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Hello and Welcome, Now go do it yourself already. If you don't know How To, then I'm glad you came; For some Self Help, to How to, because You, will be doing it yourself. And sometimes that's the only way to get things done.

How to.. is showing how something is done: giving practical information and instructions (advice, directions, guides or manuals), because you're on the way to do something (fix something, renovate something, practice something, give a speech about something, etc). There are literally Millions and millions of How-to guides; books, articles etc., on things to help you figure out How To. From Professional to Non-Professional Documents created or just the Spoken Words of Advice - you‘ll know How to do what you wanna do at some point.

Self Help (or Self Improvement) is a little different but also a little the same. It's Advice, it's from Professionals and Non-Professionals that know what they're talking about, it's not to be found in a Hardware Store and not to be helping you with your Taxes. Self help doesn't have you fix Toasters, Create a room in your House, or build a Patio; but it can have you fix yourself, create room in your way of thinking to change things for the better and build something of yourself or build up yourself. It's to Self Help You with Self Help Stuff, things & parts of your Self.

It can work on you with preparing for a better future, or help you prepare to live with a not so better future. Calm Yourself, Prepare Yourself, Self Help is sought by millions and thank goodness because we all need it for various things about ourselves. You can get Self Help from a group of people, friends or family that help and support: it's the practice of meeting or working with others who share a common problem that need solving - or like How To & DIY; you can do it yourself just by reading a book or magazine - or viewing the videos with the answers to the questions you have. Just calm down and don't be nervous.

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It's Self Help yes, but it's also about Calming Down & Receiving Self Improvement; self betterment, self awareness & self development - rather than relying on others (such as Doctors, Lawyers, Physiatrists or Government Help - if there is government answers to your questions and needs), that hardly help out Naturally & Efficiently.

Some of the things people search to receive self help for is Success; Personal Transformation, the dealing with poor health or disease, the Spiritual uplifting Self-Help, The Help Me I'm Grieving Self Help, Motivational Self-Help, Happiness, Stress Management, and so much more. Then one Self Help issue that encompasses mostly all of them, is Hypnosis or Self Hypnosis for Self Help.

You don't need a Construction & Building Supply Store with Ladders and Tools for Self Help but you many times do for DIY's. DIY's & How To's, rely on others to Advise you and direct you, while Self Help can also be yourself solving problems without anyone else’s help (no people, friends or family). It's the practice of dealing with your own problems and challenges without seeking outside help (except for books, tapes, mags, etc.). Your life can feel like a mess, so you know you need to change some things, and changing one‘s self is usually involved with Self Help or Self Improvement.

If you want something done, you’ve got to DIY.. FYI: DIY means Do It Yourself, and at times that’s the best scenario, at least that’s what it seems like many times in life, even when someone else tries to help us, we might still feel like we need to Do it Ourselves to get it done right. DIY & How To are similar also, but of course not the same.

As I was searching for great DIY sites, I saw that those sites usually have to do with Home Improvements, or Fixing Your Own Car, Real Estate, Gardening and so forth, and they‘re all high traffic sites sponsored by rich conservative people & corporations of corruption. From big time House Renovating, to small time Garden Creating, DIY also offers Products & Services (Products like Do it yourself easy kits or Do it yourself Fixing & Creating), with money flying out of your bank account faster than you can think.

They were all so popular that the pages hardly loaded, so I only listed the DIY Network in the Links Listing below (because I also saw that many DIY Sites refer to buying things & services up the Whahoo). All the tools they hope you’ll need, they sell you: the Car Parts, The Toxic Cleaning Supplies, the patio luxury, the services, the insurances, the contractors etc.; but all you need is a little time online to find the answers freely, and besides all you need to buy, you can buy from us (we need the money more than they do, and we deserve it more as well).

The Un-popular How To & Self Help Sites, may not have the biggest pictures, the biggest bragging testimonies, the biggest awards or the biggest looking website, but You know what they say?, “it’s not the size that matters”.

You know like when you go to a Big & busy popular DIY Hardware & Homecare Building Supply Store near you or the Mall; with 50 bucks in your Pocket, and every time you ask the employees there how to do it yourself, they tell you - but they also tell you that you can not do it with out this product and that product, so then they try over and over to sell to you.

