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Webmaster Tools, Resources, Opportunities & More

Don’t be afraid, be either serious about website & design or fun & care free about website and design. WORK IT!, EVERYTIME YOU SIT AT THE COMPUTER. Whether your serious or fun, you’ve come to the right place; it’s a serious webmaster window, that is also fun.

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With Serious Webmaster FAQ’s to Fun Webmaster Content for your site, coming here today is something that will soon feel right. Especially after you see all the Webmaster Goodies in the List below.

What does Webmastery Entail? It entails Advertising & Marketing, Website Building & Designing, Content Providing & Writing (or Blogging). It entails every night working or every free night working, and it entails the kind of love and care for details, that you give something you really love & care about.

It involves having your own site, or working online with other site providers that offer free and non-free services to get that first website up and out into the world. It really just entails a simple person with creative juices running through their veins, making a website or joining services to promote making a website and the thousands of other things they can promote at the same time.

If it’s a professional career you’ve made out of it, it gets a little more serious because most likely someone is paying you regularly whether it be a Boss or Affiliates Online, you have responsibilities that someone simple with creative juices and a simple website does not have.

It’s not a career for me because I really don’t have the time or the patients to go about a normal busy day at the office away from my home, I also don’t have that kind of strength anymore the way I used to. Who really wants to go visit Web Design Companies, Marketing Agencies, Hosting Companies, Business Consultants, Small Business Service Providers, Traditional Media Companies and all the rest?

Professional & Employed Company Webmasters, that’s who.. Many of them even have an assistant or employed people to do other work on the company website so they’re not alone doing it all. And way to go because they are just so busy that it gives me more time to talk with the simple people with creative juices in their veins; getting them to learn more and do more online via websites and social networking.

Simply sign up, submit your products and services, and get ready to take orders! It's quick, simple, and there's no risk because you pay nothing unless we get you sales.

Anyone can be a Webmaster, it just takes practice and repetitive work online that adds to the practice and makes you perfect. You must love paying attention to detail, and you must be organized. There are lots of links in the list below to learn more about Webmastery, so check them out.

You don’t have to go to Business School or Technology School to be a Webmaster online with Websites; Quality Content and Trusted Affiliates all over the Globe - connecting with you, because you‘re a Webmaster. The Master of your own Web, and if you’re really good; The Master of other people’s own Webs.

For right now the “Webmaster Tools, Resources, and Online Opportunity Sites” are placed simply in the following list. Later on there will be more of them in more categories and still in this smaller window. More writing; descriptions, explanations and purposes will also arrive later on.

I say "later on" because even though I am a Webmaster / Web Designer, I am just one person and I am making several of these popup windows for several of the categories in the main menu first; then after they will all be updated, so enjoy and thank you for checking them out.

❖ Webmaster Tools, Resources, Opportunities & More.
4x4 - Generate Traffic - Produce Results - Page Views / Text links / Banners / Email Marketing & More - By Dan & Max ✦
24 Time ✦
321 ✦ - For Your About Us Page - Also Use the Web to Grow Your Business / LEARN SEO NOW! ✦ Domain Parking Manager / Automatic optimization of your Domains - A Trellian Company ✦
Achieve All Your Goals and Be Successful - ✦
Activist Resource Calendar 4yourSite ✦ - Publishers Network, Bookmark Share & Follow ✦

