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Hello & Welcome to our ❖ Ecodox "Site Changes / Living Changes / Inspiring Changes" Window of Diversity 4 Security 4U The Visitor. I‘m your Host with the Most: Ari Kolman aka ArishmaryCanada.

Not so long ago, in 1999 I made Ecodox, and I made it with so many fun and wonderful things, but just to much of the fun stuff and not enough of the serious stuff.

I was inexperienced and still needing an outlet for frustration with my biological siblings., so I tried to share the happy and fun stuff so I could get over the sad stuff I was experiencing with my biological siblings. I had pretty pictures everywhere of Ed and I, galleries and writings about each and everything that was happening to us, me, the animals, the environment and our families.

Then it came time I started to rebuild Ecodox for the first time since the beginning (and since my Mom passed away). But I was still left with my Biological Siblings and they were more terrible than ever, so I still rebuilt the site but made it better looking while keeping the fun and happy stuff, with your occasional rant-blog of mine.

Like play, I designed a second Ecodox; a more fabulous and spectacular fun and sparkly website homepage, with windows and windows of huge pages and huge text, with huge pictures - iframes, java, buttons & tabs, clocks and forms, and needless to say I got carried away with myself.

However it sure looked spectacular. I tried to maintain that one, but with all the action on every page with sparkles and the background of our lands; thick page borders, and scrolling at least 25 pages down in one window.

Many times it never even worked for me because of the slow connection, but I knew it would work for others so I was fine for the moment. Through all the building of the second Ecodox, I kept thinking “No, I wish I could use the other thing”, or “No, I don’t like this page but I’ll change it later cause I have to catch up.” I just always wanted to CHANGE what I was doing for the better, but couldn’t because it got so big and so messy with pretty and sparkling excitement.

The last Ecodox had some of the same categories and issues as it shares with you now, just not as much writing and information pertaining to important things and how we could get involved with these important things. It still had astrology, flowers, fun and games, literature and poetry, quotes, today in history, today in shopping, today in the news, Today how I miss my Mom - Just no real taking action window, or a real human rights window of Death Tolls and people at Death’s Door.

I Love Ecodox

Ecodox also didn’t have these main features we have now “Becoming an Activist, Click to Donate, Campaigns & Causes Online, Ecology & The Environment, News Media & Politics, Petitions & Letters Online, Pets & Animals, Take Action,” and so much more. It was a happy site, I never really expressed fully about the things that matters most in the world, only trying to make that older Ecodox fun happy inspiring, helpful and so forth.

The only trouble was, I still didn’t know enough to CHANGE the site from Everything Ecodox, to Everything Ecodox & The World. I was writing blogs of stories of my life and feelings while filling pages with scripts of iframes and file tabs of Art & Design no one has seen before -べ♐♐ò♥ㄥo♈e for everyone to have a great time with. Not really the “Source” we are today, but still a nice visit for a while.

I had lots of sections that could have been serious, but it turned out that each one just looked spectacular and fun, and the sparkles were everywhere in frames and boxes and separators, so any serious issue was distracted by sparkly fun and play of arishmarycanada who is just so gay.

I had learned more about Life, Love, The World, Activism and Politics after; after I HAD CHANGED & stopped all communication to all my biological siblings who are still alive, THE ONE‘S THAT HAVE NOT CHANGED. It was one of the BEST CHANGES OF MY LIFE after the grief of my Mom‘s Passing. Then as the grief subsided and after I let go of all the crap in my head involving them, and focused on what matters most I was able to flourish with renewed energy and inspiration.

I was able to actually learn and learn and learn; comprehend and understand, and never stop learning. I’m still learning, but now I’m like teaching online. I wanted to incorporate all my learning’s and all my teachings, WITH ALL MY CHANGES - because now I’m a teacher. Not a professional just one online that helps so many people understand more about things that are important. I am not Guru, I’m just a person that cares enough to make a difference and use communicating as the main source of doing so.

After all the time spent learning, after building Ecodox number two, after letting go and awakening, I also learned Webmastering and how to save space and time while working. How not to place so much on a page, how not to put so many pictures, how not to do this and that, so I started to see the errors of my ways with the second Ecodox, a second wind, A SECOND CHANGE and finally the New Ecodox is born.

