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❖  ECODOX BADGE  ❖I Love Ecodox


Hello & Welcome to our ❖ Ecodox Personal Update, Plan & Tips Window of Diversity 4 Security 4U The Visitor. I‘m your Host with the Most: Ari Kolman aka ArishmaryCanada.

finally what could be the most important internal in-house informational window on Ecodox so far, will have a place to be displayed. The Ecodox Site Update, Plans & Tips Window of helpful Updates, Plans & Site Tips, will give everyone the final course on fully benefiting from their visit to

Here you will find Great Updates And Great Plans For Ecodox with some helpful tips to assist you in maximizing your experience while visiting.

As Time allows I will Update this page, also at every few milestones reached; Telling you the Updates I’ve added, Some Plans I have for certain places on Ecodox, and those helpful tips.

I notice when I go to other websites, that to many of them don’t have any place to explain things the way I have so far, and I can’t imagine all the visitors that they end up loosing because of it. Wanting to know where links are; which links are, why links are, when links are and how links are, are just some of the things visitors wish to know.

At all those other sites that don’t care, Links are everywhere, and they just expect us to figure them all out. Well not here, here you don’t have to figure out anything, you just have to let us assist you.

Assisting you, your computer, your connection and your browser, for enjoying ecodox better, so let’s get going with the two most important things to know first..



Our Pop Ups are only Linked From Us, So Popups Must be Allowed.The Whole Site is built with Adobe Dreamweaer Version 11.5 Build - CSF.5 AND Most of the Internal Windows; The Linked Popup Internal Windows (such as this one & The “All Links Listing” windows), are full of Java & html that many browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer, have a problem with. Such as the way the windows are cut to size, in some browsers you wouldn’t know that.

Or the arrow-tab-auto-up & down scrollers - at the side of the windows to help you scroll nicely, some browsers have a hard time with that. RSS Feeds, don’t ask because when I try to see them on another browser, I can’t. So if you don’t visit ecodox with Microsoft IE you’ll be missing out so much. Please view in IE, and when you visit, the windows must be the only windows in the line of tabbed windows on your browser, or they will not be cut properly. If they’re popped up alone and viewed in IE, then you’ve got it right. Enjoy.

When you look at the Dove at the top of the windows, you can tell if it’s just hovering in slow motion, buffering, or freely flying-up at the right speed & ongoing.

I Love Microsoft IEYou decide after the page is load if it looks nice or not, because many pages have animation images that run infinitely while you’re visiting the page, and if your computer; connection or browser isn’t strong enough to let the animations run freely without buffering (starting & stopping continuously), then just wait until the page is fully loaded, and click the Stop Button on your browser.

You’ll notice after that, that the screen will be ready to scroll down and the scroll is more freed up to flow you down the page, however you stopped the animation images, so I hope you don’t miss any good ones.

You can always refresh the screen and see if after the page reloads for the second time, if the animation images animate freely without buffering. If that’s the case, you’ll enjoy the pages much more with the animations of certain images going on.


Here’s to Hoping that Microsoft IE is the Browser that you are using when visiting, because it's the browser I use while Building..

Other Browsers (such as Google Chrome & Netscape), display the ecodox windows nicely, but to much html, flash, scripts & java content does not work - and the windows distort while not displaying other things properly either.

But everything works the way it should on Microsoft Internet Explorer no problem. Especially if you have high speed access and a high speed computer.

CLICK HERE TO OPEN UP A CUT WINDOW WITH BROWSING HAPPY / The latest versions of the major browsers around

Google Chrome browser already includes Adobe® Flash® Player built-in. Google Chrome will automatically update when new versions of Flash Players are available, but still there were problems with rss feed readers on the page, pictures having enough power to load, certain text symbols (ASCII) displaying, widgets taking forever, page size control not working etc.

Here's to Hoping that a High Speed connection, is the Speed of the Connection that you are using while you're at ecodox browsing around...

❖ Great High Speek - Please Don't Speed Read ❖It could become overwhelming, going high speedy all the time, but high speed connections also carry stronger power (a stronger push for complex content being uploaded).

It may be high speed, but you don't have to be; you can still relax, browse calm and slowly, wait for things to load and if you're reading read slowly and breath during & after sentences. We just don’t want you to be on hyper alert while visiting.

Please don't quickly scan the windows and what is written in them; browsing down before the page is fully loaded, or mind-moving so fast you're not comprehending properly what is displayed or written.

Feel the Wind of my words; Sip a drink have a snack, Take a deep breath & hold it in, let it out, sit back, be patient, and read the pages slowly as if I'm talking to you on the patio while showing you things in a manner, that is not on high speed.

Here's to Hoping that you have your browser's "JavaScript or ActiveX” On, with having your other Security Programs Off, when you're at ecodox browsing around...

◈ Enabling JavaScript With The Following Systems ◈
Click To Open This Table Row of Direction.