We’ll I’m sick of it and I bet you are as well, so I did it myself for your Do-It-Yourself Needs, and decided to not link to the many DIY sites out there, but I did link to the greatest DIY books & Mags and stuff - while I find How to & Self Help websites & eBooks that are not popular yet adequate with ample helpful advice for everyone (even the broke ones), perfectly capable of helping everyone with anything to do with doing it themselves.

The internet is the Information Highway, we don’t have to be constantly approached to be sold things to, because every time we are approached, it always creates a feeling of "leave me alone it's out of my way" with what we want to be doing. We can see the products we don't need to be approached over and over to buy them. So if similar-interest-quality-products are displayed nicely to the left and right for decor and visual stimulation (while corresponding to what we are reading or learning), that is the best way to be aware of them, while having them out of our way as we learn.

Don't interrupt teaching me to sell me something. But many people often take the road of least resistance, and sometimes you could be stuck trying to resist something from it, that you can’t get rid of any longer - because it's to late, you're there; and many times "Do it Yourself", becomes what the hell do I do now? Thus, we research, we investigate, we start reading about something we’ve never known before, and we do this without leaving the home and being approached to buy stuff - AND ALL OF A SUDDEN WE ARE DOING IT OURSELVES FOR REAL.

Needing Hypnosis? Because Self Hypnosis has worked for millions of people throughout the world, for many different problems that they go through. Needing Help for something, and being Self Sufficient are two different things. With needing help you can ask for it and pay for it - maybe not even get what you paid for, but with being self sufficient we don’t ask for help but we may not need it after we figure it out for ourselves (for instance by getting the help we need, through subliminal self hypnosis or in a form of a guide, book, manual, video, etc.).

I went to a self help Massive Public & Expensive Organization Group after my Mom passed away, it almost destroyed me. The people in charge were just as ignorant & stupid as the people who got me going there in the first place. I was grieving over my Mom's Passing, and at the same time I wanted to build a relationship with my family members, so these different friends of the family told me I should go there.

All I needed to do was buy a book on Grieving for a Loved one. That is Self Help in the fullest of forms, just as the Bereavement Group I attended later was. And the relationship with the family members, it was never going to happen but that's another story. Before the Internet we would find How To or Self Help, In books, in Guides, In Presentations from People, in Videos that we purchase, with Doctors, with other professionals, ect., but now with the Internet you can find out How To and all the Self Help you need - literally from all over the Web.

Free and not free; but the time it took to find "Self Help & How To" Information that worked for everyone before the Internet came along - was scary & took to long; it was to hard, to time consuming & wasting, and pretty much to impossible for millions and millions of people. So off they went to those we call Professional Councillors, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Doctors, Family Therapists, Lawyers and others that do not believe in the Natural Healing of one's self; the Natural Fixing of one's self; the Natural Benefits to one's self after finding the information online and taking care of ourselves.

Just with Google alone, searching for your Self Help or what you are trying to find out How to do, will bring you to pages and pages of sites & Videos - that answer some of the questions you have; via articles, reports, guides, magazines, books, ebooks, downloads and more, to answer your questions. Results may surprise you, and results may get you really tired, but at least you have many many results to choose from and many many pages that will let you know How To,, do something, or how to Help Yourself via Self Help.

What you once hoped would help you, arriving in your Mail box after waiting for weeks or months, is now pages and pages of people who wrote what you’re looking for on the internet. And there are even Networks of sites, with pros and experts that specialize in How To or Self Help, also filled with what you‘re looking for so you don’t have to browse or search the internet.

Professionals & Experts write How To Guides and Self Help Books, but they also write on their How To & Self Help Websites; for us the Non-Professionals and Non-Experts who are searching for Help. Some of the information & guides on websites are so thorough that you walk away feeling like you’re a professional or an expert yourself, but try to remember that you are not.

But still the information you find pertains to your situation, and then many times it also pertains to information having to do with SO MUCH MORE; around your situation (such as the way you are living, or the way you are thinking, or the way you see things) - things you never thought were useful and now know to be very helpful. Everything is connected on the internet, just like everything is connected in life, when you seek self help and find it, you've made yourself better to handle the How To project you want to take care of.

Enjoy & may you have your questions answered today, tomorrow or the next day - with How To's or DIY's it may take longer, but sometimes all it takes is good self help or self improvement / and it's done; The beginning of Changing the way you see things, to changing the way you do things. Self Help Yourself anytime, and do it yourself as many times as possible. You'll love it, Your family will love it, and what you learn you can always share with others.

