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Health, Body, Mind - Wellbeing

Health, Body, Mind, WellbeingHealth, Body, Mind, WellbeingHealth, Body, Mind, WellbeingVirus, Infections, Sicknesses, Diseases, Ailments, Syndromes, and the little old Flu - Cold, Poor Hygiene, Poor Digestion, Poor Circulation, Chronic Pain, Cancers, Addictions, Night Tremors, Nervous Tension, Light Headedness, Heart Problems, Neurological/Psychological Problems, Integumentary Problems, Pulmonary Problems, Urologic Problems, Cardiovascular Problems, and the everlasting Gastrointestinal Problems, Fibromyalgia, Suicidal Tendencies & Depression.

Just reading all that should make you feel Sick & Poisoned, with Difficult Moving; grasping reality, feeling like your Aging starting right now, finding Out you’re out of Medicine,, Out of Medical Marijuana, Out of patience, out of time or just Out of Vitamins.

Health, Body, Mind, WellbeingBut after reading everything you will feel so much better (like you just had a bunch of beautifully fresh fruits mixed in your Favorite tall glass), because you’ll be so much more aware of what’s going on not only out there in the real world, but with yourself. These are the symptoms of reading & understanding; that you won’t be able to avoid if you completely read this whole window & visit most of the Links Listed.

What ever it is you came to this Window of Wellbeing for, you came to the right place. I know you have things to do right now, but first “How are you feeling today?” How’s your health today? How’s your total Wellbeing Today? Did you eat something healthy today? Did you do any exercise today? Are you thinking clearly today? And is there anything with your body that is hurting you today?

So you’re fine today, that’s good, what about tomorrow? Will you be as Fine as Today? I hope so but just in case, let me tell you a few things you should remember. Some things I’m sure someone who cares about you, mentions once in a while.

If you don’t eat healthy you’ll have health problems. If you don’t take care of yourself your health will be bad. If your health is bad, you will; or you are right now, suffering and that‘s not good.

If you’re always upset & depressed without reason then you may need to see someone about that. You shouldn’t be drinking alcohol while on any medication. If you get caught with that Medical Marijuana, you could go to jail and they wouldn’t even care about how sick you are. You’ve been to the Doctor so many times this month and you’re still suffering the same, do they know why?

If there are more than two things wrong with you, that would mean you do not possess a beautiful & healthy wellbeing. And if the sun hurts your eyes and sound hurts your ears when you wake up; maybe you should cut down on the parties or late nights.

Let’s get back to eating, did you eat healthy today?, because if you’re not eating healthy or much at all, you can have many difficult problems with so many things, and many of those things you won’t make sense of. Things that send you to the Doctor’s Office (confused drug pushing Doctors) for more harmful toxic prescription predictions. Those people who don’t eat Salad even, they suffer with so many things and think it’s something else; not the fact that they have no Vegetable Intake.

And then do their Doctors ask them to eat more Salad? No, because it’s all Natural and to them doesn’t do a darn thing. If you don’t feel like there’s a problem with your unhealthy eating practices, continue them and you will defiantly have problems later in life, and then you’ll really be sorry. If you don’t eat right, exercise each day and you’ll see that that will make you eat more healthily.

For everyone exercise is different, for some it’s a walk a block a day; for some it’s a lift weights a day, for some it’s doing work around the homestead, and for some it’s a go from the computer in one room to the couch in the living room where the TV is. But remember you must have fresh air around you, good nutrition inside you, and thoughts of positive things or at least nothing disturbing you mentally or physically. Just learning what you will learn today by visiting, will have you feel better, but you can also then stand up, get a cramp, and feel faint all of a sudden.

It’s not just faint, it’s prediction of your future if you don’t Change. If you don’t exercise or get a good walk in - all week, something may not be wrong with you right now, but later on there will be much to worry about. You must use your muscles or you will lose your muscles. You can walk to the nearest Vegetable Super Market, The Nearest Juice Bar, or the nearest Fruit Stand, just walk to somewhere everyday with fresh air; and you‘ll see how helpful that feels.

