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GLBT Human Rights & Equal Rights For All

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Human Rights belong to All, and in “All," I mean it seems as if to many people think that means just Heterosexuals. There’s an Evolution of International Human Rights going on Right now, are you aware of it or not? People who should not be dying or killed, are dying for Human Rights, and being Killed because WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ALL!

Every one of us good people in the world (especially those who frequent the Internet), are fighting in some way for Human Rights, and not only for themselves but For All. No matter what they fight for, human rights allow us all to speak up & fight (and be heard). We are finding the time to do this - while others are finding the time to eliminate this.

Click here for HRW Sitemap Anytime.There are those out there who are trying to not only take away the Human Rights of Innocent People (our Brothers and Sisters around the world), but there are also those out there who are trying to take the certain innocent people away from the world. Out of this world.

CLICK FOR THE CAUSE: Invite Your Friends to Boycott Chick-fil-A! Click Poster To Open The Causes Page For More Information.

❖ GLBT Human Rights & Equal Rights For All
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It is time to pass ENDA!"Take a moment and think about the trans people you know who struggle to find or keep a job. People call almost every day to our offices with stories of outright discrimination or simply being overlooked for positions time and time again. Unemployment is an ongoing crisis for trans people, both individually and for us as a community. Passing ENDA won't fix all of that at once, but it is a critical step in giving us the tools to stand up to discrimination in the workplace. Please join us by taking action on this bill. It is time to pass ENDA!" -

Love Is Never Wrong.By not fighting for Human Rights For All, we are allowing those certain people in power & with influence around the world, to take those innocent people they don’t like; away and out of this world. When we don’t allow Gay Marriage; Gay relationships, Gay Education, gay friendly workplace, gay protection, etc,, we tell the Murderers around the globe & in power, that its okay to make fun of; Neglect, Hurt, Torture or Kiling of GLBT People.

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When we allow Government to not enforce Human Rights & protection For All, we allow the Killing to go on around the globe. We must stop this and there are ways to do this, it’s online and right now. The Religious Institutions have a lot to do with this corrupt setting, but at the moment we won’t go there. There’s a proper page for everything, because let’s not forget, that many people of many different faiths & beliefs are being persecuted as we speak just like the GLBT’s who are caught in their country of Murderous Dictatorship.

If everyone could at least start by helping just one person somewhere else, the difference made in this world will be colossal and have rippling positive affects throughout & over the rest of the world and everyone in it. Ed and I personally help one innocent person in Africa experiencing Femaphobia, Homophobia, Racism & just plain old violent Hate & jealousy towards good people.

His name is Junior, so after beginning our relationship with him, we call him June (when we talk to her), and to me June is like my Loving Daughter; a loving Brother, a caring Sister, and a dear friend for life, but how long will her life be? June is a Feminine Gay Transgender Boy, and if you met him you’d think “Wow, how could anyone treat you the way you’ve been treated for years?”. It’s terrible and the worst part is, nothing has been done for her to be allowed to leave that Country as a legal refugee or immigrant to go somewhere else & live in Refuge.

To find out about June and perhaps help us to help her, please visit the Special Facebook Page made for her called “GLBT-ASYLUM-SEEKER-REFUGEE-POSTS-NOTES-NEWS-VIEWS-COMMUNITY-SUPPORT“ & or click the image below and find many links and pages of support, as well as the petition we made for June. Like it all and learn, so you can spread what you learned with your friends, then others can like it and spread what they learned with their friends, thus more people will know what’s happening with June and someone may really really help us with her one day, because there is not a Government or a rich person in any Country at the moment that cares at all.

Bundle of Love & Support @ Bitly

Like I said, many people don’t have the right to protest or speak out against the corrupt, or where Crimes against Humanity is taking place, like for instance if you report crimes against humanity from the Government of the US, you’re at risk of being beaten and incarcerated. You will be called a Felon or an enemy of the State.

If you expose the crimes against humanity with Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq Government, you can also be in a violent meeting of cops or military personal to harass you for exposing the truth and facts about places also like in Stephen Harper Canada, or New Zealand or Asia, in Western Europe, etc., and if you expose South Africa to really not be the Progressive Equal Rights Democratic Country it says it is, then they’ll also take action against you, or worse not help any of the glbt asylum seekers there and make you disappear.

And the sick part is the Canadian & The US Governments try to have relationships with countries that cover up asylum seekers & Torture and Killing innocent people, so ssshhhhh don’t‘ confide even in the UN because their aware of it already.. You’d think the UN was an Organization considered to be an individual because that round table right there is full of the most disgusting corrupt and Super-Star Dictators of Crimes against Humanity, torture and killing then is even believable. - This section was, Trascribed from The Ecodox Internal Informational Window: ❖ About Us, linked at the bottom of every window.

But It's Not Okay Being a Homophobic Femaphobic Xenophobic Individual!It's Not Okay Being a Homophobic Femaphobic Xenophobic Individual in Power of anything (let alone the people in their country), but there are many of them and we must stop them right now. There has to be international Justice FOR All. GLBT & GLBT ASYLUM SEEKERS, HOMELESS, REGUGEES, INNOCENT POLITICAL PRISONERS, PROTESTERS, JOURNALISTS, etc,. We all Stand For The Reality of Human Rights, So now we can stop standing around and Make Human Rights For All a reality.

Click here for The anytime.More Links for GLBT Human Rights & Equal Rights, could be found in various other Categories through out the Welcome Index Menu. There are many Activist Resources for Taking Action, Blogs, News & Article Sites, NGO Sites, Social Networks and Petition Sites that have their own “GLBT Human Rights & Equal Rights” sections.

HOMOPHOBIA AND FEMAPHOBIA CAN & WILL KILL!For protection; for shelter, for refuge, for equal rights, Make sure to check them out also because some of them will not be listed in this window.

Please Take Action Everyday if you can, to speak up and strongly appose Crimes against humanity, torture, killing, persecutions, the prosecutorial system, attacks, homophobia, femaphobia, Transphobia, xenophobia, sexism, racism, ignorance, HATE AND MURDER of innocent people.

Please help make the Corruption and Cruelty against Innocent Human Beings who deserve Happiness and Freedom,, Stop. They're killing them and all our dreams. “Dreams are as precious, as every human being is, so they can break, like every human being can”. Thank you for visiting and Taking Action Today.

- Yours Truly; Ari R. Kolman

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