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Hello & Welcome to our ❖ Ecodox Welcome “Information” Window of Diversity 4 Security 4U The Visitor. I‘m your Host with the Most: Ari Kolman aka ArishmaryCanada.

Stats Anyone!! Please Bookmark somewhere so you can always begin at the beginning and have the home page easily accessible as I explain things further. Any Browser can bookmark, but Microsoft IE is recommended to view all the windows while visiting us here at

While The other Browsers may be faster, Microsoft uploads more content on their window from one overflowing page, than the rest of them on their windows from half an overflowing page.

To learn more about the Browsers and ecodox's most Compatible one, see the other Internal Window (In-House) ❖ Main Site window for Main Site Update, Plans & Tips; which you will find out about further down this Internal Window.

If you have Netscape 6 feel free to Add a Tab for Ecodox to it's Sidebar by clicking the button above.

If you have Microsoft IE or another type of Browser Click the Red Text link on the Home or Main Welcome Index; titled ❖ Bookmark us ❖ then, and now you can start resourcing by saving and organizing pages in a folder on your computer.

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Mapping, Dates & Country Totals From Visitors of This Page
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Visiting From Somewhere - Please Map It & Thank You.

I Love Ecodox Meta-Hits, Meta-Files ❖ Meta-Pages, Meta KBytes & More ❖ Ecodox June - 2012:

Total Hits 32233
Total Files 17876
Total Pages 25255
Total Visits 1611
Total KBytes 289375
Total Unique Sites 2167
Total Unique URLs 1071
Total Unique Referrers 241
Total Unique User Agents 408
All Visiting Us Here at ❖ Ecodox

❖ Name & Theory Created by Edward C Remming in 1985 ❖ Online Presence & Designing by Ari R. Kolman in 1999 ❖ Eco/logy & Para/dox ❖ Here’s to Ecology & Paradox ❖ No Ecology No Life. / No Paradox No Living ❖ ECODOXICALLY SPEAKING ❖

I Love Ecodox Ecodox: Visitor Daily Usage - Avg > Max:
Daily Usage - Avg > Max: Hits per Hour 44 > 333 - Hits per Day 1074 > 2551 - Files per Day 595 > 1516 - Pages per Day 841 > 1971 - Visits per Day 53 > 94 - KBytes per Day 9646 > 26659
I Love Ecodox Ecodox: Visitor Hourly Usage:
Hourly Usage Hits per Hour Avg: 44 Max: 333 >
I Love Ecodox Ecodox: Locations Of Visitors.

These Are Places Where People Have Visited FromThankfully ecodox still has the attention of you and people (internationally) living or working in the following locations who frequent Take a look at all the Locations that visited just in June, another meta-interesting fact that we are viewed internationally; Appreciated Internationally.

There are more countries that visit yet are not listed, but when you see all the countries in one list through out the years (and not in one list through out the month), you can’t believe your eyes - and you really didn’t know there were such names of such countries.

No matter where you are in what ever place you live, we appreciate you taking the time to make it here. And we hope you found what you were looking for; perhaps you found more than what you were looking for, and then perhaps you shared it with others. Keep visiting because asap there will be even more to find and more to share.

Locations In June of Where Visitors Were From: First,, Unresolved & Unknown Locations (could be anywhere & anyone; secret agents, government, lawyers, or people just scared and have their computers on alert with security all the time), but then there’s Canada / US Commercial & Residential / Networks / Russian Federation / Old style Arpanet (arpa) / Australia / China / Italy / Non-Profit Organizations / South Africa / Turkey / Taiwan / Brazil / Tuvalu / Netherlands / US Educational / India, Germany / Portugal / Seychelles / United Kingdom / Belgium / Switzerland / Czech Republic / Greece / Hungary / Romania / Ukraine / United Arab Emirates, and that’s just in June 2012

I Love Ecodox Metadata Extra Stats Informationals.

When a webpage is requested by your browser, your browser & webserver exchange information about what they do & do not support while uploading the page. information about files involved with that webpage is requested, and so many different sites with capabilities of analytics & Statistic Counting while detecting the information exchanged, offer Services for websites that will use their widget, counters & displays of meta-information to display some of the information exchanged, for their visitors to see.

In Short: We also put their devices on our page, and they will exchange information & statistics allowed for visitors to see, thus on this window you will see them.

Other extra services (besides our own Ecodox analytics and statistic service offered by Siteground), give you the very basics of display for free while the people that pay for their services get the very best and wide range of displays & services (with no advertising attached by the website). However you’ll see them all on this window, further below.

The Main Metadata Service (and the only service we pay for) Pertaining Analytics & Statistic Counting for Ecodox Informationals, is provided by two different sources that work with Siteground Customers; The Webalizer & AWstats (See Next Tab Below For More Information About Them & More), and the images used to display the count stats up to now on this window, are the image clippings from both those services (with my coloring of course)

Since there are various kinds of stat counting free services available online, I’m providing some of the other ones from the different sources, for you on this window. As many different kinds of stats as possible always help us to see better, who is visiting; when they visit, how they visit, why they visited, where they visited from etc., as well as if they shared the link of their visit with others in their social networks.