The people who don’t like walking to the nearest neighbour let alone the nearest fruit stand (because they think that’s just so boring, or it’s out of their way, or they don’t eat fruits) make others feel sorry for them. They have more problems than just health I‘m sure. Which are still Probably Causes of Unhealthy Lifestyle as a Whole. How sad it is that people don’t make an effort on the count of Health, and when especially it’s because it has to do with Change. They will have no Horn to Toot, if they don’t start liking some Veggies & Fruit. - Shipping to all US locations, APO’s and Canada!

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Healthy Life + Body Strong + Sharp Mind / Wellbeing Healthy Life? Physically Strong? Sharp Mind? Fit? Vigorous? Good Shape? Good Weight? Nourished? Feeling Wholesome? Improved? Recovered? Healed? And Restored? Maybe yes maybe no? On some days - or just last Sunday?

Are you wondering why & what with all the questions? I Would too, but it’s because they’re important for you, so it’s important for anyone who cares about you, and if your Personal Family Doctor doesn’t ask so many questions about how you‘re doing (what you can enjoy and what you can‘t), we’ll then, ask yourself also if he really cares.

It’s hard to find a Family Doctor that really cares about you, at least it was for me. When I go to the Doctor, I always feel like he doesn’t care, and all I feel he cares about is pushing some kind of New Pharmaceutical Drug on me while getting me out of there as fast as possible. But we need Family Doctors and like I said it’s hard to find one that cares let alone one that’s taking new patients, so we stick with the one we have.

The last time he saw me, cared not what I wanted or worried about; limited time and me to one thing that was giving me trouble, pushed Drugs on me, and pushed me on my way. I went home; took the drug and felt it was time to die after just 10 minutes from only 1 pill. So I’ll never take another one, because all the Medication he ever gave me never worked and only added problems to my life.

When you go to the Doctor, you have the right to ask questions, you have the right to receive answers for those questions, and you have the right to take as long as you need. If he’s not asking them for you, he’s not interested, just like he’s not interested in the Foods you eat. In the drinks you drink; in the information you researched on the internet, in the way your sleeping, in the way your living, or in the way you need so much help - he just wants to try a New Drug on you, and you should say No.
Native Remedies!! #1 Recommended Alternative Health Store!!

If you’ve been to see him for years, and every few months he’s given you a New Drug that has never worked, It’s time to say No More, and go Natural, Herbal, Homeopathic, Holistic and Organic. I swear by them and believe they cure more than Toxic Filled Drugs do.

Now I know I know, Alternative Remedies & their Practices used instead of standard treatments are generally not recognized by the medical community as standard, or conventional medical approaches. The specialists that we all need, are not considered specialists either, and it‘s all as ridiculous as the regularity of tested toxic drugs, passing and selling to the people - after the testing was just a sham, a joke, a disgusting disgrace of corruption we don‘t even know about.

I know when I bring anything up like Natural Medical Marijuana or All Natural Alternative Medicines for me that really helps, my doctor firmly interrupts and expresses the following “NO! NO! Don’t Take That, it Could Kill You!!” Mean while the far-from-Natural “Toxic & Poison” Filled Drugs that he pushed on me almost ended my life.

All the things Alternative medicine includes (such as: Herbal, Homeopathic, Natural, etc., in dietary supplements, mega dose vitamins, herbal preparations, remedies, special teas, acupuncture, massage therapy, magnet therapy, spiritual healing and alternative meditation; does not make what a family doctor can hear.

However If the drugs you get from your Doctor never works, and ultimately make you sick without killing you; it means you’re getting another chance to Stop doing the same thing over and over again with no results. A chance to Live (because the last drug didn’t kill you), and by living you’ve learned your lesson and started researching, studying and testing Natural Herbal, Homeopathic, Holistic & Organic Remedies and Alternative Health Medicines.