Internet Explorer (6.0):

  1. Go to Tools from the top menu
  2. Select Internet Options
  3. Click on the Security tab
  4. Click Custom Level
  5. Scroll down until you see the Scripting section
  6. Ensure that the Active Scripting option is set at Enabled
  7. Click OK

Netscape Navigator (4.8):

  1. Go to Edit from the top menu
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Select Advanced
  4. Select Scripts & Plugins
  5. Check the Enable JavaScript checkbox
  6. Click OK

Mozilla Firefox (1.0):

  1. Go to Tools from the top menu
  2. Select Options
  3. Select Web Features from the left menu
  4. Ensure the Enable JavaScript option is checked
  5. Click OK

Mozilla Firefox (1.5):

  1. Go to Tools from the top menu
  2. Select Options
  3. Click on the Content button
  4. Ensure that the Enable JavaScript option is checked
  5. Click OK

Apple Safari (1.0):

  1. Go to Safari from the top menu
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Select Security
  4. Ensure that the Enable JavaScript option is checked
  5. Click OK
Most (if not all browsers) give you the option to enable/disable JavaScript. If your browser is not listed above, Just look for something called tools, options, preferences or something similar.
Java and JavaScript are two different things - make sure you're enabling/disabling the right option

I guess you get the point; There’s lots of tricky technical (behind the scenes & on public display) html content scripts that need the browsers to allow or enable them to work and display on your screen while visiting Ecodox. So you need all your “tricky technical content controllers and blockers” off , while you have all the tricky technical content enablers on.

Check some of the information on your computer to know a little bit more about what you're using & what it's using; Instantly right now. The Mechanism Displayed below is a Helpful bunch of "PC Info Detection" Java Scripts, in a little table display that slides open the middle row of mechanisms once clicked. The scripts will tell you (and only you) about what system you’re using, and what’s inside of it..

Even more than that but before you try it let me tell you that,, the mechanism displayed below will be used as a reference further down this page, pertaining to the ❖ Main Links Listing ❖ Tables within all the other internal ❖ pages (that may or may not have been corrupted and why). The table here is 1 column and just 3 rows; with the middle row holding the mechanisms and sliding open after highlighted click,, while the ❖ Main Links Listing ❖ tables in each window is full of many more rows and must be explained (so that happens further down). But if your security program is enabled right now, this table of mechanisms may not even display or work properly.

◈ HELPFUL DETECTION INFO ABOUT YOUR PC & SYSTEM - ◈ All In This Little Clickable Table Row Below. For Your Eyes Only.
◈ More information about your web browser & pc than you knew existed here. If your JavaScript is enabled; the kind of system & components you have, code name; color depth, platform, resolution, ip address, hostname and more! Click to Open & Close.
◈ Your browser and operating system

◈ Your Browser/JavaScript Detection Info:

◈ Your Browser/System Detection Info:

current resolution: x
max resolution: x
color depth: bit
code name:
java enabled:
anti-aliasing fonts:

◈ All Detection Info is of your system & displayed only for you're awareness. Detection Scripts implanted here for your convienience.

Security programs are disturbing if left on while visiting us. If it appears that Videos or Flash Contents are not working while you're here, you either have your JavaScript or ActiveX turned off, or you have a Privacy Site Blocking Program going on, or your computer‘s security is stopping access to great things you may enjoy. It could also be that you have an old version of Macromedia's Flash Player (Adobe Flash Player), so in that case get the latest flash Player for viewing all sorts of great things.

Adobe® Flash® Player built-in: Disable that Anti-Virus Software and Download Now From Site - Adobe® Flash® Player is a cross-platform browser-based application runtime that delivers uncompromised viewing of expressive applications, content, and videos across screens and browsers.

Flash Player is optimized for high performance on mobile screens and designed to take advantage of native device capabilities, enabling richer and more immersive user experiences. Or you can Install a different version of Adobe Flash Player if you have a different operating system or browser.

Visit the Adobe® Download Page by Clicking Here

What is Java Technology & why You Need It?

Do I have Java? I Certainly Hope So.

Build Your Own Toolbar Today!

ToolbarBrowser - FREE Search Toolbar ✦
Google Toolbar Users! Add PI Rank to your Toolbar! Or Just Click For More Info About Adding or Building a Totally Awesome Toolbar with what ever browser you are using for where ever you are going.
One Toolbar to rule them all.
The FREE ToolbarBrowser is a complete Toolbar Authoring and Management tool. You can use it to manage dozens of toolbars in a simple tabbed control to save valuable browser space. At the same time covers all benefits of a search toolbar including: search, navigation, popup blocking and much more so you will never need another toolbar.

