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It’s not nice to “Media” Bash, but why do certain ones continue bashing me and everyone I Love & Care about?

Never mind about me, what about them? Good People who need their stories told; Good people who need support against danger, Good people being mistreated by Government or Corporations, Good People who deserve help from all of us who are capable of helping.

If they are not neglected & ignored by the “Media," they’re being bashed just as a Bully Bashes a Gay Boy in School around 20 people who watched without lifting a finger to help. The victim was neglected & ignored, which allows and encourages more bashing, which is what the “Media” does way to often.

If they’re not helping us, they’re Bashing us; if they’re not Bashing us, they’re Lying to us; and if they’re not lying to us, they’re just ignorant on the matter (to often). Which is why even reading Newspapers & Magazines for the News and what’s happening in the word today, is much better than watching them on TV. Unless it’s by John Stewart or Stephen Colbert of course.

Finding out what is really happening out there today; tomorrow and everyday, is a pain in the neck if I’m trying to find it all out from “Television News Media." It’s impossible to get all the serious & important reports between all the non-serious & non important stories they produce on a daily basis.

Like how many times did you hear about Malnutrition and the number count of people suffering from it? And did you hear about the tons of CO2 Emissions being produced on our earth? Do we hear about the HIV Infected, The Cancer Incidences, The Species Extinct, the amount of Oil being Pumped? No we don’t hear about those things as often as we should, not from the media on tv but from here you will.

From visiting our Favorite News & Political Sites on this window; Serious & Important News & Political Sites online, you’ll know more truth & facts about what’s happening, then the average News "Media" Person; Hosting or Reporting on something they no not of what‘s happening.

The sites listed below are the most amazing News & Political Sites online for you to find out exactly what’s happening out there; today, tomorrow and everyday after.

You can depend on these sites more than you can any other News Media on Television. The Facts, The Details, The Truths, The Meanings and the Dangers; they don’t hide them from us, they focus on them for us.

What you see is what you get with all of them; everything you could ever need when you need the News and you need it now.

Many also provide a little more than just a basic News Layout; more like a Community Layout, or Resource Layout. A layout where you can go and relax because no one is lying to you; no one is reporting on ignorance, no one is more interested in making money or getting a raise more than helping others, and no one is forbidden in leaving a comment or an opinion.

★The Atlantic 1 Year, 10 issues -
Everyone Wanting to Learn More about what’s happening in the world is Welcome to these News Sites. Even if you think you don’t like politics or don’t know much about it, you are Welcome for sure because; you don’t have to like it, but You Should Know about Politics in this day and age, since it is Politics that effect you and everyone else on the Planet everyday.
★Foreign Policy 1 Year, 7 issues -

Everyone must know the truth about what’s happening, because through “everyone”, We (all good people in the world), will help make the world a better place, but only if we know the Truth. I don’t like Politics either, but the Politics of Truth are quite fascinating; especially when it encourages more truth and more good.

★Financial Times Newspaper, 151 issues-weekdays -, Inc.

Visit the sites recommended and get the Truth; it’s valuable and to many Television News Channels, Reporters & CEO’s of them all - don’t want you to have it.

If to many people got the truth than they wouldn’t continue to support such disgusting Television Media Channels. Thus, the channels would make less money with less support. Being less effective in collectively hurting the planet with their money, greed, hate, disgusting intentions and ignorance.

