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Take Action Today, Get Involved, Help Out!

Taking Action via Virtual Volunteering all around the world (while sitting put), is an easy and wonderful way of giving to those in need. From Animals to Humans; and to the Earth, it’s the best invention since Activism without the Computer (Offline).

Click here for HRW Sitemap Anytime.Taking Action, Getting Involved and Helping Out, can all be done while Virtual volunteering online. Like making a promise to others or yourself, that you are taking 1 or 2 hours out of your day offline, to go online and Take Action Virtually and Completely. Wikipedia describes and explains Virtual Volunteering perfectly so please see the link in the list and visit that page if you want more information about it.

It’s a term describing a volunteer who completes tasks (in whole or in part), online or offline, on the computer or on the telephone. Off-site from the organization being assisted; using your home or work computer, using school platform, Tele-Center or other Internet-connected devices.

Another example would be - me. Using ecodox diversity to Virtually get the word out that anyone can make a difference by visiting these Take Action Sites that I recommend through out ecodox. I’m determined to Virtually Volunteer my Heart and Soul daily online to make a big difference and help lots of people, animals and earth in many many ways.

► Emergency Notes/Blogs of Support ☞✉☑ Activism is the most positively charged (or exciting) thing I’ve taken part in for years online, and I think everyone should check out “Becoming an Activist” in life - or from my Main Menu.

Also check out the “Wikipedia Link in the List” for Activism. However for those who think they don’t have time, or they ‘re not equipped to be out in the field protesting for causes in public, they can be an online activist or a simple Virtual Volunteer like me.

Perhaps they have health condition, perhaps no money for transportation here and there for helping others, or one of the hundreds of reasons people have for not fighting for what is right and in the public eye; THEY CAN ALL TAKE ACTION ONLINE.

They can get involved online, or just help out online, for 1 or 2 hours on the days that they can go online. And they will have helped out more than they can imagine.

For years I’ve been clicking to donate, signing petitions, campaigning for different causes and trying to raise money for various important reasons - all while social networking and spreading the word to do the same (hint hint), but now I can utilize ecodox for sharing with others and being an online source of quality and trusted Take Action Pages; Campaigns, Causes, Newses, Articles, Blogs, Click2Donates, and more.

For right now the “ACTION CENTERS of Taking Action, Getting Involved & Helping Out Sites” are placed simply in the following list. Later on there will be more of them in more categories and still in this smaller window.

More writing; descriptions, explanations and purposes will also arrive later on. I say "later on" because I am making several of these popup windows for several of the categories in the main menu first; then after they will all be updated, so enjoy and thank you for Taking Action Today.

