure to grow. The system is illegal and un-American. We must uphold the Constitution and the rule of law, and that means treating suspected terrorists as suspected criminals, not warriors, and charging them and prosecuting them in ordinary federal courts. We can't let our government use the threat of terrorism to justify a system in which individuals picked up anywhere in the world - including, perhaps, here in the United States - can be held indefinitely by the military without charge or trial."

ARTICLE OF RELATION: Former Commander of Headquarters Company at Quantico Objects to Treatment of Bradley Manning - By davidswanson - Posted on 19 January 2011 - Source: "From DAVID C. MACMICHAEL"

"Dear General Amos: As a former regular Marine Corps captain, a Korean War combat veteran, now retired on Veterans Administration disability due to wounds suffered during that conflict, I write you to protest and express concern about the confinement in the Quantico Marine Corps Base brig of US Army Pfc. Bradley Manning." Read More at

And before you get to the link listing, here's another little fyi for you "For a site that has been promoting itself as anti government secrecy, Antiwar.Com’s not-so-bright Vlahos conveniently blacks out POGO’s record on supporting the Obama administration’s retaliation against whistleblowers, his pro secrecy actions, and his anti transparency campaign since day one of his presidency.

Despite hundreds of letters and comments from well-known government whistleblowers and their readers, AntiWar.Com refused to run a correction on the false promotional campaign they ran for POGO at their site. Not only that, their new operations manager personally called me to say that: ‘government whistleblowers were disgruntled by nature, and that they would not make a single change to their promotional article on Soros –funded and long-discredited Project on Government Oversight (POGO).’ Even today, despite Manning and numerous other cases, AntiWar.Com stands by POGO and their new management, who have been labelling government whistleblowers such as myself as: a Disgruntled, Jew-Hating Douche, Racist, Sexist, Anti-Israel, and Women-Hating bunch." - Written in the Article: Corporate-Funded Lap-Dog Watchdogs, AntiWar.Com, Whistleblowers & Bradley Manning And those are the kinds of things you have the right to know, but no, you can't find out things like that on tv news. So without further ado,,,

The Following are The Posted News Reports, and Political Shares From My Human Rights For All - Fb Page Campaigns (click to open): GLBT Asylum Seeker & Refugee Posts Notes News Views & Community Support; GLBT World News & Politics, Campaigns/Causes & Action's & Religion & The Religious @ Facebook Wall Pages. Recently Shared Posts, Tweets, Vids, Blogs, Articles & More via Feed Widget.