We must all fight for proper health care and acceptance of the Alternative Medicine Industries. The None Toxic Industries. So when ever you’re not to busy, please head over to the Main Menu for the Take Action Listing and learn even more. Everyone’s Health would be so much better if people would speak up to change the system because they know the truth and the real options of Health Care for Body, Mind & Wellbeing. The one’s that are not accepted, not allowed, not important and not acknowledged.

If it wasn’t for that kind of Alternative Natural Remedies & Medicine in my Life, I surely would be dead right now, and unable to blog here for you in this beautiful website that will help everyone make Informed & Improved decisions and choices when it comes to their health and the health of their loved ones.

But enough about me because this Window is about you; and me you'll be finding in another Window. However if you haven’t tried Native Remedies Yet, please visit their site Linked in this window; for products as well as amazing Information, Articles and Blogs because the amount of things an average person could learn, just at their site alone is incredible.

For right now the “Healthy Life + Body Strong + Sharp Mind / Wellbeing Sites” are placed simply in the list above. Later on there will be more of them; divided in more categories and still in this smaller window.

I say "later on" because I am making several of these popup windows for several of the categories in the main menu first; then after they will all be updated, so visit them and learn from them, and remember to always share what you’ve learned with others.

It’s like when you find a good thing, you wanna share it with those that mean something to you. It’s like when you find a Love of your life, you want to tell the world about them. It’s like when you feel a day that is really happy and lucky, you want it to continue full of happiness and luck through out the week and month.

Calling your Doctor when ever the littlest thing scares you because you know it can grow to the biggest thing, just doesn’t cut it anymore, and it may result in actually just growing the small problem you had into a big one, because after the newly prescribed medication - you’ve infected yourself, or you’ve crossed your biological borders with chemicals and toxic - your body doesn’t except (but will it have a choice or just break down).

When your body doesn’t except toxic chemicals, it sometimes has no option but to destroy something inside you so it can get it out of you. That’s if it can get it out of you. Meanwhile as the body is trying to illuminate toxic, people taking more toxic or eating more toxic at the same time; will create terrible and dangerously unhealthy things happening inside them.

I want this Window to be here for you so those things don’t happen, or the worse things that I didn’t mention won’t happen, because the information in the websites listed are to educate you and make you Aware of the things you need to know.

Secrets they don’t want you to know. So The Whole Entire Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry would prefer you never visit here again, but many of the websites above expose the secrets and make them warnings, as well as create awareness for each individual visiting.

Click here for the Health Coalition .Canada Website. Health Protection and Drug Safety « THE ISSUESLet’s take the “Health Protection & Safety of my fellow Canadians“ for example. The Canadian Health Coalition (Linked to this Cartoon and in the List above), is a public advocacy organization dedicated to the preservation and improvement of Medicare. Their Membership is comprised of National Organizations representing Nurses, Health Care Workers, Seniors, Anti-Poverty Groups, Women, Students and much more; as well as affiliated coalitions in 9 provinces and one territory.

That’s just for Canada, but did you know that there are people, organizations and websites like that one; from almost all the places in the world that are allowed to be online Advocating (without Government going after them and arresting them for Advocating and Informing the public about the issues and corruptions - corporations tied to either Pharmaceuticals or the Medical & Health Industry in General, are involved in).