Features and Benefits of ToolbarBrowser Includes

Popup Blocking Auto Form Filler Highlight search text Zoom in and Zoom Out Clipboard Manager Search major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask etc... Popularity Index (PI Rank), Google PR™ and Alexa Rank™ Wayback Machine - See how a website looked in the past Standard IE buttons and links replacement to save browser space Tabbed control to save toolbar space Fully programmable with XML support RSS feeds Create your own toolbars Add Toolbars to your web site Search Bar - Meta search most major search engines Links toolbar replacement to save browser toolbar space Favorites toolbar for easy access to your favorite links Search Engine Optimization toolbar loaded with SEO tools & features Easy to uninstall Lots of other handy free custom toolbars... plus many more features... Download It Today Because It's,,

Welcome Index Navigation Information

Share with the World, and The World Will Share BackThe Ecodox Main Welcome Index Navigation Menu... That is the main and only page to all the internal ❖ popup windows/pages. It is where a row of “linked letters" to drop down menus at the touch, are located just at the top of the page, added with all the newest internal ❖ windows as well as instant access to quality External ✦ Sites that we recommend for everyone.

That is where all the pages in the future will be linked as well. Put your cursor over the image below, and the Navigation Menu row of letters will highlight for you to see it better, just in case you don't know where it is I'm still talking about. Also, when you touch the image below with you cursor, the Highlight of the link just above the Dove is the location for clicking the❖ Share Us @ ❖ #1 Popup Window (details further down this window in blue).

The external ✦ sites in the drop down menu, are personal Bookmarks & Favorites of ours. They've been stored and accessed for years of putting to good use; referencing and resourcing out to the good people of the world. Just browse through the Main Menu of Letters on the Welcome Index Page to see what was added by touching the letters and then clicking one of the Titles below via the drop down. Enjoy.

Cursor Over Image Highlights The Main ❖ Welcome Index Alphabetical Links Listings ❖, and The ❖ Share Us @ Link on top of the Dove. Enjoy.

Welcome Index Navigation InformationI Love Ecodox Some of the linked letters to drop downs are empty, some are half full, but all of them will be filled ASAP as time allows. Also not all the Letters in the alphabet are there, but don't worry about them I'm sure they're happy. I just got off the phone with J, and he said that him and; K, O, Q, U, X, Y & Z are all happy being free.

I Love EcodoxI Love Ecodox So you know that the Linked Letters in the Main Welcome Index, are drop downs to ❖ Internal & External ✦ Windows (Sites), but if there is an Internal ❖ Ecodox Window for that letter, than you'll find the Title at the top of the drop down listing. The internal ❖ Windows of Ecodox in the Main drop down Menu at this time are all named ❖ All Links Listing, while under them the links listing in the drop down of external ✦ sites are simply labelled the name of the site. So you choose, you click, and you open a new window.



I Love EcodoxSome of the Link Listings from the Main Welcome Index Menu, you will notice drop down the listing farther than the page bottom, thus passing the screen - unable to be seen. That is because either the Titles are to long, or there are more than 10 Links down.

It is a plan to be fixing this by continuing to make ❖ All Links Listing windows for all of the drop downs that do that and removing few links so what is there, can be seen. I’ll make sure each drop down will hold only 8, 9, or 10 external ✦ Links, and to see the rest of them you can visit the ❖ All Links Listing Windows linked at the top of the drop down.

Fix the issue until I do, by just shrinking the screen or making the text smaller via your IE Browser, to see more of the external ✦ links passed the page.

When you see a Menu so full of External Links that it lists them to the bottom of the screen and beyond, then those lists will be finished for the time being until I make the internal ❖ All Links Listing Window for them, so enjoy what you can because you'll be enjoying even more when I get done taking care of even more..

I Love Ecodox

Free Flag Counter ← This Page Views Counter, Counts The Page Views from Visitors of the page it's placed on, from July 14 2012
Free Flag Counter ← This Country Flag Collector, Collects The Country Flags from Visitors of the page it’s placed on, from July 14 2012.


The Last Added Window @ Ecodox is Two Windows. To enter the first window from here, click the Title Banner below. It’s the first window of two Very Large and very full windows. They are called; "❖Death Toll / Deaths Door 1 & 2". Trying to make just one window, I added so much that it became Two Windows of unbelievable content.

I Love EcodoxThe pages are of the topics: Death & Dying, but most importantly Human Rights 4 All & Taking Action to make it a reality, and why. You’ll find the regular link in the Main Welcome Index Menu of course, under "D" and by clicking the ❖ All Links Listing at the top of the drop down for the ❖Death Toll / Deaths Door Windows.

FOR ANY NEW PAGES IN THE FUTURE, VISIT THIS SPOT… You can visit this spot on this window for all new windows that will be created for Ecodox & when they‘re ready for the public. First I will micro blog about them to our followers who visit “❦ Ecodoxically Yours” (details further down this window in blue), and then after a day's break with followers having the only access to the new windows, I’ll connect them to the Main Welcome Index Menu (& Here with the writing and the display of the Title Banner Below) for everyone to have access to them. Enjoy.