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Address of Death Row Units in the U.S.- addresses of death rows in the USA for both men and women ✦
AIDWYC / The Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted / wrongful conviction in Canada ✦
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Abolitionism ✦Activism ✦Asylum Seeker ✦Bradley Manning ✦Capital Punishment ✦Child Mortality ✦Civil disobedience ✦Crime Against Peace ✦Crimes Against Humanity ✦Cruel and Unusual Punishment ✦Deaths / True Crimes ✦Democide ✦Demonstration / Peaceful ✦Direct Action ✦Freedom of Speech ✦Freedom of The Press ✦General Strikes (political ) ✦Geneva Conventions ✦Genocide ✦Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp ✦Guantanamo Bay Naval Base ✦Hacktivism ✦Hague Conventions ✦Hate Crimes ✦Incarceration ✦Incarceration Rates ✦International Humanitarian Law ✦Intentional Homicide Rate ✦ ✦ Internet Activism ✦Julian Assange ✦List of Prisons ✦MAGAZINES Subscriptions: Human Rights ✦Marc Emery ✦Mexican Drug War ✦Military Prison ✦Miscarriage of Justice ✦NonViolent Protest ✦Occupy Movement ✦Occupation (Protest) ✦Open Government ✦pardoned by George H. W. Bush ✦pardoned by George W. Bush ✦Picketing (Protest) ✦preventable causes of death ✦Prisoner of War Camp ✦Private Prison ✦Prosecutions ✦Puerto Rican Drug War ✦Quantico ✦Refugee ✦Retentionist ✦Suicide ✦The Peace Movement ✦Torture ✦UNHCR / United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ✦UNHRC / United Nations Human Rights Council ✦United Nations Convention Against Torture ✦Universal Declaration of Human Rights ✦Virtual Volunteering ✦War ✦War on Drugs ✦Whistleblower ✦Xenophobia ✦
American Bar Association ✦ ABA Death Penalty Moratorium Implementation Project. The Project will work toward achieving a national moratorium on executions until the death penalty process is reformed
American Orthopsychiatric Association - association of mental health professionals concerned with mental health and social justice ✦
American Society of Criminology - general collection of death penalty information, including government statistics, court decisions, and articles and writing on death penalty issues ✦
Amnesty International - Activism Centre› Activism Tools› Social Networks› Social Networks ✦
Amnesty International - Death Penalty: Death sentences and executions ✦
Amnesty International - Human Rights Topic: Figures on the Death Penalty ✦
Amnesty International - Human Rights Topic: Individuals at Risk ✦ Antiwar News, Viewpoints, and Activities ✦
Australian Coalition Against the Death Penalty anti-death penalty organization in Australia that supports International abolition of the death penalty and is against the re-introduction of capital punishment in Australia ✦
Before the Needles - a Web site that has compiled Watt Espy's data on executions from 1608-1977 into a user-friendly format ✦
Boalt Hall Death Penalty Clinic ✦
Bradley Manning Support Network / FREE BRADLEY MANNING NOW WORLD CAMPAIGN! ✦
Bruderhof Community - articles and essays on capital punishment, includes writings from death row prisoners ✦
✦ " C, c " ✦
CagedPrisoners .com / The Issues ✦
Cambodia Tribunal Monitor ✦
Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty ✦
Capital Punishment or Compassion: Executions in the State of New Mexico: The Death Penalty Since Territorial Days" - provides the names, crimes, and dates of execution for those executed in New Mexico ✦
CBA / The Canadian Bar Association / Page of Initiatives: Advocacy & Submissions to Government ✦
Center for Constitutional Rights - goal is to advance and protect the rights guaranteed by the US Constitution ✦
Center on Wrongful Convictions - dedicated to identifying and rectifying wrongful convictions and other serious miscarriages of justice. The Center investigates possible wrongful convictions and represent imprisoned clients with claims of actual innocence ✦ / Criminal Justice ✦ / Economic Justice ✦ / Gay Rights ✦ / Human Rights ✦ / Human Traffiking ✦ / Immigant Rights ✦ / Women's Rights ✦
Citizens United for Alternatives to the Death Penalty - organization promoting viable alternatives to the death penalty and hightened visibility for those who seek better public policy in response to violent crime ✦
Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE) - a nation-wide grass roots organization dedicated to reducing crime through reform of the criminal justice system ✦
Civil & Action Center ✦ The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
Clark County Prosecutor's web site with links to over 1,000 death penalty related Web sites ✦ ✦
Comparative Criminology Educational - ✦
Cornell Law School Death Penalty Project - links to state and federal statutes and cases ✦ Human Rights News Feed ✦ War Profiteers News Feed ✦
Cost of / Select your State Calculators & National Priorities Project ✦
Counter Jihad Report News > Resources > Activism ✦
Courage To / Supporting Bradley Manning ✦
Court TV: The Death Penalty on Trial - history, statistics and articles about the death penalty ✦
Darfurian Voices ✦
Darfur ✦
Death Penalty Information Center - prepares in-depth reports, issues press releases, conducts briefings for journalists, and maintains a very thorough and fresh website ✦
Death Row Support Project - letter writing project with death row inmates ✦
Death Watch International - increasing grassroots opposition to the death penalty worldwide & encouraging wider engagement with, and support for, established anti-death penalty groups ✦
Derechos - provides links to a variety of death penalty sites ✦
DPIC: Death Penalty Information Center ✦
Drug / Blog / Law Enforcement & Prisons ✦
EFF / ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION - Defending Your Rights in the Digital World ✦
End Child ✦ Please Sign Petition Also, If You Have Not Already: ✦ Petitioning Greek Ministry of Citizen Protection: End Immigration Detention of Children ✦
Ensemble Contre La Peine de Mort - held two international conferences on worldwide abolition of the death penalty and publishes an electronic newsletter (in French). ✦
Equal Justice Initiative - Provides assistance for Alabama death row inmates in during the post-conviction appeals process ✦
Equal Justice USA / EJUSA is a national, grassroots organization working to build a criminal justice system that is fair, effective, and humane, starting with repeal of the death penalty and increased services to families of homicide victims ✦
European Union in the United States - Site offering information on European Union policy and action on the death penalty ✦ EXPENDABLE PROJECT / The Political Sacrifice of Schapelle Corby ✦
Fair Trial Initiative - confronts the crisis of incompetent counsel for indigent defendants facing the death penalty. Funds fellowships for recent law graduates to work with under funded trial counsel in capital cases, and provides internships for law students to do a variety of trial related capital work. ✦
Feminist for Life of America - grassroots organization that seeks to provide real solutions for the problems women face today ✦
Find ✦ / Bradley Manning Coverage ✦
Fortune Society - support successful prison re-entry into society and promote alternatives to incarceration ✦
Free / Anonymous Solidarity Network ✦
Free Barrett / American activist, journalist, and founder of Project PM ✦
Freedom March - Marching for Awareness for Wrongful Convictions ✦
FPIF: Foreign Policy In Focus - A Project of The Institute for Policy Studies ✦
Humanitarian Updated News / News That Matter: Search Results For "Deaths" ✦
Journey of Hope - led by murder victim family members that conducts public education speaking tours and addresses alternatives to the death penalty ✦
Just Detention International / Stop Prisoner Rape ✦
JUSTICE FOR ASSANGE - BECAUSE JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL ✦ The Case, Controversies, Extradition, Fair Trial in Sweden Press.
LEAP / Law Enforcement Against Prohibition ✦
Liberty Human /Protecting Civil Liberties Promoting Human Rights ✦
✦ " N, n " ✦
NAACP.ORG: National Association For The Advancement of Colored People ✦
NCADP: Devoted to Abolishing Capital Punishment ✦
National Alliance Against Racist and Political Oppression - works towards correcting unjust treatment of individuals based on race or political beliefs ✦
National Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers - mission is to ensure justice and due process for individuals accused of crime ✦
National Bar Association - Official website for the NBA ✦
