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If you try and receive information pertaining to Government; on the telephone by calling them and waiting for a real person to talk to you (as appose to a digitally created voice), you may actually just end up hanging up before receiving any answers.

Don’t worry about having to hang up here. Right now the sites of “Government Institutions, Government Parties, Government Affiliated, Government Propaganda & Resources to Governments; what they do, who they are, and how to get a hold of them” are placed simply in the following list. Later on there will be more of them in more categories and still in this smaller window.

WhiteHouse.govTrying to reach your Government for some reason? Trying to reach other people’s Government for some reason? Well it must be a really good reason because here it is, the longest list of Government Related Resource & Report Links to the most sites you‘ve ever seen in one small window. Looking to reach them or looking to find out more about them? We should know what they’re up to don’t you think?

You can find what they’re up to right now by visiting their Government Sites, and you can even find out what they’re really up to by visiting the surprise Non-Government Sites listed; that keep an online-eye on them for us. I added a few links that are from organizations and reporting sites that will report things that may have not been reported on the Government Sites, so take your time, bookmark & share.

❖ Government & Resources to Governments
All ✦ Government ✦ Government ✦ Government ✦
Barack ✦ en Official Information ✦
Bradley Manning Support Network / FREE BRADLEY MANNING NOW WORLD CAMPAIGN! ✦
British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) Home ✦
Bundesregierung Home of Germany Government ✦
Cage Prisoners Voice of The Voiceless ✦
Canada Citizenship and Immigration ✦
Canada Foreign Affairs and International Trade ✦
Canada Foreign Affairs Embassies Abroad ✦
Canadian / Community Network ✦
Canadian VisaOffices Outside Canada ✦ / Canada Immigration - Information on Immigration to Canada ✦
Canada's Statistics Canada ✦ / Population / International ✦
China Today Chinese Central Government ✦ Central Intelligence Agency / The Work of a Nation. The Center of Intelligence ✦
Cost of War to the United States ✦
Countries of the World: / Country Profiles: Geography · Maps · Flag · History · Current ruler & More ✦
Death Penalty, Abolitionist & Retentionist ✦
Denmark - The official website of Denmark ✦
Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Washington D.C. ✦
Embassy of the United States Zagreb, Croatia ✦
FAST CANADA IMMIGRATION: Immigrate To Canada: Low Cost Legal Advice for Qualified Immigrants ✦
FBI.GOV- Kidnappings & Missing Person ✦
FPIF: Foreign Policy In Focus - A Project of The Institute for Policy Studies ✦
France es En Portada ✦
Government Accountability Project ✦
Government Regulatory capture - Wikipedia ✦ Netherlands Government ✦
Guantanamo Bay Cnic Naval Station ✦
Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp Google Images Search ✦
Guantanamo Bay detention camp - Wikipedia ✦
Guantanamo CBC News Indepth 2009 ✦
Guantanamo! The Closing Of It On Obama's Watch ✦
Guantanamo HRW Counter Terrorism ✦
ICJ.ORG: International Commission of Jurists - The Rule of law for Human Rights ✦ History & Government / USA & World ✦
International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect (ICRtoP) ✦
International Court of Justice ✦
Iraq Body ✦
Israel Government - Ministry of Defense Departments ✦
Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) ✦
Malaysia Government Portal - myGovernment ✦
Mexico Presidencia de la República ✦
Military Foreign Policy In Focus ✦
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Italian MFA ✦
NationMaster - World Statistics, Country Comparisons ✦
New Zealand A - Z Agencies ✦
Norwegian - Ministries ✦
Office High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina ✦
Ontario Coalition For Accountability (OntarioCfA) / Canadians!, Please Visit the Website "" And help Make Change For The Better to Stop The Changes For The Worst. Get Involved! ✦
OpenSecrets Center for Responsive Politics / Recent OpenSecrets Reports ✦ - Ministries & Divisions - Official Gateway ✦
Parliament of Canada ✦ / The Government Section: The Chronicle Of Philanthropy ✦
Prison / Info / Links Listing From The International Centre For Prison Studies ✦
Québec Government & Immigration ✦
Québec Intertaional Offices Portal ✦
RADICAL ISLAM.ORG ♐☪☠♌ψ STOP RADICAL ISLAM ✦ the Clarion Fund's flagship education tool, is the leading source for information about the threat posed by Radical Islam to all those who value freedom, democracy and other Western values.
Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia ✦
Russian Federation administrative bodies ✦
Singapore Directory ✦
South Africa Departments & Links ✦ List of Bureaus and Offices ✦
Supreme Court of Canada ✦
Supreme Court of the United States ✦
Switzerland Index ✦
The Online Criminal Justice Degree Project seeks to provide a comprehensive look at the criminal justice system ✦
UK government Directgov A-Z of Central Government ✦
UN Guide to Archives of International Organizations ✦
United Nations Development Programmes ✦
United ✦ United Nations in the Heart of Europe ✦
USA Congressional Directory@capwiz ✦
United States Department of Justice Open Government Plan ✦
USA Government Official Portal ✦
USA House of Representatives ✦
USA House of Representatives / Office of Clerk ✦
USA Search Government ✦
U.S. Census Bureau International Programs ✦
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Website from USCIS: The US Department of Homeland Security ✦ Equal Employment Opportunity Data Posted Pursuant to the No FEAR Act - The Notification and Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation (No FEAR) Act increases federal agency accountability for acts of discrimination and for reprisal against employees for whistle blowing.   In support of the Act, Secretary Chertoff issued a memo to all DHS Employees reiterating the Department’s commitment to the No FEAR Act of 2002. - Read more at the Government Site.
Voice Your Opinion - National Assembly of Québec ✦ The Members of the National Assembly (MNAs) encourage you to take part in their reflection on the issues before them. You may also express your views on other topics of concern to you. Read on to find out how you can voice your opinion or take part in Assembly proceedings.
Vote No War! News Reports ✦ Government ✦
World Socialist Movement ✦ The WSM is a global socialist movement that believes capitalism cannot meet the needs of the majority of us, the workers (or proletariat) of the world, no matter how progressive it might become in the future. To meet these needs we contend that capitalism must be replaced by socialism ✦
Zimbabwe Embassy Austria ✦