Share with the World, and The World Will Share Back
Pop Open Death Toll / Deaths Door- Poisoned, Tortured, Killed or Suicide - Un Necessary, UnWanted, UnFair, Cruelty!

Click The Title Banner Above: Pop Open Our "Death Toll / Deaths Door - Poisoned, Tortured, Killed or Suicide - Un Necessary, UnWanted, UnFair, Cruelty Window" Now & continue here while it loads.


With the Windows that ended up being two windows, you will find the Image link from page 1 to page 2 (and vice-versa) at the top left of the windows on top of the Page Date, also subsequently located at the bottom of the windows where I end my Writing for them (Page Date details further down this window in blue).

The Linking is via Medium size linked images that are rollovers with big Numbers and text on them (as seen below), so you can't miss them unless the images have not loaded.

I Love Ecodox A Rollover Image, is an Image #1 that is placed with a purpose of having your cursor move over it to enable a corresponding Image #2, and then when the cursor moves away, the image returns back to Image #1. If any images on the page don't load, you may not be able to see some great stuff never mind the page changing images and any java‘s involving videos, flash, widgets, activeX content, fancy displays, buttons, iframes, rss feed readers etc., so please make sure that all images are loaded before browsing.

I Love Ecodox When viewing our internal windows & pages, you should check out the images placed, because not only are they great (and many animated) and made by me, but if you place your cursor over some of them; you may see them change because they too may be rollovers. Or do they alternatively display important text when your cursor moves over them?, or/& can they be clicked to open a resource of some kind from a link attached? If you don’t take your time and you’re just scanning really fast while Visiting, then all is lost.

I Love Ecodox FURTHER MORE: I try to write small amounts but I have to much to say for important issues, and I don’t spend my time writing and building Ecodox for people to just high speed through it and scan there way around the links, content and my writing. So every time I write two much because I want everyone to know all there is to know; there will be a creation of two pages and they will be linked with rollover images (as seen below), made for the purpose of rolling over to view the exchange image or the corresponding image that will turn the page/window to the next one. Try it out here by moving over the images.

Page 1 of 2 ❖ Click to Head Over to Page 2.  
  Page 2 of 2 ❖ Click to Head Back to Page 1.

So the first rollover image above is on the first windows/pages and from the second windows/pages, is the rollover image to the first windows/pages. But like I said, they have to be uploaded fully at each window along with all the rest of the images on that window for you to see them, or you won‘t know they‘re there.

It’s up to your browser to decide who gets uploaded first; javas, scripts, widgets and dynamic activeX enabled flash content , or,, the images. While uploading for a while on a lengthy window, it‘s also up to your browser to decide how soon it will stop trying to upload. It may decide it’s tried it’s best and just can’t upload any further.. In That Case Refresh and try again.

❖ Don't Foreget To Refresh ❖ ❖ Don't Foreget To Refresh ❖ ❖ Don't Foreget To Refresh ❖ ❖ Don't Foreget To Refresh ❖ ❖ Don't Foreget To Refresh ❖ ❖ Don't Foreget To Refresh ❖

❖ Don't Foreget To Refresh ❖ FURTHER REFRESHING: Refreshing lengthy pages is very crucial for visitors if they need to see everything, especially for visitors with not such a high speed power as they thought they had, so clicking “refresh” on the browser to extra power "push" the window of interest is very helpful. If you know a page takes a while to load (or a few refreshings), then start loading it and before it’s finished loading (like while waiting for the page to turn from another, or from it‘s blank white stage), you can actually give it the extra push by refreshing then. That will start a push behind the first push (like having two pushes in one), as appose to starting a push after the push is finished (being told, oh now push again).

❖ Don't Foreget To Refresh ❖Another Problem not Refreshing may cause on low powered connections and computers, is the fact that the power is being used for so many things to upload, that perhaps the ❖ Main Links Listing ❖ in that Window you popped open, will be corrupted. You may not even see the bottom of it if that's the case.

Internal Windows ❖ Main Links Listing

I Love Ecodox As seen close to the top of this window with the mechanisms for the "PC Info Detection" Display, the one row in the middle there holds all the mechanisms but the row is closed. To notice the closed row is there, the cursor will highlight it to click open or close. That goes for all of the Internal Windows with the ❖ Main Links Listing ❖ Tables.

I Love Ecodox The table used for the PC Info Detection is of 1 column and 3 row, but the tables inside the internal windows; used for holding the Main Links as ❖ Main Links Listing ❖ tables, are of 1 column and many many rows - holding more links openly displayed, or with a few rows that are closed to hold a sub listing collection of links. All you do is run your cursor over the closed rows and they will highlight to be clicked and opened.