❖ Take A c t i o n Today! Get I n v o l v e d! Helping Out! Campaigns & Projects ✦
A420 / Cannabis & Hemp Advocates Dedicated Social Network Platform Resource to Share Legalization Information. ✦
Achieve All Your Goals and Be Successful - ✦
Activist ✦ The Activist Network is a connecting tool for social justice and environmental activism.
Activist Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming ✦ News, Politics, Forum, Contributors, Documents & Legislation. News & Politics / ACTIVISM Special Coverage ✦ Activist Books ✦ Taking Action Books ✦
American Humanist Association / Action Center ✦
Amnesty International Activism Center ✦ The GBBC Canada ✦
Boycott Wall Post Sharing Network World ✦
Bradley Manning Support Network / FREE BRADLEY MANNING NOW! = WORLD CAMPAIGN ✦ ✦ Getting Involved Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran ✦
Canadian Seal ✦ Help Stop The Disgusting Canadian Seal Slaughtering Fun Time Events
Care2 Action Network Petitions ✦ Blog Action Network ✦
Civil Action Center ✦ The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
Co-op America’s BOYCOTT Organizer’s Guide.PDF / Information & Documentation 16page Publish @ Green ✦
Courage Campaign Actions / Help Build a NationWide Progressive Network ✦
Courage Campaigns Uploaded Videos ✦
Democracy Get Involved Now ✦ / Society / Activism / Resources ✦
Do / Act Now / ✦ - Get Involved Now / Media Awareness Project (MAP) - Drug Policy Central (DPC) And The Drug War Clock ✦ - Environment Defense Fund ✦ / Electronic Frontier Foundation ✦
Falling Whistles / MEDIA / A Campaign for Peace in Congo ✦
Food & Water » Take Action ✦
Freedom March - Marching for Awareness for Wrongful Convictions ✦
Green / Take Action Today ✦ Boycotts: Economic Action to Stop Corporate Irresponsibility / Put an end to unfair labor practices, animal testing, dangerous pesticide use, and other abuses of people and resources. Activist's Corner (Secular Web) - Website Links ✦
Left ✦ Progressives Fighting Back!
MAWO - Vancouver's Antiwar Coalition - Mobilization Against War & Occupation ✦
Media Co-op Local Independent Canadian News & Groups ✦ Events, Talks, Locals & More.
Meet / Do something • Learn something • Share something • Plan Something, Change something ✦ Meetup is the worlds largest network of local community groups that meet face to face about thousands of topics.
NAACP.ORG: National Association For The Advancement of Colored People / Action Alerts ✦
Occupy Directory ✦
Occupy @ InterOccupy ✦
Occupy Together ✦
Occupy Together @ ✦
Occupy Wall Street / New York City General Assembly: Helping ✦
Occupy WNC Blog & Events ✦ Website & Movement For Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit of Happiness - For All
Ontario Coalition For Accountability (OntarioCfA) / Canadians!, Please Visit the Website "" And help Make Change For The Better to Stop The Changes For The Worst. Get Involved! ✦
Ontario Things You Can Do ✦
OpenSecrets Center for Responsive Politics / Taking Action Issues & Information Index ✦
Oxfam International / Get Involved ✦ / Fundraising Section: The Chronicle Of Philanthropy ✦
Planned Parenthood Action ✦
Planned Parenthood Action - Get Involved Locally ✦
Population Action International ✦ / Be Heard ✦ / North America / Canada ✦
RADICAL ISLAM.ORG ♐☪☠♌ψ STOP RADICAL ISLAM & TAKE ACTION TODAY ✦ Leading source for information about the threat posed by Radical Islam: Current Campaigns, Activism Kit, Questionnaire, Ongoing Campaigns, Past Campaigns, Make a Difference, Your Initiatives
Rainforest Action Network Get Involved ✦ / Call To Action & Campaigns ✦ Commons / Ingredients for Organizing / Organize And Energize People Everywhere ✦ Ingredients for Organizing / Organize And Energize People Everywhere ✦
Socialist Action ✦ is a national group of activists committed to the emancipation of workers and the oppressed. We strive to revitalize the anti-war, labor, anti-racist, feminist, student & more social movements ✦ Promoting Student Voice in Schools / expert assistance program focused on Student Voice & Meaningful Student Involvement Throughout Education. ✦
SPACE 4 ✦ Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space / Keep Space for Peace!
Stop The Drug ✦
Take Action!Atraction 11th Hour Action Network is Upon Us ✦
The 420 Category / Exclusive - Activism ✦
The Advocates For Human Rights ✦
The Change Agency / Activist Education ✦
The Campaigns / Make Something Happen & Start a New Campaign Today ✦
Top Documentary / Collection of Documentary Movies and Watch Free Documentaries ✦
WACA.NET.AU: Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance ✦ Take Action, Coverage, USA Response, Surveillance, Events & More. / Action Center ✦
Why We Protest .net – Anonymous Activism Community ✦
✦ Wikipedia Information, Resource & Research Pages ✦
Abolitionism ✦Activism ✦Bradley Manning ✦ Capital Punishment ✦ Child Mortality ✦Civil disobedience ✦ Crime Against Peace ✦ Crimes Against Humanity ✦ Cruel and Unusual Punishment ✦ Deaths ✦Demonstrations ✦Direct Action ✦ Freedom of Speech ✦ Freedom of The Press ✦ General Strikes ✦ Geneva Conventions ✦ Genocide ✦Genocide In History ✦ Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp ✦ Guantanamo Bay Naval Base ✦ Hacktivism ✦ Hague Conventions (1899_and_1907) ✦ Hate Crime ✦ Incarceration ✦Incarceration Rates ✦ International Humanitarian Law ✦ International Intentional Homicide Rate ✦Internet Activism ✦ Julian Assange / Wikilinks ✦ List of preventable causes of death ✦List of Prisons ✦ Marc Emery ✦ Mexican Drug War ✦ Military Prison ✦Non Violent Protest ✦Occupy Movement ✦Occupation (Protest) ✦ Open Government ✦Picketing (Protest) ✦ Prisoner of War Camp ✦Private Prison ✦ Puerto Rican Drug War ✦ Refugee ✦Retentionist ✦ Suicide ✦The Peace Movement ✦ Torture ✦ UNHCR / United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ✦ UNHRC / United Nations Human Rights Council ✦ United Nations Convention Against Torture ✦ Universal Declaration of Human Rights ✦Virtual Volunteering ✦ War ✦ War on Drugs ✦ Whistleblower ✦Xenophobia ✦
World Socialist Movement ✦ The WSM is a global socialist movement that believes capitalism cannot meet the needs of the majority of us, the workers (or proletariat) of the world, no matter how progressive it might become in the future. To meet these needs we contend that capitalism must be replaced by socialism ✦ Up Coming Event Calendars & Planning Event Canada Communities ✦ Do you have your event listed with that Social Justice & Equal Rights Rally?
YouTube Browse Nonprofits & Activism ✦