National Black Police Association - nationwide organization dedicated to promoting justice, fairness, and effectiveness in law enforcement ✦
National Center for Victims of Crime - support hotline to speak with victim advocates, receive referrals to support services ✦
National Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform / Raising Awareness for the Wrongly Convicted and Criminal Justice Reform ✦
National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC) ✦
National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty - listings of abolitionist organizations (national, state, and local), legal resources, execution alerts, death penalty issues and statistics  ✦
National Committee Against Repressive Legislation - mission is to protect and advance the right of dissent in the US ✦
National Committee to Reopen the Rosenberg Case - seek the exoneration of the Rosenbergs and Sobell and for the government to admit to this miscarriage of justice ✦
National Conference of Black Lawyers - an association of lawyers, scholars, judges, legal workers, law students and legal activists ✦
National Council on Crime and Delinquency - a nonprofit organization that promotes effective, humane, fair, and economically sound solutions to family, community, and justice problems ✦
National Immigrant ✦
National Lawyers Guild - dedicated to the need for change in our political and economic system ✦
National Legal Aid and Defender Association - leading advocate for equal justice professionals ✦
National Organization for Victim Assistance - promotes victim rights and services through national advocacy, direct services to victims and assistance to professional colleagues ✦
National Urban League - movement devoted to enabling African Americans to enter the economic and social mainstream ✦ / Crime Statistics > Executions by country ✦ / Crime Statistics > Murders per capita by Country ✦
No Death Campaign To End The Death Penalty - Reach out & Get Involved ✦
NO TORTURE ψ╄ஐﻬ Survivors of Torture‧International ✦ / Working to Reform Marijuana Laws, Because "Pot Smokers are not Criminals ✦
Partisan Defense Committee - legal and social defense organization ✦
Planned Parenthood Action - Get Involved Locally ✦
Prisonmovement's Wordpress Weblog / America: Land Of The Free, Home Of The Incarcerated ✦
Prison Planet / Truth Will Set You Free ✦
Prison ✦
Prison / Info / World Brief Stats - Prison Population Rates per 100,000 of the national population. Highest to Lowest Rates From The International Centre For Prison Studies✦
Queer Friends of Bradley Manning / FREE BRADLEY MANNING NOW! ✦
RADICAL ISLAM.ORG ♐☪☠♌ψ STOP RADICAL ISLAM ✦ the Clarion Fund's flagship education tool, is the leading source for information about the threat posed by Radical Islam to all those who value freedom, democracy and other Western values.
Refugee Case / Refugee Law, Asylum Law - University of Michigan Law School ✦
Refugee News ✦ A Lifeline for Forgotten Refugees✦ - Profiles, Updates & Reports: Disasters in Countries ✦
Reporting / Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project ✦
Reprieve - provides effective legal representation and humanitarian assistance to impoverished people facing the death penalty at the hands of the state in the US and the Caribbean. Reprieve's Web site is an umbrella site that catalogs all death penalty resources on the internet ✦
Rick Halperin's Death Penalty News and Updates - death penalty statistics, news, updates, addresses of U.S. Governors ✦ / English: Radio Netherlands Worldwide News & Analysis ✦ Political Prisioners
✦ " S, s" ✦
Sant'Egidio Community of Italy - an appeal for the moratorium of the death penalty all over the world by the year 2000, promoted by Sr. Helen Prejean and other organizations. ✦
Seamless Garment Network, Inc. - a network of organizations who support reverence for life ✦
Survival International ✦ Literature of Social Justice History ✦
Southern California Victims of the State - Exclusive of Los Angeles County ✦
Southern Center for Human Rights - non-profit law firm dedicated to enforcing the civil rights of people in the criminal justice system in the South ✦
Southern Poverty Law Center - non-profit organization known for its tolerance education programs, tracking of hate groups and legal victories over white supremacists ✦
SPACE 4 ✦ Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space / Keep Space for Peace!
Stand With Brad / We Stand With Bradley Manning ✦ - includes databases of information on crime and prisons, capital punishment, and news for each state. Allows a comparison of between 2-4 states ✦
Stop Child Executions ✦
S T O P Genocide Now ✦
Stop The Killing in the Congo / Oxfam International ✦
Stop The Killing / innovative programs that will help to steer youth away from gangs, violence, drugs, and other criminal and self-destructive behaviors ✦
Stop The / Stop the killings in the Philippines ✦
Students Against the Death Penalty - is a student-run organization that mobilizes youth through education and advocacy ✦
Support Julian Assange ✦
Ugandans 4 / videos / Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law ✦
UK FRIENDS OF BRADLEY MANNING / BLOG / Bradley Manning is a UK citizen tell the UK Government, tell everyone ✦
UNHCR / United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees / The UN Refugee Agency ✦
UNHRC / United Nations Human Rights Council ✦
United Human ✦
Victim Offender Mediation Association ✦
Violence Is Not Our Culture / Global Campaign to Stop Violence Against Women in the name of Culture - Women Living Under Muslim Laws ✦
WACA.NET.AU: Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance ✦ Coverage, USA Response, Surveillance State, Resources, Events & More.
War in Context With Attention to the Unseen ✦
War Is A Crime .org Formerly AfterDowningStreet ✦
War Resisters League ✦ / Action Center ✦ / Falling ✦
Wikileaks News, Spy Files, Archives, Editorials & Truth ✦
WIKILEAKS - PRESS.ORG / BRADLEY MANNING / Legal Procedures Fact Sheet & Editorials ✦
✦ Wikipedia Information, Resource & Research Pages ✦
Abolitionism ✦Activism ✦Bradley Manning ✦ Capital Punishment ✦ Child Mortality ✦Civil disobedience ✦ Crime Against Peace ✦ Crimes Against Humanity ✦ Cruel and Unusual Punishment ✦ Deaths ✦Democide ✦Demonstrations ✦Direct Action ✦ Freedom of Speech ✦ Freedom of The Press ✦ General Strikes ✦ Geneva Conventions ✦ Genocide ✦Genocide In History ✦ Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp ✦ Guantanamo Bay Naval Base ✦ Hacktivism ✦ Hague Conventions (1899_and_1907) ✦ Hate Crime ✦ Incarceration ✦Incarceration Rates ✦ International Humanitarian Law ✦ International Intentional Homicide Rate ✦Internet Activism ✦ Julian Assange / WikiLeaks ✦List of people pardoned by George H. W. Bush ✦List of people pardoned by George W. Bush ✦ List of preventable causes of death ✦List of Prisons ✦ Marc Emery ✦ Mexican Drug War ✦ Military Prison ✦Miscarriage of Justice ✦Non Violent Protest ✦Occupy Movement ✦Occupation (Protest) ✦ Open Government ✦Picketing (Protest) ✦ Prisoner of War Camp ✦Private Prison ✦Prosecutions ✦ Puerto Rican Drug War ✦ Refugee ✦Retentionist ✦ Suicide ✦The Peace Movement ✦ Torture ✦ UNHCR / United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ✦ UNHRC / United Nations Human Rights Council ✦ United Nations Convention Against Torture ✦ Universal Declaration of Human Rights ✦Virtual Volunteering ✦ War ✦ War on Drugs ✦ Whistleblower ✦Xenophobia ✦
Wise Up For Bradley Manning Blog @ Wordpress ✦ / About Us: Media Center - Press Releases / WITNESS / SEE IT - FILM IT - CHANGE IT ✦
WL CentralThe #1 unofficial WikiLeaks resource ✦
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - works to achieve peace and equality through nonviolent means ✦
World Organisation Against Torture ✦ Coalition of international non-governmental organisations (NGO) fighting against torture, summary executions, enforced disappearances and all other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. ✦
World Socialist Movement ✦ The WSM is a global socialist movement that believes capitalism cannot meet the needs of the majority of us, the workers (or proletariat) of the world, no matter how progressive it might become in the future. To meet these needs we contend that capitalism must be replaced by socialism ✦
World Without Genocide ✦
Wrongful Incarceration Compensation - Google Scholar Articles & Patents ✦
Youth Advocate Program International - promoting & protecting the rights of the world's youth ✦