I Love Ecodox As an illustration, I've made a table here of 1 column and 5 rows. See the 2 closed ones to highlight when you pass your mouse over and click to open, that is how the ❖ Main Links Listing ❖ Tables work in all the Internal Windows. Links are red and the closed row titles are not linked so they're a different color. The highlight color of the row closed, is bright grey and will hide or dim the title across it, so read it before or after the cursor touches it. ✦
Click To ✦
YouTube Browse Nonprofits & Activism ✦

I Love Ecodox However if the Window is corrupt, the Links Listing will also be; displaying those closed rows, as open and taking up more space with all the links that are within it. Not here but if that window is a fuller and much longer one, it may happen with the Link Listing in it that's suppose to be with closed rows. Please refresh the window if it happens, and return to the list with it's rows that have many links in them, closed.

I Love Ecodox Different from the rows with some links in them displaying openly; because those rows don't have a title that highlights to click open, so you'll notice they are suppose to be open (plus there's not so many links in them). However talking about the rows suppose to be closed; the title area that's clickable will be seen above them if they're open, and sometimes that title area holds a long title.

I Love Ecodox If the window is corrupted because of not being fully loaded, it might look as if the Tabled ❖ Main Links Listing ❖ is all uploaded fine even if the rows suppose to be closed are open, but you‘ll know to refresh anyway because if they are then the page is not fully loaded and there are other things not loaded that you still don't know about. Please Refresh Internal ❖ Popup Windows until the ❖ Main Links Listing ❖ Tables are properly displayed for you, and you can see all the way down to the bottom of the windows.


❦ Ecodoxically Speaking... Click to View.❖ NEW & EXCITING!!! ❖

Arishmary Loves BloggingI Love Ecodox Ecodoxically Speaking... Writing and Blogging is my Favorite, so ❦Ecodoxically Speaking (as mentioned above and seen here to the left), is a helpful little New Updating Micro Blog w/Wordpress For Ecodox, where I will post a short social posting before Placing New Pages connected to the Main Welcome Index. Yes I said a short posting.

In other words, people who follow our Micro Blog and read the short posts will be able to visit the New Windows/Pages First, before they're linked from here for the rest of the world. It’s another resourceful social networking tool to use for our followers by updating everyone via the blog and not just this window, plus it’ll contain some extra info to provide direction & tips while there. Click to enter from here if you’ve not seen it yet.

In the Main Welcome Index Menu, you'll find the External ✦ Link to “❦ Ecodoxically Yours” under the Internal ❖ Link you found to view this window, in the Main Welcome Index Menu; Labelled "❖New", where you will decide if you want to come here, go there, or come here and go there for updates. You can also “Like” & Share the Blog with others as well as leave comments for us, because all that is appreciated so thank you & Enjoy.

RSS FEED I Love Ecodox ❖ ❖ Updating Micro Blog @ Wordpress 444 RSS ❖ I Love Ecodox IMAGE LINK... There is now an RSS FEED FOR ECODOX thanks to ❦ Ecodoxically Yours. Wordpress offers Rss Feeds with their blog applications, so if you want you can access it anytime.

Wikipedia explains it as; RSS (originally RDF Site Summary, often dubbed Really Simple Syndication) being a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format. An RSS document (which is called a "feed", "web feed", or "channel") includes full or summarized text, plus metadata such as publishing dates and authorship.

“RSS feeds benefit publishers by letting them syndicate content automatically. A standardized XML file format allows the information to be published once and viewed by many different programs. They benefit readers who want to subscribe to timely updates from Favorite websites or to aggregate feeds from many sites into one place.”

Use that rss feed for yourself with your personal feed reader, or feed it into your public social networks that accept and aggregate feeds for auto posting, the way I have many rss feeds auto posting to my created Facebook pages via the RssGraffiti App For Fb. You can find the link to that app anytime in the Main Welcome Index Menu under “F” for ❖Feed Readers.

And the RSS Button (as seen above) is permanently placed on the Main Welcome Index Page, below the World Population counter and between the internal ❖ window links: "❖ Greetings ❖" and "❖ Our Change ❖". The linked button is also a fancy rollover image from a light blue color to the regular orange color.

If you want,, Microsoft Explorer will display the feed on a normal page to see before using it, and many social networks allow you to place a feed for feed reading, auto posting or aggregating into your pages online. Aggregate it and display it for friends and followers, when I update the blog, your friends and followers will also be updated, thus able to click the links to the blog, and ultimately to That would be supportive and appreciated so thank you & Enjoy.

I Love Ecodox Window Updated: 18.07.12

I Love Ecodox Date Text On Windows / Window Updated Date Display. At the top of all the Internal ❖ Windows, there is a text for the Date. The Date of The Window being last Updated, Edited, or just Newly Published.

As seen above (and at the top of this window), it’s in "dark blue small text", and it’s on the Top Left side of all the popup ❖ internal windows. It won’t distract you or obstruct your view, that’s why it’s dark and out of the way.