Love Is Never Wrong.Love & Pro-activity Runs in the Veins of the List above, please respond in kind by being pro-active yourself, every time you have time to be online. Also check out the “GLBT Human Rights Equal Rights” List From the Main Menu.

If you found yourself here by accident, well now’s a good time to change your fate, from someone unaware to someone aware of all the terrible things going on out there that need your attention and pro-action online interaction.

If you don’t know where to start, or who to help first, or what everything I’m saying entails; just start at, oh I don’t know,?, “A? a.. Start at A, and work your way to Z, if A, b or C have not created a fire inside you that has you TAKING ACTION IMMEDIATELY FOR SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT. So important, because lives are in jeopardy.

Bookmark this window for instant resources, and know that More Links for Taking Action, Getting Involved & Helping Out Online Sites, are coming asap and can also be found in various other Categories through out the Welcome Index Menu (many of the sites have their own Take Action for what ever it is their site is about).

✦ Activist's Corner (Secular Web) - Website Links ✦Many Social Networks & Community Sites have some sort of Take Action, even if you do have to create it yourself, but theirs News & Political Sites I’ve Linked to that have Take Action Pages, and even Some of the Links in The Government List. And don’t forget that in The “Click 2 Donate” List I placed all the click to donate buttons you’ll ever need.

By “I” I mean I found them all, I’ve utilized their buttons of Support and Active Pro-Action, and I’ve bookmarked them for years for everyone. I’m a member of many of the sites on ecodox but also not affiliated with many other ones. FYI: Being a Member is not a meaning used for being Affiliated with.

Ecodox, is a member of or/and associates with the other members of, but we are only affiliated with only our Affiliates; meaning our free paying ones and the free providers of content and resources for my webmastery. Okay that’s it about me for now.

Make sure to check it all out because some sites in the Main Menu may not be listed in this window. Thank you for Stopping the Hate & Starting the Love, by Taking Action when you’re online, because here is where you can INFLUENCE POLITICAL AND SOCIAL CHANGE.

- Yours Truly; Ari R. Kolman

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