✦ Links to State Departments of Corrections, Prosecutor, and Public Defender Offices (sites often include history, list of death row inmates, case histories, and upcoming executions) ✦
  • Alabama Department of Corrections
  • Alaska Department of Corrections
  • Arizona Department of Corrections
  • Arkansas Department of Corrections
  • California Department of Corrections
  • Colorado Department of Corrections
  • Connecticut Department of Corrections
  • Delaware Department of Corrections
  • Florida Department of Corrections
  • Florida's Capital Cases
  • Georgia Department of Corrections
  • Hawaii Department of Corrections
  • Idaho Department of Corrections
  • Illinois Department of Corrections
  • Indiana Public Defender Council
  • Clark County (Indiana) Prosecutor
  • Iowa Department of Corrections
  • Kansas Department of Corrections
  • Kentucky Department of Corrections
  • Louisiana Department of Corrections
  • Maine Department of Corrections
  • Maryland Department of Corrections
  • Massachusetts Department of Corrections
  • Michigan Department of Corrections
  • Minnesota Department of Corrections
  • Mississippi Department of Corrections
  • Missouri Department of Corrections
  • Montana Department of Corrections
  • Nebraska Department of Corrections
  • Nevada Department of Corrections
  • New Hampshire Department of Corrections
  • New Jersey Department of Corrections
  • New Mexico Department of Corrections
  • New York Department of Corrections
  • North Carolina Department of Corrections
  • North Dakota Department of Corrections
  • Ohio Department of Corrections
  • Oklahoma Department of Corrections
  • Oregon Department of Corrections
  • Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
  • Rhode Island Department of Corrections
  • South Carolina Department of Corrections
  • South Dakota Department of Corrections
  • Tennessee Department of Corrections
  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice
  • Utah Department of Corrections
  • Vermont Department of Corrections
  • Virginia Department of Corrections
  • Washington Department of Corrections
  • West Virginia Department of Corrections
  • Wisconsin Department of Corrections
  • Wyoming Department of Corrections
  • And now I have copied and pasted in this left column to click open for some ✦ Links to State Departments of Corrections, Prosecutor, and Public Defender Offices (sites often include history, list of death row inmates, case histories, and upcoming executions), for anyone needing those sites.!“Government! Help Me! I Want To Help Many People Know What’s Really Going On With You!!” Oh Hi,. I was just asking the Government for their Assistance, now we’ll just wait for them to respond. It may take a while though.. Have you watched the news on Television lately?

    There’s a lot of different versions of stories to what the Governments are up to these days, but by visiting the sites listed above and the sites listed in the main menu, you will find out what is really going on with the Government, so make sure you check them out, bookmark and share them with online friends, so they can be aware also.

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    More Links for Government Institutions, Government Parties, Government Affiliated, Government Propaganda & Resources to Governments; what they do, who they are, and how to get a hold of them, can be found at various other sites in the Categories through out the Welcome Index Menu, just browse & find.!After you find, Get Involved and Help Make Good Changes, for there are also places you can do this. Many of the links have these places, so you’ll always find them here. Now Get involved and Get Informed.

    - Yours Truly; Ari R. Kolman

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