❖ T h a n k Y o u 4 S h a r i n g
Window w/Your Webmaster Friends
Ad Design & Creation ✦
AffiliateBOT - Affiliate Provider Tools & Services / Affiliates, Merchants, Brandnames / Affiliate Marketing 2.0 ✦
Affiliate Tracking Software You Can Trust ✦ Affiliate Program Promoting Amazing Posters & Prints From Your Site. Earn Commissions & Enjoy. ✦
Amazon Associates Affiliate Program Promoting Diversified Product & Service From all Over The Globe. Earn Commissions Now. ✦ Associates Central - Webmaster Glossary & Help Page of Understandable Language for the Simple Folk. Learn Today & Now. ✦
Audit My - Free Security Scans, Speed Tests & Web Tools ✦
Business Cards @ Zazzle / Customized by You / Full color printing / Save up to 73% with bulk orders / Flat rate shipping / Orders ship in 24 hours / Use your own design / 100s of themed templates ✦ New Community Content for Your Site ✦
CGI Quality Scripts for Amateur & Professionals ✦
CGISPY.COM / - Free Webmaster Tools, Content, Pages, Scripts and so much more. ✦
Cheap U.S. Web Traffic. 40,000,000 Unique U.S. visitors available Monthly -! ✦ Map Your Visitors ✦
Competitive Intelligence - A Trellian Company ✦
Creating Online w/ Free Image Editing Tools & a Variety of other helpful resources, Tools, Tutorials & Scripts for Webmasters
Dating Gold Affiliate Program ✦ - Web Design and Development Tutorials, Articles, Templates, Forums & Ideas ✦
Fast Google Search Engine Inclusion and Link Building Submission For Improved Website Ranking - G-Boost > iNeedHits ✦
Free Star Universe - FreeStar Enterprises / Webmasters Huge Resource & Opportunities - Become a Member Today! ✦
Free Submitter - Semi Automatic Directory Submission ✦
Free Submit & SEO Tools - Meta-Check ✦
Free SubmitExpress Submissions & WebTools ✦
Free Submit Website ✦
Free Submit Your URL via Mega Submission / Global LinkStation ✦
Free Submit Your URL via ✦
Free Suggest URL @ ODP / Open Directory Project ✦
Google Gadgets For Your Website, Blog & Network Profile ✦
Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard & Extended Resources / Sign in Today or Get an Account & Start Tomorrow ✦
GRSites Web Designing: Buttons, Logos, Menus, Icons, Text Boxes, Page Templates / Customized buttons, logos, menus, textures and text boxes. GRSites offers easy to use online tools to create professional looking designs for your web site ✦
Real-Time HTML Editor Window - Practice & See Your Html Live ✦ Build a Website, Get Traffic and Sell Online. Build a Professional Websites in Minutes. ✦
H O T S C R I P T ✦
HTML w/ Html, Java, Perl & Cgi, Xml, Toolbox, Asp, Ad Banners, Backgrounds, Buttons, & More ✦ / how to make HTML sitemaps for your website✦
Income Access Network ✦
Inerest!ALERT News 4Your Website ✦
Java File ✦ - A Trellian Company ✦
Link Counter! Page Tracking ✦
LinkConnector Affiliate Provider of Sponsors & Prgrams For Webmasters, Advertisers and all Such needs ✦
Local Advertising Service Guaranteed / 1st Page of Local Google Search Results - Guaranteed!/ Marketing Campaign > iNeed Hits ✦
Map Mashup Developer ✦ Map Your Visitors ✦ Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing & Webinar Solutions ✦
My Page w/ Lots of Great Webmaster Tools, Generators, Scripts & Submissions ✦
Native Remedies Affiliates Earn 25% of Trusted Healthy Homeopathic & Herbal Formula Alternatives - Care 4Your Visitors ✦ Local Advertising Local Business Listings Local Search Advertising - - A Trellian Company ✦
Neverblue™ Affiliate Interface Prgrams For Webmasters, Advertisers and all Such needs ✦
Online Advertising – Guaranteed Targeted Google & Yahoo Search Engine Traffic > iNeedHits ✦ Free Site Rotator ✦
PayPal! The World's Most-Loved Way To Pay & Get Paid. FREE! Making it easy to accept commissions or accepting credit cards from your own sites - integrate PayPal into your e-commerce application ✦
PCman's FREE Webmaster Tools Your source for fun, free games-services-software ✦
Priority Manage your Search Engine PFI Pay For Inclusion Search Engine Submissions - A Trellian Company ✦ Free Content Resources - Free Content Providers - Free Content Directory ✦
RSS Content Builder Affiliate Program / Publish News feeds on Your Website Easily & Instantly, Provide fresh regularly updated content to your visitors ✦ Tutorials and tools for creating a Web 2.0 site ✦
Search engine Info News 4 Everyone Especially Webmasters / Marketers: Google Msn Other Search Engines SEO / Tech Daily Yahoo ✦
Search Engine Marketing Services SEO Services - Search Engine Optimization Website Traffic Specialists Free SEO Tools > iNeedHits ✦
Sell Downloads @ / Sell Files Online, Sell Downloadable Software, Sell Music, Digital Goods ✦
Sell Software Online - RegNow - Electronic Software & Shareware Marketing & Distribution ✦
SEO & Website Marketing Software Solutions - A Trellian Company No ads, just direct navigation traffic redirected to your website. ✦
SFI Real Income Program For Webmasters, Advertisers, Buy & Sellers and Internet Mall Hoppers ✦ Afffiliate Provider w/Prgrams For Webmasters, Advertisers and all Such needs ✦ Best Website Hosting Service Ever Encountered by Us, so Ecodox is Properly Served Now ✦
Spin My Page Track Your Clicks Url, Rotator, Tracker, 50% Affiliate Program, Advertising System ✦
ToolbarBrowser - FREE Search Toolbar - Toolbar Manager, free Custom Toolbar Builder - A Trellian Company ✦
Top-Up Traffic, 350 Search Engine Exposure, Quality Website Ads & Guaranteed Top 10 Rankings > iNeedHits ✦
E-Commerce Associates Program . Triple Clicks E-Commerce Associates Program ✦
Vista Print / As Seen On Tv, But Better Because It's My Affiliate Link, and I'm Your Pal. Check it out and enjoy. ✦
Wandering Star Natal Birth, Astrology Chart Jewelry - The Best of It's Kind, for you to sell. Register as a Partner/Cutomer & Earn Sales Commission asap. ✦ Webmasters Free Website Builder ✦
Widget For Your Site, Blog, Social Networks & More ✦
Wikipedia: Web Design ✦
Wikipedia: Webmaster ✦
World Dating Affiliate Program ✦
XARA ONLINE: Website Scripts, Add-Ons, services & generators created by Xara for webmasters and site designers ✦
XML - / Create your Google Sitemap Online - XML Sitemaps Generator / (XML, ROR, Text, HTML ✦
YOUR PRODUCTS! Customized by You! Personalized by You! Your Own Logo or Design on Products to Sell! In Your Own Super Zazzle Store. Amazing Opportunity to Sell Your Own Personalized Products & Theirs! ✦