The Following are The Posted News Reports, and Political Shares From My Take Action - Fb Page Campaigns (click to open): Legalize It - Cannabis For All of Us - Pot Plant & Joint; Health Help For Yourself & Others Awareness & Stop Smoking Quit The Cigarettes Boycott Tobacco @ Facebook Wall Pages. Recently Shared Posts, Tweets, Vids, Blogs, Articles & More via Feed Widget.

NORML Click Here.. Not Normal go some where else.. Or help us make them "Stop Arresting Smokers like they're terrorists! They're Pot Smokers!

  • INTRODUCTION: Since its founding in 1970, NORML has provided a voice in the public policy debate for those Americans...
  • POLICY STATEMENT: Read their policy on the personal, medical and industrial uses of marijuana.
  • NORML FOUNDATION: The NORML Foundation's mission is to educate the public about the costs of marijuana prohibition
  • NORML WOMEN'S ALLIANCE: A platform for women to organize and speak out in support of ending marijuana prohibition.
  • NORML PAC: Political Arm of NORML that permits them to provide campaign contributions to...
  • NORML CHAPERS: For more than 30 years, NORML has worked with a network of citizen activists. Form a NORML chapter in...
  • NORML ADVISORY BOARD: Top celebrities from the entertainment world, along with leading academics and drug policy experts are...
  • EVENTS: Events cover the breadth and depth of marijuana law reform.