It is everything that I wished it would be, it’s only the beginning so when time passes it’ll be more of the amazing everything we wanted it to be. It was time to really let the world know about Ed also, after all it was him that started me becoming smarter and wiser than I was before. Becoming more serious a person, more loving and giving, and more aware of Life and all that is important to Life.

I Love EcodoxSo Ecodox was Changed one more time, and it’s this time that you are here. Today people in the world, including myself and my darling, have things to think about; serious things that matter more than how much sparkles and fun there is at ecodox.

Or how my Mom passed away and I still miss her terribly, or how I probably resent my siblings up to today. I love blogging and those were great topics but AFTER CHANGES YOU SEE THINGS.

I see many people don’t have time for such pleasurable reading or surfing, they are online because they want to find out something of importance to them, or they want to find things that are interesting to them. Other than that, I’m not referring to people who waste time online, just good people that are looking for something.

Because almost everyone is looking for something, just like almost everyone in the world who is good, is also suffering in some way. Suffering big and small, it doesn’t matter it’s still suffering. There are also animals suffering out there, and there are environmental hazards of destruction, corruption and poisoning; that should be fought against.

CHANGE - SPEAK UP - AND FIGHT because the suffering that is taking place from everyone everything and everywhere in the world, is created by those environmental hazards of destruction, corruption and poisoning (the mind, the body the soul & societies), creating the root of all evil, and more destructive and deathly than people realize, because they don‘t even realize how closely they are connected to it all.

In my own world, before and after my Mom passed away but before MY BIG CHANGE, I was worried about myself, at the same time into myself more than anything else. It’s hard to believe I know but when your mind is clouded with negativity you can only think of that negativity, and the negativity in my mind was all mine.

Everything I posted and wrote online had my Mom in it and the memories we shared, but now after many years passed my Mom’s passing, I’m able to focus on other things in the world.

Things that are important and people, places, communities, animals, wildlife, the environment and the eco-system that need our help. The Corruption in the world, the crimes against humanity in the world, The false incarcerations, and the false concern from people who are pretending to care.

I can’t just continue to write about beautiful Ecodox with beautiful animals and beautiful environment, so that‘s why I write about those things in these internal informational windows (like “About Us” and here) for anyone to have a looksy when they so desire. In any animals and environment section with my blogging you’ll see it there to, and so on but where is appropriate.

Today the change of Ecodox is in rebuilding Ecodox with what is important to the world & us. Everyone in the world does not want to hear about Ed and I and the Animals and Environment, while they’re interested in what’s happening in the world, or fighting at this very moment for what is most important to them or others.

So all the older pages of Ecodox, the one’s that I have not linked to through out this new Ecodox, are still online and people are still visiting them. There are many visitors that are counted via the main Ecodox counter, that have only visited the older pages and that’s interesting but it will end as soon as time allows. Because as time goes by I will remove those pages from existing; everything on them will be on this new Ecodox, along with so many other things that were not on the old ones.

To let you see what these old pages look like, I went to see them in action and my goodness, some action… The pages wouldn’t even load the huge backgrounds or other images because the backgrounds have to come up first. And then with many of the main pages like the homepage and welcome index, nothing is right because that page by itself is just a template for iframes and javas. Along with the fact that on most pages there are iframes and javas so since the files are moved around with the new Ecodox, the old iframes and javas don’t all work.

There’s old links, old affiliates, old spots where images would have been, and old writing from me that will most likely be hard to read with small text and a big image background. The texts are on the background and that wasn’t a very good idea either.

Many of the pages are like that, where the page is empty, I didn’t work on that page I worked on the iframe window that is installed in the page, and then there’s another small iframe that scrolls in the corner. It’s full of things that makes the site slow and very large. It was all very hectic and even harder to explain the rest of it.

In my opinion it’s a waste of time to visit the old Ecodox, but I understand there are pages with sources on them that people like so that’s fine. However I am bringing to the new Ecodox asap, all the great stuff of content and resources from the old pages, while the most important things will arrive first as time allows.