news online

❖ N e w s Headlines, Reports, Media & World P o l i t i c s / Middle East, International, Analysis, WebTV & More ✦ / Breaking News, Current Events ✦ News & Politics ✦
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Amnesty News & Politics ✦
Anderson 360 Blogs - CNN ✦
AnonNews - Everything Anonymous ✦
Bankrupting ✦ World News ✦
CBC News Canada & The World ✦
Common Progressive Community News & Politics ✦ ✦
Cost of / National Priorities Project ✦
Crooks and Liars ✦
Cynical ✦
Dan Rather Reports - hard-edged field reports, in-depth interviews and investigative pieces that emphasize accuracy, fairness and guts in their reporting ✦
Dailymotion - Watch, publish, share videos of News ✦ TV - Radio News ✦ - The Latest News Headlines, Videos and Images ✦
Electronic Frontier Foundation ✦
Falling Whistles / MEDIA / A Campaign for Peace in Congo ✦
Foreign Policy in Focus International Affairs ✦
Friend of Canadian Broadcasting ✦
Global Television News Full Episodes TV Shedules Shows✦
Global Television News Online ✦
HuffPost: Canada Politics News ✦
HuffPost: NDP Leadership Race News ✦
HuffPost: PM Stephen Harper News ✦ News World ✦ ✦
Inerest ALERT World Political News ✦
Infinite News & Politics Blog ✦ ✦
In These Times with Liberty & Justice 4All ✦
Look To The Stars: The World Of Celebrity Giving / Charitable & Philanthropic Celebrities/ And The Charities They Support ✦ US & The World ✦
Mother Jones Smart, Fearless Journalism ✦
Move / Democracy in Action ✦ ✦
National Post ✦
National Priorities org Homepage / Your Federal Budget Dashboard ✦ / Crime Statistics (Murders per capita) by Country ✦ Newspaper World ✦
Newspaperarchive .com ✦ U.S. & World Headlines ✦
One ✦
Ontario Coalition For Accountability (OntarioCfA) / Canadians!, Please Visit the Website "" And help Make Change For The Better to Stop The Changes For The Worst. Get Involved! ✦ Today's Top Stories ✦
OpenSecrets Center for Responsive Politics / News & Analysis ✦
Prison Planet / Truth Will Set You Free ✦
Progress Report ✦
Political Bumper Stickers @ Zazzle Super Store / Browse Through Featured Bumper Stickers or Customize Your Own. ✦
Politics - U.S. Politics and News ✦ Journalism in the Public Interest ✦ News For The Rest of Us ✦
Raw Story / America's #1 completely independent news and politics source ✦
Real Time w/Bill Maher / HBO ★ - Profiles, Updates & Reports: Disasters in Countries ✦ / English: Radio Netherlands Worldwide News & Analysis ✦ From The Netherlands in Ten Languages Worldwide 24/7 On Radio, TV & Online
Rolling Stone Magazine News & Politics ✦
RT America ✦
Search / Government Quotes ✦ United States News & Politics ✦
STWR - Share The World's Resources ✦
The The Age / National Times: Editorial Section ✦
The The Age / National Times: News & Politics ✦
The Colbert Nation ★
The Daily Current Events, Social Issues, & Activism News Politics Blog ✦
The Daily Beast ✦
The Daily Show ★
The Economist News & Politics ✦
The Global Human & Civil Rights Now Daily - ✦
The Globe & Mail News & Politics National / World / Videos ✦
The Huffington Post / Canadian Political News, Opinion, Analysis - HuffPost Politics Canada ✦
The ✦
The / Author Jeremy Scahill ✦
The / Occupy Wallstreet ✦
The ✦
The Canada & The World ✦
This Week In ✦
Top Documentary / Collection of Documentary Movies and Watch Free Documentaries ✦ Drilling Beneath the Headlines ✦ / Break Free | Question More ✦ Fearless, Independent News & Opinion✦
Waging - People-Powered News and Analysis ✦
War in Context With Attention to the Unseen ✦
War Is A Crime .org Formerly AfterDowningStreet ✦
Wikileaks News, Spy Files, Archives, Editorials & Truth ✦ World News Quiz ✦ World News Room ✦
Women's E-News ✦
Worlds Ways: World News Videos Living History ✦ ✦

Colbert Nation.comIt‘s a big list of links I know, but like a normal social networker (while I had the time), I spent many years saving them & sharing them online with my Followers from the different social networks; the important news and reports that I have read during those years that effect many people. I still do a little bit of it today, but now I’m hoping that more people will find those important news and reports I need them to find, via ecodox.

United States Presidential Election

★Washington Monthly 1 Year, 6 issues -
I have made lists of links of resources to sites of support & News, for different Communities online around the globe, and I made these lists over the years at the Social Network & Free Site building Pages; but I never had the chance to put so many links together in one small window like this one.

It makes me very happy to know that I can do this for you here, without all the fussing of popups; blackouts, weak connections and pages loading really slowly that go on constantly while online at social networks.


★Mother Jones Magazine, 6 issues-every two months -, Inc.

I hope you take advantage of the Sites listed above and all the other lists I provide in all the other windows throughout ecodox, because there would be no way for me to make lists like these as fast & easily if I only had to do them at other places online. Later on there will be more sites linked from this window in more categories and still in this small window.


Many people rely on finding quality and truthful News Reporting; so they say as they turn on the television’s FOX News for the evening. But many people online already know that FOX is not reliable or Quality, what reliable and Quality News is; is online at the sites I recommend.

Minus of course the good community news channels, and the good reporters where ever they may report from (for example; Anderson Cooper reporting for CNN. CNN & FOX are just not to be trusted, but if I can handle the commercials, Anderson Cooper 360 & to few others are worth watching.

Now that you know what’s happening with this window, go find out what’s happening in the world, and when you have the time; spread the news around because those who are not aware of what’s happening, will not be able to help out, but more importantly they’re walking around ignorant and thinking things that are not a reality.

The Daily Show - Comedy

The Reality to News of the World, is that it sucks. The reality of the suction will make others come to their reality; that many of the Sucking Suction is for Not., and that we must stop the suction or we’ll all be sucked right in.

Enjoy your News Time & don‘t forget to share the Sucking Suction Reality of News & Politics with all your online friends & family. And now for one more important site to check regularly:

๑۩ The Religiously Extreme Radical Islam & Sharia-Law Daily ۩๑ Coming to a Governing Office Near U but for Taking Action! Islamic Fundamentalists w/their Religious Ideologies & Sharia-Law will Spread Hate & Falsely Incarcerate Torture & Viciously Execute Innocent People. ۩๑ // CLICK TO OPEN NEW WINDOW, DOUBLE CLICK THAT ONE TO OPEN IT IN FULL & WELCOME... HAVE A GOOD READ... TAKE SOME ACTION... AND GET OTHERS TO DO THE SAME... OR ELSE YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN...

- Yours Truly; Ari R. Kolman

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