Now For The “The Real-Time Death Counter”. The counter has been counting while you were here all this time, the amount of people who have just died on the count of different ways that people can die. It will display the deaths-because-of these following reasons (reasons linked to available wikipedia pages to learn more about them):

Infectious and parasitic diseases, Tuberculosis, Syphilis, AIDS, Diarrhoeal diseases, Childhood-cluster diseases, Measles, Tetanus, Meningitis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Malaria, Leprosy, Dengue, Respiratory infections, Maternal haemorrhage, Maternal sepsis, Obstructed labour, Abortion, Low birth weight, Birth asphyxia, Birth trauma, Protein-energy malnutrition, Vitamin A deficiency, Iron-deficiency anaemia, Cancers, Mouth and oropharynx cancers, Oesophagus cancer, Stomach cancer, Colon and rectum cancers, Liver cancer, Pancreas cancer, Trachea, bronchus, lung cancers, Melanoma, skin cancers, Breast cancer, Cervix uteri cancer, Prostate cancer, Leukaemia, Diabetes mellitus, Unipolar depressive disorders, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, Alcohol use disorders, Alzheimer, dementias, Parkinson disease, Multiple sclerosis, Drug use disorders, Cardiovascular diseases, Rheumatic heart disease, Hypertensive heart disease, Ischaemic heart disease, Cerebrovascular disease, Inflammatory heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Asthma, Peptic ulcer disease, Cirrhosis of the liver, Road traffic accidents, Poisonings, Falls, Fires, Drownings, injuries, Self-inflicted injuries, Violence, War.

This Counter is is a list of the above many ways people are dieing - as we speak. Seen as just a numbered list as a whole, may not seem significant for the attention and awareness of the deaths in the world - but look at each death separately and it’s significant enough, because each person suffered in some way (with the amount of time & way being suffered - not being Counted), and many times that way can be avoided, but many times it’s inventible, and if something is inevitable, can it also be avoided? Not for those counted within the Real Time Counter below. The Counter will be here everyday (after the people who have been counted, will not), so feel free to refer to it as a resource of Deaths in this world, and how important everyone must Change, really is.

This table displays the deaths caused by 66 different causes happening right now in realtime all over the world (may need minute to upload after refreshed).
All information based on statistics provided by the World Health Organization. Deaths within the last period of seconds since you came to the window or refreshed it.

« »

Support Doctors Without BordersThe Video Displayed above, is posted frorm the YouTube Feed for "Doctors Without Borders". Please be patient while it uploads, and then be patient for the next one to upload; and the next one, because it's attached to a feed reader script that will display a another posted video every 30 seconds. Can you imagine how many people will also die while we wait for a video to load online for 30 seconds? If nothing displays, just refresh the window and don't click anything until it uploads.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international medical humanitarian organization working in nearly 70 countries to assist people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe. Visit their website anytime to learn more about them and the work they do. Encouraging debates on humanitarian action and critical reflection on MSF's practices. They offer MSF's scientific articles available free and with full text. They’re working on improving access to existing treatments & stimulating development of newer & better medical tools. Read the News, read the views see the Podcasts, videos, slideshows and so much more.

Eat Green Edible Green Tea Leaves - Great Health, Great Weight Loss, Great Piece of Mind, Great Tea

Well it is the amazing people who fight for everyone’s right (Human Rights, Animal Rights, Environment Rights and the right for medical attention or alternative medicines), that the whole Ecodox is linked to the most, because it is people like these that help even the individual who does not know what’s happening. That individual is walking around not doing anything to help anyone but is being helped themselves and that’s not very fair; so everyone should no what’s happening, everyone should be helping and that’s why I have linked to the world in regards to the websites with information to learn from.

Not just Canada, not just the States, and I’ll get to more around the world as time goes by and I divide the categories on the windows of Listings. I love listing wonderful lists of links, almost as much as I love Blogging for everyone in these windows. Speaking of Blogging, I didn’t want to Blog so much here, but there you go once a blogger always a blogger.

Blogging is one of the biggest and healthiest part of my life, but they don't sell it in the Pharmacy. It has healed many a negative things; has lifted many a spirits, and has cured many an ignorant, but it can not take away my Fibromyalgia, so I learn from research and reading important information from important sites.. I take action and I help to create Awareness For Change, care to join me?. Then when there is that good Change, we'll all be Healthier For It (with a better life expectancy). Here's to Change & your health.

- Yours Truly; Ari R. Kolman

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