Now at the moment, on a Microsoft Word Processor, this window is at 5 pages with my writing, so there’s still enough space on it to right more about Change.. The Change of Ecodox has been explained, The Changes of Me through out the years have been shared; and further explained on various windows of Ecodox and Social Networks, but The Changes of others in the world, need to be explained and the world itself is a delicate topic of Change I address always.

Margaret Mead once said; "A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Bono once said; "As a rock star, I have two instincts, I want to have fun, and I want to change the world. I have a chance to do both." And Nelson Mandela once said; "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Harriet Tubman once said; "Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." And Tahar Ben Jelloun once said; "I came to poetry through the urgent need to denounce injustice, exploitation, humiliation. I know that's not enough to change the world. But to remain silent would have been a kind of intolerable complicity."

There are many more Famous Quotes about Change that you really should see, but do you also see how those few people above get the idea of Change for the Better? We can’t Change The World, but we can Change Ourselves, and Help Change the World, for the better. Or we can just Change our own lives in our own world, and then when we’re ready we’ll help to Change others lives in their Worlds.

But like you can’t love anyone if you don’t love yourself, you can’t help change anyone if you don’t Change yourself. I’ve changed myself for the better, but people still don’t understand when I tell them they should Change also.

They think it’s an insult or something, it’s not, it’s only for the better. They think paranoid thoughts about what’s wrong with them, but nothing - just Change and ask yourself “What’s wrong with the World”. When the answer to that comes, the answer to “what can I do to help the world” comes next.

We do some Changes around over here; around over there, maybe stop being taken advantage from people everywhere; maybe find a way to help more people online who need our resources and talent. Maybe clean up our home a little, spend time more with the pets? Send more e-greetings to good friends and family, maybe address the spouse about the things that bother us?, but all the things around us and within us that need change, we’ve gone over and over about in our heads and it doesn’t seem to be enough?

Why is it not enough to think Change, for the thought to actually work on you and Change you? Why? Because many times people are Lazy, Lazy about Change, even though they know that time is running out. Why Change when everything is going so well? Well if everything is going so well, than maybe there’s no need for Change, but who is everything going so well for yourself? What about the other people in the world that need Change, or Need Help for Change, do you have spare time or spare money to help out?

If the answer is frustratingly “No”, then everything is not fine, because we all need to Change, and that means, while we change ourselves, we’re changing the way we see and think about things. We are changing the fact that when we see people who need help, we usually don’t help, we ignore them - we now don’t ignore them because we’ve changed. And the fact is now we help others with change, we help them the best we know how. Online, with much to do about Taking Action for others.

It’s Time For Changing Things Around inside Us. Also outside us but we must change where it is that doesn’t give a shit about others and what’s happening in the world. Excuse my language but it’s the language of Change, when not enough people are Changing and the world is going to Hell in a Hand basket.

We’ve experienced the Love of Change, We’ve Lived through the Hope of Change, and now We must all Change inside of ourselves. There is a Journey that is well Documented, Loved & Appreciated by many, it’s the Journey taken while we decide that we will Change Within. At the same time of deciding you are actually starting to Change.


When things enter our lives, they play around with us; they play hard or they play soft. They will change aspects of us and feelings within us whether we know it, like it, or not. When we think we can’t handle what’s going on in Life outside us, we either hide within ourselves or Change within ourselves to face what is out there with our new way of thinking, seeing, feeling etc. How you see things, how you feel about things, how you take action on things, communicate with others, share with others, and be real with others and yourself displays whether one has changed or not.

Many people have not seen Changes outside of them or around them, until they finally know Change is within them. But many don’t finally nothing and many actually can’t handle it so bad that they commit suicide over the Game of Life. If we leave our Game of Life we may loose out, but if we stay and Change, learn, love, acknowledge (or survive) and appreciate being alive, we’re Winners.

Winners of Change and always Changing for the better so we’ll always be Winners. Better than that, We’ll be Changed Winners. Educating one’s self again and again is behaviour of a Winner. Making ourselves aware and helpful to others is a Winner. Becoming healthy inside from eating right is a behaviour of a Winner. Helping people because you can feel their pain, is behaviour of a Winner. Speaking up for what is right, fighting for the human right, and giving answers to those in need of them are behaviours of a Winner.