This should help everyone know if they arrive at a window with personal edits and updates or it’s been untouched by me since they last visited.. Please remember that even though I may not have personally edited or updated the window; the one’s that have external content and syndication involved are regularly updated by external sources, and provided to us automatically without me personally doing anything to update them.

It’s a long technical story, not a topic for “Date Text On Windows”, but I am grateful that they are updated automatically from the content provider, but back to our Page Date Text.

It is only the Date displayed on the popup ❖ internal windows, while on the Main Welcome index, it is the main Date & Time Ecodox Welcome Menu Lists were Updated or All Links Listings were added. Enjoy.

I Love Ecodox Online Social Network Connections For Sharing...

Sharing content to their Favorite social networks is the most helpful thing visitors can do for ecodox. You’ll now notice those Sharing Button plugins everywhere (especially after looking at all the “Internal Informational Windows” like this one). The plugins are available across platforms, support sharing to 300+ services including of course Facebook and Twitter, and are translated into 70 languages.
Please Share The Joy When it Comes.

I Love EcodoxClipped Image IllustrationYes you guessed it, we're connected to social networks, and by connected I mean: not with buttons to Ecodox on Social Networks, but buttons that will allow you to connect and share with your Social Networks of followers and friends around the world. That would be supportive and appreciated so thank you.

Share with the World, and The World Will Share BackThere are “ShareThis” buttons for sharing networks all over the world (as seen with the image clip of them above), located on the Main Welcome Index just at the bottom of the window underneath the "Greetings" & "Our Change" Links. All you do is click the elected share button and you'll pop open another page for Sharing with your social networks of friends.

The Networks Connected on the welcome index page via the buttons are: Care2,, Digg, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Twitter, Yahoo, Linkagogo and Blinklist, they will open a new window for the sharing processes. However you don’t have to open a new window because,,

Clipped Image IllustrationYou can alternatively just have a small sharing panel pop up. There are two different kinds of buttons that are connected in a way so that, you just running your cursor over them will open an in-house special small “ShareThis” Panel (seen here with the clip image of it as an illustration). The second last 2 buttons are the one’s that do this and when you‘re finished doing this, the panel goes away and you continue here to read, browse, research work or just play.

A small panel of sharing will open for The Email button; to send a share via email (& you can even import selected contacts from your google or yahoo account), and the last button - which is the Original green “ShareThis” button. That button allows you to simply share by picking one or more network destinations for sharing (more than even what you see in the line of buttons). Thank you for sharing & Enjoy.

Cursor Over Image Highlights The Main ❖ Welcome Index Alphabetical Links Listings ❖, and The ❖ Share Us @ Link on top of the Dove. Enjoy.

I Love Ecodox

Separate ❖ Share Us @ ❖
Popup #1 Online Social Network Connections For Sharing...

Different from the line of ShareThis Buttons on the Welcome Index, this ❖ Share Us @ ❖ Internal ❖ Link is just a nice little window I made for you; that holds the links to networks offering a “free submit” with webpages, to Sharing Networks & Bookmarking Sites with an address of your Favorites. The rollover image above highlights where the ❖ Share Us @ ❖ link is located on the Welcome Index, it’s just above the dove.

I Love Ecodox ❖ Share Us @ ❖ Popup #1 Online Social Network Connections For Sharing

❖ Share Us @ ❖ many places via this separate internal popup window that you can bookmark by itself and open anytime, and you can even keep it open if you’d like to share what ever you’d like when you visit where ever you visit. Keep it up & spin it around, pick your network, and share Ecodox or something else you‘ve found.

The Design of the Window & Spinning Menu (as you can see above with a clickable image) is one of the most unique designs you’ll find here; to spin around the world for you, while you look to find the Network you’ll be sharing with. It’s easy peasy, calm & peaceful, plus looks interesting, nice and stimulating.

The Networks Connected that you’ll be sharing through ❖ Share Us @ ❖ via this popup #1 are,, Blogger, BoingBoing, Bumpzee, Connotea,, Digg, Facebook, Fark, FriendFeed, Google, Google+, Linkagogo, Linkedin, Myspace, Netvouz,, Reddit, Technorati, Tumblr, Twitter & Word Press. Enjoy.

I Love EcodoxSeparate ❖ Share Us @ ❖
Popup #2 Online Social Network Connections For Sharing...

❖ Share Us @ ❖ Popup #2 Online Social Network Connections For Sharing
Share with the World, and The World Will Share Back

Yes an alternative to the Alternative, also for sharing and exactly the same as the one explained above but even more convenient in terms of saving space on your screen.

In this window the world is not in view, but the menu will still spin around it in the stars above.

Click the image to the left anytime, for it is the only place this ❖ Share Us @ #2 ❖ Popup is linked for now; save with your bookmarks, and open where ever you go. I’ll place it’s link somewhere sometime I‘m sure but right now it‘s only here by clicking the image and opening the popup. Enjoy.