Did I mention that all the opportunities you need to generate revenue from your website (or from your computer without a website), are in the list above? Earn Money that will pay for those things you need more money to pay for. You know; the extra health care, the extra piece of mind, the extra money to help out that loved one, and so on and so on. Membership Site Free Webmaster Tools, Software, Webmaster Resources

People are earning an income online right now as we speak just from their computer; their Internet Connection, and the chair their sitting on,, is that something you wanted also? If you need Money, or you need more money than you have right now, try out some of the amazing Resources in this window.

The Resources I have in the List above, are more than you’ll find in any other place, because in any other place they focus on their own website and making everyone stay there, but here on we want you to know all that there is to know about Webmaster, Design, Resources, Tools & Opportunities everywhere that I find them.

No purchase requirements...ever! Start earning income immediately just by doing simple free actions! - SFI - AIM HIGH. DRREAM BIG.

“But Ari?, don’t I have to know Website HTML Codes & the different terms & Lingo used for the different things?” Good question. Sometimes you do, and sometimes you don’t, because many sites offer simple copy and paste editing tools, or “WYSIWYG” tools which are “What you see is what you get” platforms for designing your stuff.

Easy platforms that don’t require you to know any HTML coding, but a little bit of knowledge when it comes to what looks good and what doesn’t, and a little bit of energy to try and learn html code. Do you have those?

Gain More Search Engine Traffic And Have More Pages Indexed With A Clean And Professional HTML SitemapAs far as knowing the Terms & Language of Webmastery, Domain & Hosting, Java Creations, Marketing, Affiliate Industry, Editing, Site Connections & more, you don’t need to unless you’re applying for a Job somewhere.

Learn as you go like I did, and Yes, I know HTML Code, and I do create things online out of difficult platforms that require a certain web mastering expertise, but I’ve been doing this since 1998 so I have the experience and time spent finding out and remembering what to do many times. There are times when you won’t remember or know what to do, but you can always come here and find out, or just find an alternative to the difficult. Website Promotion ✦

More Links for Webmaster, Design, Resources, Tools & Opportunities, could be found in various other Categories through out the Welcome Index Menu, because it is through out the Menu that my many other Trusted Affiliates are Linked.

And through them you will find at different places; affiliate programs for webmasters, affiliate content for webmasters, or affiliate co-branding with webmaster websites,, - or never mind “affiliate” but just “FREE PROGRAMS, CONTENT & CO-BRANDING SITES FOR WEBMASTERS.”

For example; If you’re looking for Webmaster Content; and let’s say you want Comics or Jokes for your site, just head over to the main menu and click “C” for Comics and Cartoons. Visit those places and you will find Webmaster Content Material. Thus, if you’re looking for other content or affiliates for other subjects and topics (such as Astrology, Fun & Games, Dating, Images/Graphics & more), just click that subject or topic in the main menu and find them there. Check everything out because some of them will not be listed in this window.

Make Money with AffiliateBot! For Websites, Bloggers, Publishers, e-Commerce.Just remember that, sure you might be new to the Webmaster World Online, and you might not know anything at all right at this moment, but at some point after coming here when ever you’re online; and visiting the links above, you’ll know so much, that people will think you’re an expert. Because you’re speaking in terms of HyperText Markup Language (HTML).

And you may be caught muttering to yourself in languages of SEO Business Terms (in language of PPC, 2 or 3 Tier) or Website Stats Analyst speak; with knowledge of Webmaster Data Center Terms and services, a Google Bot or online sourcing, a Ping or Spider enjoying the life in a big world wide web.

Find the Internet Polls & Statistics you need just to see I‘m right, but whether you’re a beginner or expert, expect Webmaster Surprisery in this window, and succeed in your Webmaster & Designer Dreams after visiting regularly. Enjoy.

- Yours Truly; Ari R. Kolman

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