Enter The Departments of by clicking the links & images. Working to Reform Marijuana Laws, Because "Pot Smokers are not Criminals, They're Pot Smokers! And you wonder why they're paranoid." You wonder why they still smoke it if it's illegal, You wonder why they're making a big deal of it, you wonder many things about it but today you will stop wondering so much, and take action to fight against War on Drugs.

It's the war on innocent people as well, and it's terrible for everyone. Human Rights are stripped away from you even when you know you're smoking pot because of health reasons, and no one understands but you how it helps you feel better when for so long you didn’t feel good at all. It's harmless and it should be legal everywhere. I've written about it over and over again online at the social networks and of course it's because not enough people know the facts about what's going on and how what's going on effects many facets of lives.


"NORML supports the removal of all penalties for the private possession and responsible use of marijuana by adults, including cultivation for personal use, and casual nonprofit transfers of small amounts. This policy, known as decriminalization, removes the consumer -- the marijuana smoker -- from the criminal justice system."

NORML's mission is to "move public opinion sufficiently to achieve the repeal of marijuana prohibition so that the responsible use of cannabis by adults is no longer subject to penalty." - Adopted by the NORML Board of Directors, February 27, 1999

At Norml we learn that "Marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. Around 50,000 people die each year from alcohol poisoning. Similarly, more than 400,000 deaths each year are attributed to tobacco smoking. By comparison, marijuana is nontoxic and cannot cause death by overdose. According to the prestigious European medical journal, The Lancet, "The smoking of cannabis, even long-term, is not harmful to health. ... It would be reasonable to judge cannabis as less of a threat ... than alcohol or tobacco." ... Learn More about Marijuana Here.

We also learn that “Marijuana,” or cannabis as it is more appropriately called, has been part of humanity's medicine chest for almost as long as history has been recorded. Of all the negative consequences of marijuana prohibition, none is as tragic as the denial of medicinal cannabis to the tens of thousands of patients who could benefit from its therapeutic use.” .. Learn More about The Use of Medical Marijuana Here.

Yes and did you know "Hemp is a distinct variety of the plant species cannabis sativa L., that contains minimal (less than 1%) amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana? It is a tall, slender, fibrous plant similar to flax or kenaf. Various parts of the plant can be utilized in the making of textiles, paper, paints, clothing, plastics, cosmetics, foodstuffs, insulation, animal feed and other products." ... Learn More about the Industrial Use of Hemp (or Marijuana) Here.

"Opponents of medical marijuana law reform often argue that few or no health authorities recognize cannabis as a legitimate therapeutic agent. Most recently, this notion was repeated by DEA Director Asa Hutchinson, who stated, "We all have sympathy for folks that need medication, but we have to listen to the scientific and medical community, and they're saying that marijuana has no legitimate medical purpose." This contention, however, is altogether untrue. In reality, numerous health and medical organizations from both the United States and abroad support the use of marijuana as a medicine." ... Learn More about Health Endorsements For the Use of Marijuana Here.

Click here to learn about the The American Drug War, Film & Written Material at their amazing website. They have aligned themselves with those who are fighting tirelessly to end the Drug War. WE THE PEOPLE..,,, DRCNet and the George Soros group All have acknowledged this film with hundreds of thousands of active members.
35 years after Nixon started the war on drugs, we have over 1 million non-violent drug offenders living behind bars.

Click to learn about the American Drug War, Film; Written Material at their amazing website. They have aligned themselves with those who are fighting tirelessly to end the Drug War. WE THE PEOPLE..,,, DRCNet and the George Soros group All have acknowledged this film with hundreds of thousands of active members.

Click here for HRW Sitemap Anytime.

STOP THE DRUG WAR.ORG - CLICK HERE.The War on Drugs has become the longest and most costly war in American history & now Canadian History. Now it's even a complete waste of citizen's taxes. The question has become, how much more can the country endure & how many more innocent pot smokers & medical marijuana takers have to suffer in the hands of the corrupt conservative fundamentalist police & Rulers of the World’s Laws? Inspired by the death of four family members from 'legal drugs' Texas filmmaker Kevin Booth sets out to discover why the drug war has become such a big failure." - American Drug War: The Last White Hope - War on Drugs.. Hasn’t there been enough money wasted on the other American Wars with people who kill other people?

"The government spends millions of taxpayer dollars every year on an offensive and misleading anti-drug advertising campaign, even though scientific studies have repeatedly shown the ads are not only ineffective at reducing drug abuse, but that they may actually increase pro-drug attitudes in teens." - - Source.