I Love EcodoxTIP FOR Favorites Drag & Dropping From Our Menu or Links Listing, to your Computer's Favorites or Bookmark Folders...

I Love EcodoxDon’t wait for entering a page/window to bookmark Links of Favorites & Resources, drag and drop them into your Browser's or Computer‘s Folder when ever you want. First thing you should do is Boomark somewhere so you begin at the beginning and have the home page easily accessible.

Any Browser is good for this section, but Microsoft IE is recommended to view all the windows. While The other Browsers may be faster, Microsoft uploads more content on their window from one overflowing page, than the rest of them on their windows from half an overflowing page. But other little things also, like for instance the default popup page sizes of ecodox windows don't work for me on my Chrome Browser, but I use it sometimes because it is faster to use than Microsoft IE.

If you have Netscape 6 feel free to Add Tab for Ecodox to it's Sidebar by clicking the button above. If you have Microsoft IE or another type of Browser Click the Red Text link on the Home or Main Welcome Index; titled ❖ Bookmark us ❖ then, and now now you can start resourcing by saving and organizing pages in a folder. Also with any browser, if you'd like to be that Browser's Homepage for easier access Click this Red Text Link to ❖ Default Home Us.

Resourcing in "Favorites" Folders of Any Browser: With the Main Welcome Index Navigation Menu and all the Link Listings in all internal ❖ windows made for Ecodox - you can drag and drop the text-linked-titles of the ❖ internal-&-external ✦ windows of places you want bookmarked, into your browser’s “Favorites” folders.

Or you can forget all that and do your Resourcing in Favorite Folders on your Computer or Private Storage Drive: Drag them to your own computer’s special folder already made and waiting (like for an example a folder named ❖ Ecodox). Just hold the mouse down on a Linked Title when you see it; drag it to your Folder, let go of the mouse after dragging the Title there and boom the Title and Site Link are Bookmarked (or favorited) in a special folder.

Heads Up: It’s not a perfect filing system but it helps to know your options so remember that a part of the title may not of dragged with you, because of a symbol used to display with it. The symbols not allowed on Folder & File Labels almost all the time are “ \ / : * ? " < > | ”.

Another example of that would be; if you dragged and dropped “ / Diversity 4 Security”, that line in the middle would not be there, I know so what. However sometimes everything before or after does not drag with you, so just fill in the blank for your bookmark label if that happens and you’ll never have to deal with it again.

I Love EcodoxIf you don't know how to create a folder: right click to Create New Folder within a location you want the folder in your computer. Then for a great example, put this “ ❖ Diversity 4 Security” (with that symbol because it works) as the Title of the newly created folder. Now you’re ready to save in that folder all your Favorites & bookmarks that you appreciate from Ecodox Forever, then organize the way you want them for resourcing.

❖ Don't Foreget To Refresh ❖Remember when visiting Favorites or bookmarks from your dragged and dropped ❖ Internal Ecodox Windows, that they may be updated since the last time you saw them, so before browsing please refresh the windows that display the dates saying they have & Enjoy.

I Love EcodoxTIP FOR Favorites Drag & Dropping
From Our Site with our Images, pictures, posters, animations & banners, to your Computer's Favorites or Bookmark Folders...

I Love EcodoxJust apply what you've learned above in Tip #1 to this Tip #2 for Dragging and Dropping also, but with Image & Picture Files to save on your computer or Private Storage Drive.

Go ahead I know you wanna. . Of course there are a few images that may not drag and drop, but it's okay because they're just a few.

Then you'll also have images that drag and drop a link connected with that Image - instead of the image; carrying with it the Label Title of the image file being the Alternative Text written for that Image (used when curser is over it displaying the alternative text for the image).

However all the rest of the images without a link attached (perhaps thousands) are allowed for you to take & use in good conscience, utilize & enjoy which ever way you please. After Dropping Images into a folder, the image becomes a File with a name that is the file name we use for the image or the alternative text if there are some, but you can always change it if you want.

Test what I mean right now and try taking any of the images that are not linked to anywhere (or something like a rollover mechanism), and drag it to drop into a folder, , then grab a linked image (such as the Ecodox logo at the top of the window) and you‘ll see what I mean .. However you’ll get the hang of it, and before you know it, you’ll have so many images you’ll have to open your own website to use them all. Enjoy.


I Love EcodoxGranting Access for Ecodox with Your Computer...

X Ю〓► ClosePop-up Blocker: Turn Off. Internet Explorer Privacy Settings: Set InPrivate Filtering: Turn off Cookies: Allow Content Advisor For Blocking Inappropriate Web Content: Disable Blocker of File Uploads and Downloads: Disable Blocker of ActiveX Controls: Disable Parental Controls: Disable, Site Filtering: Disable, Firewall Cut Off/Shut Down, and nothing else that will stop you from enjoying Ecodox to the fullest

I Love EcodoxGet The Most From by Turning your Popup Blocker Off while here & linking to the sites we link to and recommend. All the links at Ecodox pop-up after clicking them, but there are no sudden popup advertising; promotions, buy & sell, dating & porno sites, etc., (the reason Popup Blockers were made).

