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You don’t have to be an Actor or a Celebrity anymore, to be able to make or upload an online video for sharing with the world. Not only a video, but you anyone can make their own short movie, then it might be so great it’ll go Viral. Lights! Camera! Action!

4Shared Now for all your collected shareables!

No longer do we have to go watch TV to relax, because everything we see on TV & More can all be found with a click of the mouse right here in this window. All the places I’ve linked to; as a whole, will guide you to what kind of things you like to watch. However you can watch more from the pages linked than you can ever watch on your Television, so check them out.

You don’t have to be stuck watching one channel that may or may not get better with what their Airing, you can browse around here and find exactly what you want Aired and without even getting up to change the channels. Now that deserves lots of applause!!

You’ll notice,, there are no Channels in this TV Set with everyone Applauding, but there are many channels at the websites listed, and this is to show you that really our televisions hardly have any Channels - compared to what the websites in the list below have.

Right now you can watch “Videos, Multimedia, Podcasts, Streaming Videos, and Webcasts, as well as visit Social Networks for even more Videos and Sharing Posts”, just by visiting the links I have listed below.

Later on there will be more, but basically what you see is what you get with all of them; everything you could ever need when you need to watch something and you need to watch it now. Or you need some great inspiration before putting your own video or Podcast online right now.

❖ Videos, Multimedia, Podcasts, Streaming, Networks, Webcast Online TV Channels Live Streaming Free ✦
5min How To Videos - Funny Medium Sad ✦
A Funny Funny Videos ✦
All Streaming FAQ's of Recording Media Stream ✦
Al-Jazeera News & Politics ✦ Electronics & Computers Camera, Photo & Video ✦ Electronics & Computers TV HDTVs & Video ✦ Electronics & Computers Video & Design Software ✦ Making Online Videos Books ✦ Movies & TV, Music & Games ✦ Prime Instant Videos ✦ Search Engine ✦
Brave New Creating - Media That Makes an Impact ✦
CamStreams - Live Webcams, Video Chat & Streaming ✦
Courage Campaigns Uploaded Videos ✦ - Current TV ✦
Dailymotion - Watch, publish, share most viewed videos ✦ - Resource Videos ✦
Free Speech ✦ YouTube Converting To Animation Generator ✦
Google Video Search ✦
HBO- Real Time with Bill Maher ✦ Celebrities Full List ✦
Independent / What's your Story? Select a Category ✦
LiveScience Videos ✦
Look To The Stars: The World Of Celebrity Giving / Charitable & Philanthropic Celebrities/ And The Charities They Support ✦ Follow Videos ✦
MegaMeeting Video Conferencing, Web & Webinar Solutions ✦ Video Listing ✦
Must Share Video Gallery ✦ Videos Home ✦
NCADP: Devoted to Abolishing Capital Punishment / Videos ✦
Orbit Ultra File Social Media YouTube etc ✦ Most Recent Video Sharing ✦
Rachel Maddow Show @ msnbc ✦
Real Time w/Bill Maher / HBO ★
Rick Videos ✦
Satellite TV to Personal Computer / software / No Subscriptions or Monthly Fees. No Hardware No Bandwidth Needed ✦
Start Your Own Podcast Now. Free @ PodBean ✦
Stupid TV: Stupid Videos and Funny Video Clips ✦
Stupid Videos Just Plain Stupid ✦
The Colbert Report w/Stephen Colbert Videos ★
The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart Videos ★
Top Documentary / Collection of Documentary Movies and Watch Free Documentaries✦
U.N. TV Webcast ✦
Video Pod casts TV Directory ✦ ✦
Wikipedia: Multimedia ✦
Wikipedia: Podcast ✦
Wikipedia: Streaming video ✦
Wikipedia: Video ✦
Wikipedia: Webcast ✦
Windows Microsoft IE - Downloads - cNet Results Ror Videos ✦
Windows Microsoft IE - TV & Movies - Exploring Page ✦
YouTube Browse All Categories ✦

Okay!! Cut! For Now! Way to go Guys that was Perfect!! Everyone Take 5 & see you back here soon..

Oh hello, I was just Video Taping how Online Video Posting has changed the face of the planet as we know it, or didn’t know it,, because people are posting all sorts of personally recorded videos on the web, so more people all over the world are watching the videos and learning a whole bunch of things they never knew before. It’s a great way to get your word out, that you have a video and it’s worth watching. It can become Viral and everyone likes that.

Looking for Smart Videos or Looking for Stupid Videos? Looking for Cute & Cuddly Videos, or Looking for Straight Forward Hard Action Videos? Wanting Video Tutorials, Video News, Video Conferencing, Video Jokes?,

Or just Fantastic Online Videos and Information about Videos, Multimedia, Streaming, Podcasts, Webcasts & Social Networks? Want to Record a Video, Upload a Video or Both?

If you’re interested in making your own Movies or Videos about something, just go ahead don’t be shy. Many people are shy about being in a Video that’s personally recorded by themselves without any help or preparation, but it’s being done all over the globe, and everyone appreciates everyone who makes videos to explain things or just to make others smile or laugh. There are personal testimonies, and personal Causes that people make videos for as well.

There’s a Revolution Going on as We Speak, and Videos being Uploaded about them as we speak. You can upload one or two to start with, don’t be scared, then share them with the world. It’s easy and if you’ve been putting it off, you should start planning it and go for the gusto.

Why even I recorded Videos of our Land Ecodox Offline, and our animals, so I will be enabling access to them as soon as I can; via Ecodox and my Arishmary Windows. But not for a while, so don’t wait for me before you do some yourself to upload.

More Links for Videos, Multimedia, Podcasts, Streaming, Networks & Webcast Pages, can be found at various other sites in the Categories through out the Welcome Index Menu.

iStock Photo Royalty Free Stock Photography & VIDEOS!! / Search for photos, illustrations, video and audio

Many websites have a section of their site where Videos, Podcasts or Movies are played (for example; social networks, Advocacy Sites, News Sites, Fun sites & not so fun sites); make sure to check everyone out because some of them will not be listed in this window, and we'd hate for you to miss your first 10 minutes of,,

Okay you ready yet?, Take Scene One Take One!
Lights, Cameras and,, Action!!

- Yours Truly; Ari R. Kolman

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