Click here to learn about the Drug Wars and why everyone should support the fight in stopping them where ever they exist..They’re wasting so much money and time on all disgusting wars, especially the Drug Wars? Don’t they know anything? NO WE MUST TELL THEM… Like we tell them about the starving children in the world without food or shelter… Hunger & Starvation in parts of the world that appreciate our help (effortless help if we work to stop all wars)..

Stop The Drug also Raising Awareness of the Consequences of Prohibition; has a site for you to learn from as well: Get in Touch & Take a Stand! Click the image above to visit their "Drug War Chronicle: Comprehensive Coverage of the War on Drugs since 1997"

" (DRCNet) calls for an end to drug prohibition (e.g. some form of legalization), and its replacement with some sensible framework in which drugs can be regulated and controlled instead. Founded in 1993 by executive director David Borden, DRCNet has from the beginning called unambiguously for an end to prohibition; they are the largest "full-purpose" national membership organization with a wide range of programs to hold that position."

Abolitionist & retentionist countriesAbolitionist in practiceCountries abolitionist for all crimesCountries abolitionist for ordinary crimesDeath sentences & executions in 2010Death sentences & executions in 2009Death sentences & executions in 2008
Death sentences & executions in 2007

Amnesty International Says "People whose rights are denied or abused are at the heart of their work. Amnesty International mobilizes supporters and puts pressure on decision-makers to improve their conditions. "
AiCandle – Amnesty International’s iPhone application - Click here to learn more about it.

"For example: Freeing a prisoner of conscience, jailed for peacefully saying what she thinks.. Preventing a community at risk from being thrown out of their homes to make way for a government project.. Supporting a survivor of rape in their fight for justice.. "Working with a family to get answers about the fate of their relative, taken by the authorities many years ago."

"When these individuals speak out alone, they often find their voices are not heard by those in power. We act to bring people together – individuals seeking justice when their rights are abused and people compelled to speak out when they see others facing inequality, unfairness and injustice – to demand that governments take action. You can help by adding your voice to theirs." Also Please Visit: The Amnesty Search Results for Bradley Manning, Reports, Articles & Information Pertaining to Bradley Manning.. Home ✦Learn About Human Rights ✦Human rights by topic ✦Death penalty ✦Death penalty in numbers ✦Death sentences & executions in 2011 ✦
The Death Penalty in 2011 ✦

Letter Writing Marathon 2011: Final report: Amnesty International Page - "In 2011, 14 cases of individuals at risk were selected to feature in the Letter Writing Marathon. The aim of "Write for Rights" is to bring about change in the individuals' lives and also show the individuals that people around the world were thinking of them. This report comprises two main sections. In the first, any impacts and developments in the lives of the individuals are explored. The second part of the report details the activities that took place around the world." To learn more Click Here.

International Campaign for the Absolute Prohibition of Torture and Ill-treatment! USA: An embarrassment of hitches: Reflections on the death penalty, 35 years after Gregg v. Georgia, as states scramble for lethal injection drugs.. Amnesty International Page - "In this report – issued to mark the 35th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Gregg v. Georgia ruling of July 2nd 1976 and set against the backdrop of continuing litigation surrounding the lethal injection method of execution, Amnesty International offers some reflections on the USA’s death penalty as the organization continues its decades-long campaign for an end to the death penalty worldwide. In addition to this big picture, in recent years the killing end of the capital process has been under a spotlight cast by legal challenges to the three-drug lethal injection protocols used." To learn more Click Here.

We all Stand For The Reality of Human Rights For All, Make Human Rights For All a Reality.

Because Human Rights & Freedom Costs. Human Rights belong to All. There’s an Evolution of International Human Rights going on Right now, are you aware of it or not? People who should not be dying or killed, are dying for Human Rights, and being Killed because WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ALL - And we'll Whisleblow it to do it!

Every one of us good people in the world (especially those who frequent the Internet), are fighting in some way for Human Rights, and not only for themselves but For All. No matter what they fight for, human rights allow us all to speak up & fight (and be heard). We are finding the time to do this - while others are finding the time to try and eliminate this.

There are those out there who are trying to not only take away the Human Rights of certain Innocent People (our Brothers and Sisters around the world), but there are also those out there who are trying to take the certain innocent people out of this world, or at least out of the communities and societies (away from the eyes of anyone).

By not fighting for Human Rights For All, we are allowing those certain people in power & with influence around the world, to take those innocent people they don’t like; away and out of this world. When we do not allow Gay Rights, Gay Marriage; Gay relationships, Gay Education, gay friendly workplace, gay protection policies, gay television, gay journalism and gay whisleblowers wanting to warn people about tragedies happening, etc,, we tell the Murderers & STC's (secret torture committees) around the globe & in power, that its okay to make fun of; Neglect, Hurt, Bully, Torture or Kill GLBT People.

When we allow Government to not enforce Human Rights & protection For All (not to mention freedom of speech & sharing everything we know with the public (in other words known as whisleblowing), we allow the Killing & crimes against humanity to go on around the globe. We must stop this and there are ways to do this, it’s online and right now but it involves everyone not staying quite and turning a blind eye.