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I'm not a professional or an expert, although I may write like one, talk like one, or make you feel like I could be one if I wanted to, but I’ve written How To’s & Self Help on websites for years, just didn't call them that. I write about many things with the best of my knowledge, experience & research results; just not in a step by step order like the way a How To & Self Help Guide would be, yet always trying not to leave out any details.

DIY, Inc Make Magazine, 4 issues-four times a year/ Art & Decor Arts & Crafts
DIY, Inc Nuts & Volts Magazine, Engineering Computers & Internet~~Science
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Since how-to & self help is usually written by the professionals and experts, they may leave out details that are only important to professionals & experts; greatly simplifying the information from an overall discussion of the topic. It’s okay if they think it has nothing to do with what we need done, but what if for us it does, or we just want to know everything there is to know? What if we end up needing more information and don’t even know if they gave us all there is to know. Usually we'd pay money for that "more information".

Well then we go online, we come here, we find what we need and get what we want; with hardly any effort, hardly any time wasted, any worry, stress or financial sacrifice. It’s a wonderful thing the internet, because even after we find help from somewhere outside of it, we can many times find better help from somewhere in it; that will inform us further, or correct us further, or even just complete the task that needed completion but stopped along the way.

Is it a Task we need to know How to do, or is it a way of being we need to know how to be? To assist us in building or performing vs. to inspire life changing methods and attitudes within ourselves. To build a Gazebo may or may not help you build up your self esteem, but building up your self esteem & Confidence may have you build a Gazebo. As long as you can read, and follow directions, you're self Esteem & Confidence are high enough to take on the challenge.

✦ Self-Esteem & Confidence Building eBook / You Are a Giant eBook ✦If I had to build a Gazebo, I may end up doing it all wrong, even after reading the instructions. Building a Gazebo or anything in the home can make one feel like a real Dummy; because if we do it wrong everyone will criticize, but if we do it right all is okay. Do we risk feeling like a Dummy and try building it anyway? Or do we build our self esteem first? Or maybe not even self esteem but our way of thinking to make it "a better way of thinking" where we don't think of the example I just gave, before trying to build something in the home that we could potentially fail at.

When we don’t know How to do something or How to be some way, it can make us feel like dummies, but we’re not dummies because we’re doing work to find the answers, which dummies don‘t like to do because they‘re just dummies. We try and we may fail, but we're still not Dummies, we may just need one of those amazing Dummy Reference Books. We’re not Dummies, but we sure could use some help created for Dummies, because if it’s for Dummies it’s written as simple as possible, so the material is understandable and easy to apply to our lives.

The Dummies Collection of Reference Books are Fantastic Sets of How to and Self Help Material that many people have been purchasing for years. They are the How To for Dummies that not only Dummies get and try to read, but people who are smart & educated also get to read. They help the Non-Professionals & Professionals that need How To or Self Help Advice, Manuals & Directions (to name a few).

If someone needs help or they need to change, and they don’t want to read about the help or change they need (perhaps because the family says they‘re fine and don‘t need change) - to me they are a dummy & won’t bother to learn anything. Hypnosis can be also for people like those who don’t feel like they can learn & change or they just hate to change. For people who hate to learn, who hate to go against what the family recommends, these people can also use a good dose of self hypnosis to make them resist their old ways and move on to their new refreshing ways. Because all they say is things like "I don't know what to do" over and over along with "I'm such a Dummy when it comes to that".

But if people are smart and at least aware that they need to read about the help they need, they will make an informed decision and read something in order to find the answers to “How to” something or to "Self Help" themselves. So, below you will find some of The "For Dummies Books" out there, that you can choose from, or just click to visit the pages and find the particular one you may need to read.

There are many images of the many “For Dummies” books I chose to put in the following widget slideshow, sliding from left to right. The widget has already uploaded and you can see it, but all the images of the books have to upload also or you will see a blank space instead of them. If your computer is slow the widget is still working and sliding the cover images, but the one’s that didn’t upload yet will not be seen, however they are there.

If your computer won’t let you see anything, I’ve placed the link to the “For Dummies” Books in the Links Listing above. However with the empty spaces in the widget below; just put your cursor over them and you’ll find that the book is there with the information pop up for that book - you just don’t see the cover. After a while with time; refreshes or return visits to this window, all the book cover images should be displayed regularly. Enjoy.

