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 Today’s Birthday, History, Jokes, Motivation, Quotes, Word & More.

If someone asks “what’s happening today?”, you have a chance to really tell them. If with yourself nothing is happening, and you don’t want to sound boring, just find out what‘s happening from this window (preferably before hand).

Because Today someone’s Birthday is Taking Place or Has Taken Place somewhere. Today Someone’s Comic & Joke wants to make you smile. Also Someone did something, or many people did many things Today in History.

If you’re lacking Motivation; someone has for you Today’s Uplifted & Uploaded Motivations, Quotes, and Thoughts that will Inspire you. When I’m inspired, I run out of words that explain how much I am inspired; when I run out words, I take a look at Today’s Words to see if any of them will help explain it all, or to see if any of them will come in handy for the near future.

For right now "Today’s Birthday, History, Jokes, Motivation, Quotes, Word, & other Sites” are placed simply in the following list. Later on there will be more of them in more categories and still in this smaller window. More writing; descriptions, explanations and purposes will also arrive later on.

I say "later on" because I am making several of these popup windows for several of the categories in the main menu first; then after they will all be updated, so enjoy and thank you for checking them out.

Today's Baby Pic +
Baby Picture

❖ Today’s Birthday, History, Jokes, Motivation, Quotes , More.
Almanac w/InfoPlease - Analogy, Birthdays, Crossword, History, News, Weather & More ✦
ANALOGIES w/FactMonster ✦
BIRTHDAY w/ The Free Dictionary ✦
CARTOON w/On This Day - History of Cartoons From Sev ✦
COMIC w/ ✦
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Hidden From History / The Canadian Holocaust - The Untold Story of the Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples ✦
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MOTIVATION w/The Daily Motivator ✦
PERPETUAL CALENDAR DAY w/InfoPlease / On This Day / And Different Calendar Options ✦
POEM w/ ✦
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QUOTE w/Dictionary Reference ✦
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SIGLETS of The Moment w/ / Choose From one-liners, jokes, quotes proverbs, ascii fonts, pictures, Images & More ✦
SPELLING BEE w/FactMonster ✦
THOUGHT w/Wow4u ✦
THOUGHT w/zDaily ✦
WIKILEAKS w/This Day In ✦
WISDOM w/Wow4u ✦
WORD QUIZ w/FactMonster ✦
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WORD w/Merriam Webster ✦
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WORD Vocab Vitamins Daily After You $ubscribe ✦
WORD w/Wiktionary ✦

Today in History
Today in History

As far as I’m concerned, everyday is a day that many things took place in the past, many things that I must know about. Even if it’s not written online, there was lots going on daily from today all the way back to centuries ago. Write them down, share them with family or coworkers.

Some of the dates are not so happy, involve sadness, but Oh there are many interesting things to find out while browsing Today’s Birthdays, Histories, Jokes, Motivations, Quotes, Words, Facts & others; that I know by the end of it all you will have learned many things you wouldn't have known before.

One of the things that’s fun to do with the information you've learned for this day, is share it with someone who recognizes this day as special, for some other reason.

You could never have enough reasons to know about a date: a date to be happy a date to cry. A date to celebrate if celebrating is in order, or a date to stay home and be sad. However it doesn't have to be a date at all, it can be a Fact that you've learned, like the fact from FactCanada, or an image that you've seen like the Baby Image at the top of the Listing.

Read a daily quote, learn a daily word, think a daily thought or get history of when everyone fought. There are Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, the day someone was born, the day you discovered online networking, and so many other reasons to share your findings about Today. Today’s the day lots took place, so check it all out & enjoy.

- Yours Truly; Ari R. Kolman

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