The Religious Institutions have a lot to do with this corrupt setting of the world, but at the moment we won’t go there. There’s a proper page for everything, because let’s not forget; that many good people of many different faiths & beliefs are being persecuted as we speak just like the GLBT’s who are caught in their country of Murderous Dictatorship. So even while we’re bullied by the religious, we help the innocent ones who we hope are not bullies or homophobes.

QUOTING RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE.ORG QUOTING: "The war changed everything in my life and I was one of thousands forced to leave during the ethnic cleansing in my city. But they did not manage to change me. I have NOT learned to hate my neighbors and I never will." Lana Obradovic, a student from Bosnia Herzegovina who lost many relatives in the religious conflict there during the 1990s."

"Intolerance breeds injustice. Injustice invariably leads to rebellion and retaliation, and these will lead to escalation on the part of both making reconciliation almost impossible. It would appear that during times of stress, despair and frustration, people become increasingly irrational, and they do things which they never think they are capable of. And so we see hideous brutality perpetrated by the most gentle people."

"Once started religious strife has a tendency to go on and on, to become permanent feuds. Today we see such intractable inter-religious wars in Northern Ireland, between Jews and Muslims and Christians in Palestine, Hindus and Muslims in South Asia and in many other places. Attempts to bring about peace have failed again and again. Always the extremist elements invoking past injustices, imagined or real, will succeed in torpedoing the peace efforts and bringing about another bout of hostility." Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia, addressing the World Evangelical Fellowship on 2001-MAY-4. 4" - Source

It's Not Okay Being a Bully Racist & Sexist; Greedy Power-Hungry Homophobic, Femaphobic or Xenophobic Individual in Power of anything (let alone the people in their country), but there are many of them and we must stop them right now. There has to be international Justice For All. All Straight and all GLBTI; ASYLUM SEEKERS, THE HOMELESS, REFUGEES, INNOCENT POLITICAL PRISONERS, MILITARY WHISTLE BLOWING PERSONEL, INNOCENT POT SMOKERS, PROTESTERS, JOURNALISTS, etc,. All good people Stand For The Reality of Human Rights for All, So now we can stop standing around and Make Human Rights For All a Reality.

More Links for Straight & GLBTI Human Rights & Equal Rights Links to incredible sites of Mobilization & Political Action, could be found in various other Categories through out the main Welcome Index Menu. There are many Activist Resources for Taking Action links I link to for resourceful; Blogs, News & Article, Reports & Statistics, Images & Poster, NGO‘s, Social Networks and Petitions, etc.,, that have their own “ Human Rights & Equal Rights 4 All or just the Death of others by certain account” sections.

So for protection; for shelter, for refuge, for equal rights, make sure to check them out also because some of them will not be listed in this window. Please Take Action Everyday if you can, to speak up and strongly appose Crimes against humanity; torture, killing, persecutions, the prosecutorial system, targeted attacks, homophobia, femaphobia, Transphobia, xenophobia, sexism, racism, ignorance, HATE AND MURDER of innocent people. TO LET INNOCENT PEOPLE FREE - *Innocent People like "BRADLEY MANNING & MARC EMERY" - AS THERE ARE MANY EXAMPLE'S BUT FOR TWO OF THEM - THEY SHOULD BE FREED OF CHARGES AND COMPINSATED FOR THE TIME GOVERNMENT INHUMANLY STOLED FROM THEIR LIFE.

Please help make the Corruption, Death & Cruelty against Innocent Human Beings who deserve Happiness and Freedom,, Stop. I know it may sound like some sort of precious dream, but it’s one that doesn’t have to break, we can make it come true, in various parts of the world, little by little and for various handfuls of people who are suffering as we speak. They will be killed along with their precious dreams, and we all know that “Dreams are as precious as every human being is, so they can break like every human being can”.

Bradley Manning a show trial of state secrecy  Michael Ratner  Comment is free

Find Out More - Website."Nobel Peace Prize nominee PFC Bradley Manning, a 24-year-old, openly gay, Army intelligence analyst is facing life in prison and has been held in pre-trial confinement without a court martial for over two years! He endured torture and was held in solitary confinement for the first 10 months of his incarceration."

"He is accused of releasing the Collateral Murder video, that shows the killing of unarmed civilians and two Reuters journalists, by a US Apache helicopter crew in Iraq."

"He is also accused of sharing the Afghan War Diary, the Iraq War Logs, and series of embarrassing US diplomatic cables. These documents were published by the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks, and they have illuminated such issues as the true number and cause of civilian casualties in Iraq, along with a number of human rights abuses by U.S.-funded contractors and foreign militaries, and the role that spying and bribes play in international diplomacy."

"Given the war crimes exposed, if PFC Bradley Manning was the source for these documents, he should be given a medal of honour not locked up for life." Website.

We stand with accused whistle-blower US Army Pfc. Bradley Manning

Click to Open the Window to Stand With Bradley Manning.
Click Here To Sign the Petition for Bradley Manning's Release! PDF Print Out.