Wikipedia says "For Dummies is an extensive series of instructional / reference books which are intended to present non-intimidating guides for readers new to the various topics covered. Despite the title, their publisher has taken great pains to emphasize that the For Dummies books are not literally for Dummies. The subtitle for every book is, "A Reference for the Rest of Us!". To date, over 1,600 For Dummies titles have been published. The series has been a worldwide success with editions in numerous other languages."

"The For Dummies series began during 1991 with DOS for Dummies, written by Dan Gookin and published by IDG Books. The book became popular due to the rarity of beginner-friendly materials for using DOS. While initially the series focused on software and technology topics (and still does), it later branched out to more general-interest titles, with topics as diverse as Acne for Dummies, Chess for Dummies, Self Esteem for Dummies, Bird Watching for Dummies, and many many more.", Inc - Bathrooms  Do-it-yourself Design - DO It Yourself Home & Garden, Inc - Do It Yourself: 100+ Paint Projects, Inc - Do It Yourself: Easy Closets, Inc - Do It Yourself: Easy Upgrades Kitchens, Inc - Extreme How-To-Magazine 18 issues-seasonally, Inc - Family Handyman Magazine - Do-it-Yourself  6 issues-seasonally, Inc -  Home Comforts  Magazine - Do-it-Yourself

Many people have bought many magazines to look at the pretty pictures, but many people at one time or another read a For Dummies Book. Even I read one for Website Creation back when I wanted to start making ecodox.

However you may still not need to buy anything for your "Self Help" or to find out "How to" with something, because online there is not only the helpful sections of books that you can read parts of right there at a website, but the helpful sections of guides, articles, references, blogs, manuals, statistics and pages and pages (you can't even imagine, and even beyond your imagination) with so much more to learn from. All put together by professionals and experts we've never even heard of but should have.

The Links Listing above, is full of Links Listed for you to find out How To, or to find the Self Help you’ve been browsing & searching for. Know that you will find more there than any other Listing in any other website of such Resources & Directories. The links listed are my Favorites for everything, and some of them will probably be yours from now on.

Many of them have Pages of Categories for you to look through, many with Videos, many with just Articles. Many by professionals & experts, and many by everyday Internet Users who just know what we need to know - so they share it. I’ve utilized many of them for years, to find out How to do something, or to self help myself, with many different topics, issues and problems.

If you need to find out How To work with stuff, you sometimes have to find out How Stuff Works, just like if you ever have to find out How To Create a Beautiful Garden of Flowers, you have to find out How the Beautiful Garden Works (with the flowers & bulbs chosen, the soil available, etc.). Do you want flowers to grow just in the summer, or all year long? Do you want the soil under the Sun, or not directly under the sun? And Why? Well because everything works differently with everything.

Finding out How Stuff Works, can also help you find out How To do Stuff. You can’t jump into a Helicopter and fly it after reading the manual, without knowing how the Helicopter works. So before starting a project you need information about, search for the Answers of your How To Questions, Self Help Questions or DIY Questions, and make sure you’re specific and you’ll find out all you need to know.

Also don't forget about all the Windows that ecodox provides. They may help you as well, from what I write on them, to what I display on them, to the Links Listed on them. In many of them I write about them with my writing to you, as if I'm sitting on your couch like a friend visiting & talking to you. Then there's the sites I link to in the other windows. Many useful sites have their own How to, self help or DIY’s about what ever it is their site is about.

For example; in the Becoming Activist window, the Blog & Bloggings window, the Take Action window, and the Webmaster Tools window (to name a few), you’ll have instant access to find Links showing you “How to”, “Self Help”, and “Doing it Yourself” via the other sites listed. Not only that but Social Networks have millions of people writing what they know, and not what they wish they knew or trained for.

I know that you’ll find what you need when you need it after checking the Links in the Links Listing above, and remember you can come here anytime for your How to, Self Help & DIY Questions & Projects.

Okay, Let’s get started... How can I help you? Oh I know I have the answer for that one, so head up to the Links Listing above and you’ll be on your way. WTG with helping yourself, and may you enjoy the rest of your time during your do it yourself endeavours.

- Yours Truly; Ari R. Kolman

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