There are many examples but basically it’s time to be taken on a Journey Within, so who will take you?, and why should you go on this journey? You don’t need an individual to take you on the journey you can go on it yourself, you’re not helpless and unaware with no resources anymore.. For example if you’re online, you have resources at your fingertips.

So since we’re on the issue of resources at your fingertips, Ecodox can take you on a Journey of CHANGE if you let us, and because the Changes I’m talking about are the one’s for the better, who does not enjoy themselves becoming better and better with Time & Change.

Everyone Changes when they learn something, they are now a person that knows something else, that’s a little Change, however if we ignore big opportunities of Change for the better, then the possibilities of change for the worse could, can or will be inevitable; even just while Surviving through a life Game of troubles and strife. We must Change, so that Troubles and Strife don’t calculate or dictate our lives.

The journey, or just the small results of Change slowly by slowly & continuously, can happen in our lives for the better but if we‘re not equipped or ready for it, than it seems as if Life is still Playing Games with us and we must prevent it from that. Thus Preventing Change. While playing games with us; questions come into our minds but we don’t know the answers, or we suddenly receive the answers some how without the questions and don‘t know what it all means.

Questions come into our minds because we’re suppose to find or get the answers, if we’re so lazy we simply dismiss the questions without following up and finding the answers, then we miss the important Changes within ourselves. It’s like a hint being given to us, a mathematical problem, a quiz or a clue, that what ever is happening right now and the questions you are having continue to boggle your mind, Change is the answer but the answer of Change is what you must find. Luckily you don’t have to look to far, because it’s right there in the Answers of Life you know already. We don’t know the questions, but “CHANGE” is the answer.

There are those who are afraid of it, but Change is good, especially if it’s for the good while harming none. That is what we are about here at Ecodox. We are about Change, and when you visit us you are visiting Change. When you send someone to us, you are sending them to Change. Because the more people learn the more they will change, and when you are here it is Change for the Better.

For years being busy online for the good of all while harming none, there was just no time for me to enjoy my Change or my Ecodox, yet Change & Ecodox had plenty of time enjoying me. Changing me without me knowing until it’s plain as day that I can see the Changes. And by Change, I don’t necessarily mean completely change into another person; it’s not a substitute for yourself, it’s an add-on or improvement.

It’s not like always changing your mind and it’s not like its always a conscious thing. It’s a Change into a Better Person; more informed more loving, more giving, more wanting to make a difference with a passion un-measurable to the passion you currently display when you see that delicious chocolate cake in the fridge.

However when I change my way of thinking, by thinking less about myself and more about others, good things always happen. When I tell other people things that help them change into a better person a more aware and informed person, or loving and giving attentive person, things always get better for them too. Change ladies and gentlemen, Change everyone needs CHANGE. It is also Change that needs everyone, to grab it, to learn from it, share it, and encourage it.

Those who frequent Ecodox, they maybe Changing without even knowing, those who frequent other websites of games, chatting, dating, porno, buy & selling, traveling, socializing, partying, thrill seeking and spending all their time & money on themselves having fun or taking care of their own business without any thought for others, they will be the ones that will have to Change when it’s to late.

And there’s nothing worse than having the opportunities to Change for the Better; not taking them, and not Changing at all because everyone says “your just so great,” or know one says anything to you at all because you’re just so never going to change.

Winston Churchill once said; "To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." Maya Angelou once said; "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." And Confucius Says; "They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom."

I Love Ecodox

❖  ECODOX BADGE  ❖The End,
or perhaps the beginning ✔
I Love Ecodox



I Love Ecodox In Milliseconds; see how many passed while you've been here, by clicking the Time Button ❖ ◆ above, because since you've been immersed within this window, so you should see what we have waiting for you in the other windows throughout the site.

I Love Ecodox Henry David Thoreau once said; "Things do not change; we change." And Barack Obama once said; "And Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."

I could go on and on about Change, and you will find many times I do throughout the pages of this beautiful new, improved & Changed Ecodox. If change was to cost a dollar, WE WOULD BUT IT for every loving person out there, but it’s not a Dollar; it costs nothing for most of us, and then it costs a Life for others. Don’t like that? Change it. It’s free, it’s inspiring, and it’s always new,,, It’s Called “Change” and everyone can do, it even you.

- Yours Truly; Ari R. Kolman

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