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 e-Mail Host, Provider, Client

If you don't have your own e-mail address, what are you waiting for? Right now the “e-Mail Host, Provider & Client Sites” are placed simply in the following list. Later on I will introduce them properly and write a little about each one, but basically what you see is what you get with all of them; everything you could ever need when you have a basic a e-mail system. Although many provide a little more than just a basic system, so check them out and see which one is right for you.

Many people rely upon communications between them and others via e-mail, because they can communicate without being physically present in the same building, area or even country, as the other person. To Attend a social gathering just to be able to talk to someone is not necessary anymore. A person-to-person meeting or telephone call can even be inconvenient, uncomfortable, time-consuming and costly. Email provides a way to exchange without all that. Enjoy.

❖ e-Mail Host, e-Mail Provider, e-Mail Client E-Mail Client ✦ E-Mail Software ✦
Care2 e-Mail ✦
Eudora eMail Client ✦
EZ PZ eMail Service ✦
Google's Gmail e-Mail ✦
Microsoft Office Outlook e-Mail Client ✦
Microsoft Windows Outlook Express ✦ ✦
MSN Hotmail e-Mail ✦
Net My e-Mail Service ✦
Pegasus e-Mail Client ✦
SITEGROUND Webhosting e-Mail ✦ Outgoing e-Mail Service ✦
Wikipedia: E-Mail ✦

More Links for e-Mail Host, Provider & Client Pages, can be found at various other sites in the Categories through out the Welcome Index Menu. Many websites have a section of their site where you can sign up for an email address with their site name attached to it (for example; social networks & News Sites). Make sure to check them out also because some of them will not be listed in this window.

Wikipedia says; “There are numerous ways in which people have changed the way they communicate in the last 50 years; email is certainly one of them. Traditionally, social interaction in the local community was the basis for communication – face to face. Yet, today face-to-face meetings are no longer the primary way to communicate as one can use a landline telephone, mobile phones, fax services, or any number of the computer mediated communications such as email." Go get one & Enjoy.

- Yours Truly; Ari R. Kolman

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