Have The Freedom to Be allowed to Pop up only what trusted sites and resources we link to and recommend. Use your Popup blocker for other sites not connected or linked to like the other places online that are of the “norm”, especially the silly & gossip sites, the Shopping, travel, dating, Chatting, Porno & X-rated sites, The Classifieds or Buy & Sell Sites, Advertising & Marketing Sites, etc., just not the sites we link to. Enjoy.

I Love Ecodox Ecodox in "The Trusted Sites Panel
/ Internet Security Properties List...

PUT ECODOX IN TRUSTED SITESEcodox needs to be in your computer’s Trusted Sites list. The list is located in the Internet Security Zone via the Properties Panel of your MIE Windows Browser (as seen here to the right).

By having us there, the computer will stop you less from seeing and doing things while visiting. We are a Trusted Site, with trusted content, and trusted information. There is no reason to protect yourself from us, or us from you. You need the information from our site, we don't need your information from your computer, and we trust you also.

Click TRUSTED SITES at bottom of screen

Just double click that bottom right hand area in the status bar stating “Internet | Protected Mode:” Off or On and turn it into stating “Trusted Sites | Protection Mode: Off” and staring with a green ✔ Checkmark. Then you will be safe and less bothered by browser protection & security stopping your freedoms. Send them home because Ecodox has Diversity 4 Security & exists with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, something that doesn‘t need protection or security against us.

To add a website to The Trusted Site List in your MIE: Double Click where I stated above, to Open Internet explorer‘s Internet Security Properties while you‘re on a window. After Properties Panel pops open, click on Trusted sites and then select Sites. Type the name of or the website Linked (the site your at during this time), then click Add. After that leave “Require Server Verification” blank and select Close. Do it once and never deal with it again for each site.

CUT OFF THE SECURITY FOR ECODOXPlease Close any other Protection or Filtering Program you have running also while visiting Ecodox, they will all disturb your visit and block you from uploading or downloading curtain items from pages, if any of them are in working mode.

These "Anti-Computer Security Measures" are to protect you, so you will be allowed to see things many other people in the world may not even be able to see. Security Programs on a personal computer while you’re working on it with websites all over the world, is a potential Bomb threat, waiting to blow your computer out, without you knowing how it happens, because it could happen really quickly.

So Cut Them Off and be allowed to see Ecodox windows display everything in them without warnings of bull, or trying to make you check our site for viruses. There are no Viruses in Ecodox, You are Safe while Here, we take no information from your computer, and you have nothing to be afraid of with having your computer display Everything We Display. Enjoy.


Turn Your Small Text To Bigger Text, and your Small Pics To Bigger Pics... Or to view more on the page Turn them all Smaller.

Helpful if the text and images are to small for your eyes while visiting any of the windows, or you'd like to see more of something on the page, which making everything on the page smaller would do. Of course it works in the opposite direction also, where you can make everything bigger for some reason.

So just in case you didn't know this, you can make the text of Ecodox (or many other sites) bigger if you need to. Just click your browser's Text Size button in the toolbar under “View” to make it larger if for example, it's hard to read small text with dark background.

Clipped Image IllustrationYou can also make the text & images (and other items such as icons), larger by clicking the window sizer at the bottom right hand of the browser's status bar (seen here to the right). It normally displays "100%" for everyone, but you can click it to display at a larger percent.

Even larger and larger if you want. You can turn it back to 100% or less anytime by clicking to it. Alternatively for that, you can also hold down the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard and while it's down click the " + or - " key to exact the size you require.

I hope it all helps, you should be able to read everything without straining an eye, or see important things and not quickly browse while passing them by.

I Love Ecodox

❖  ECODOX BADGE  ❖The End,
or perhaps the beginning ✔
I Love Ecodox



I Love Ecodox Well, look at the time,, Did you know that since you've been immersed within this window, so you should see what we have waiting for you in the other windows throughout the site.

I Love Ecodox Now you're updated and know the various updates, plans & Tips. There's more Plans and Tips so I'll get to writing about them here at some point, however I’ve added great windows and great links to great Links Listings and will keep adding them for you.

I Love Ecodox Please remember to view the wordpress blog ❦ Ecodoxically Speaking... for the newest development of pages - Hey such as this one - just made or updated drastically to a point of newness. Share the joy, the seriousness, the education, awareness and interesting stuff you learn by visiting Ecodox & I, with your friends at your social networks and perhaps the next social gathering you attend. Thanks for taking the time here and enjoy.

Thanks For Visiting

- Yours Truly; Ari R. Kolman

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