“The gay community, our community, among all the communities in the world, we are the only ones that base it's membership on integrity and telling the truth about ourselves, declassifying that information for the betterment of our entire lives, societies and families. When will we realize that the gay movement is more important for everyone, than just for gay people alone…"

"It was only Bradley Manning who did his job, who fulfilled his duty when he saw war crimes, he stood for truth…As we move forward as a country, we need truth in order to gain justice, you can’t have justice without the whole truth…

So what he did as a gay American, as a gay soldier, he stood for integrity, I am proud of him.” - LGBTQ rights activist and former army Lieutenant Dan Choi."

“He has participated in Pride marches and campaigned against the ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ restrictions on gay military personnel... Manning is also a humanist and a man with a conscience.

When he discovered human rights violations by the US armed forces and duplicity by the US government, he was shocked and distressed... believing it was betraying the US ideals of democracy and human rights." - Human rights activist Peter Tatchell

Click here to learn about Crime & Society all around the world..
History, Criminal Codes, Trends, Theories, Legal System, Policing, and so much more.. Research Crime & Society with a particular country.

Comparative Criminology Tour of the World. Check Out Which Ever Place of The World You Want To Find Out About. The History, Criminal Codes, Incidence of Crimes, Trends, Drug Trafficking, Beliefs, Victimology, Legal Systems, Human Rights, Police, Courts, Corrections, Juvenile Delinquency, Crime Prevention, And so much more.

Open the Crime and Society Window, by clicking the banner above, it works like this: “Select a continent, then a country, or select a country listed below the world map. New countries not linked to the map are at the end of the list below. Those wishing to do further research on a particular country can explore Websites that have been used in developing the Crime and Society Website. To go to the page that lists all of those links, click on link: “Internet Links for Comparative Criminology” after opening this one.

"Every year, on May 3, the fundamental principles of press freedom are recognised and celebrated. The state of press freedom across the globe is evaluated and people remember and pay tribute to journalists who’ve lost their lives doing the job they loved, like Marie Colvin who died covering the conflict in Syria earlier this year."

"World Press Freedom Day was founded by the UN General Assembly in 1993 following a UNESCO General Conference recommendation. As well as a celebration of the principle of a free press, it’s also a reminder that in many countries around the globe publications are still censored and shut down while reporters are attacked, detained and even killed."- Source: World Press Freedom Day / Liberty News Blog

Thinking about Donating to WikiLeaks?Activism is the most positively charged (or exciting) thing I’ve taken part in for years online, and I think everyone should check out “Becoming an Activist” in life - or from my Main Menu. You still going to ask why?, if so I'm glad I made a second page but one reason is that you'll be part of a huge caring community of citizens from around the globe who need to do something to make this world a better place.

We are Informed & educated citizens with Rights and freedom to speak up (and have others speak up) for our rights and the rights of our family & friends - before they too are taken away like criminals or just threatened or tortured (or deported or secretly removed from society, etc.); removing them from having any Rights as a human being.. Like how they’re for sure working on controlling our usage of the internet; to stop Our Right of using it to Mobilize & Occupy, Build Public Sites of Awareness, Report & Share Exposed Secrets of Crimes against Humanity, Tweet the truth, Note the Disgust in Facebook Notes, Share the Blogs, share the videos, take the videos.

They don’t want us having the right or safety & protection to be planning a Rally of Protest; contacting like minded advocates across the world to mobilize and rally for our rights! Signing petitions & letters & so forth TO DEMAND JUSTICE - against Corruption and Crimes against the People; Violence against the Innocent & Freedom Fighter - and Advocates all over the place being INHUMANELY ARRESTED AND MISTREATED with so many MANY MANY OTHER THINGS INVOLVED AND STEMMING FROM THERE.

But we can challenge the legitimacy of information used by governments, because as it looks at the moment; the internet is the only place where you can find all the truth about all the issues in one place, especially if that’s this place. Because the right wing media & religious institutions create constant diversions and epidemics of false pretences & true Xenophobia; ignorance, wars, waste, and addiction with oil, killing, fear, lies, control and county invasions. We can make things happen for the good of all while harming none, but they can not, so we must take action and now.

But not right now at this moment because right now you might need a drink or something, before heading Over To Page 2, Unless of course - You’ve already been there a few.. Because As I embarked on this Death Toll & Death's Door Endeavour, I learned so much, did so much, talked to much and placed to many poster images, pictures and html scripts - not to mention news & videos from Youtube & other sites.

Page 2 of 2 ❖ Click to Head Over to Page 2. It was just to much but I had many more things to show you and sites to introduce you to, so the rest is on page 2. Page 2 will continue with everything, and the Links Listing has remained exactly the same.

If you’ve been already and saw everything there is to see, than don’t mind me and just get back to the informative times or resourceful rescuing involved with your visit. When ever you’d like to see page two it’s just a click away for you.

- Yours Truly; Ari R. Kolman

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