For more different kinds of Metadata Pertaining to Statistics for Ecodox Information Publicly presented online (but not on this window), visit the following Sources to see what they have for us, or other websites you check out often. Yes the links & services below will open to view for the home page of ecodox but you could use it to view any page of ecodox or any page other than ecodox.

  • Webscale Engine Our Page status is OK ✔ @ 200 and now we know, thanks to the Engine Viewer @ Webscale with their Site That Evaluates Website Fitness. Engine Viewer is built off from a core of a search engine harvester (the spider). What this means is you can view ecodox in the same way a search engine does, from how it breaks down the HTML, to which links it extracts, how it interprets things and more.
  • The Web Information Company., © Alexa Internet, Inc., is a Great Place for finding out information pertaining to certain Websites, or finding out hardly any information, as you will find there so far with ecodox. As time goes by maybe there will be more valuable info of ecodox & our site-visitors over there & in other public sources, but until then these systems are pretty great for any website not just ours, try them out when ever you like.
  • ❖ Backlinks To Ecodox? Would Appreciate Some.. Alexa Traffic Rank Trend? Need Some Trending There Too. Google PageRank? You know that's important as well.. And as with Alexa, there's not much MetaData here for now. Interesting though how they display a list of links that are labelled as: Competitors. I don't think they are but it's pretty meta-interesting isn't it? Only by linking to (or backlinking to) ecodox with your great sites, will we get the attention we deserve.

    HTTP://WWW.ECODOX.COM SOMEWHERE ON YOUR SITE. Alternatively if you’d like to link to specific Windows, go right ahead and thank you.
    c l i c k h e r e 2 s e e
I Love Ecodox SiteGround & Your Own Meta-Data Details.
I recommend SiteGround web hosting
❖ Is all the Meta-Data enticing you to start your own personal website? I know after starting this personal Ecodox, we were so excited to discover the Meta-Data displayed for us with such great detail via Siteground,, it's one of the best reasons for logging into Siteground all the time.

I Love SiteGround❖ Getting Your Own Website with Your Own Meta-Data Details & more.

Siteground is the Provider of Ecodox, which means they Host us for the world.

To take a look at Siteground and all they have to offer you and your website, just click from here anytime, because if you need amazing web hosting, you can check out this special offer just for our guests.

I Love EcodoxThey’ll give you one year of hosting and free website transfer for $9.95 only! This offer to sign up is not publicly available and is much better than their current website price for the same service.

I Love EcodoxIf you sign after linking from here, will also receive a free month of hosting, and that‘s what we call appreciated and supportive so thank you for that!

When I check the meta-data over there for Ecodox, there are images; graphs, lists and links that explain everything.

I brought some of the images of some of the Statistics & Usage Graphs; Lists & Illustrations from there to here, placed from here - up to the top of this window - So you can see what I’m talking about (by looking at them) after I just edited the colors to blend into the creative design of the page.

The pages / Files / Hits / Months, Weeks, Hours and Days of Visitors that visit the website; are logged for when; why, how and where, being information collected for private display when you sign up for an account. You can check any Logs of your account anytime just after logging into their cPanel.

♦ Their amazing cPanel holds more than just the Logs you see above, but you'll have to see it to believe it. Ecodox has been properly Served by Siteground for a long time, We have a Monthly Transfer of 88.94 / ∞ MB and I would most definitely wish to encourage you to start an account with them, so you can begin your own amazing website.

Siteground’s Meta Data Information for ecodox; the information working with other issues that I couldn’t put on this window is available also, just not for public display (that’s why I clipped the images for this window), but to see the rest of the meta-data working for your own account please sign up for one.

For the Webalizer & AWstats alone, you’ll receive all the following information you’ll need, to know about the activity totality of your own website.

❖ Great High Speek - Please Don't Speed Read ❖The Summary Period of the Last 12 Months, and then for each month [Daily Statistics][Hourly Statistics] [URLs - Top 30 of Total URLs] [Entry - Top Entry Pages] [Exit - Top Exit Pages] [Top Sites & Hostname Visits] [Referrers - Top Total Referrers to Your Site] [Search - Top Search Strings Finding Your Site] [Agents - Top User Agents Finding Your Site] [Countries - The Countries Visiting] and that is just offered with Webalizer, you’ll see even more meta-data & options when you look at the AWstats.

The Webalizer is a fast, full-featured statistics tool, and freely distributed under the GNU General Public License. It withdraws and analyzes information from the web server and produces highly detailed reports in HTML format and so much more.

AWStats is another preferred website statistics tool, and is a free software distributed freely under the GNU General Public License as well. It graphically generates advanced web; streaming, ftp & mail server statistics. This analyzer shows you very detailed and complete information on just a few graphical web pages.

I recommend SiteGround web hosting

Webalizer and AWstats both work with Siteground Customers, so I say between just them and all the other things they offer for your site (CGI Center, Site Software, Site Email Accounts, Their Knowledge Base, Their Databases, Administrations, Wizards, Managers, Handlers and fantastic extras and other services) Siteground is The Best Most Amazing Web Hosting Ecodox Ever Encountered! Never had a problem with them at all so check them out to have more fun with them, by clicking from here anytime, and thank you for your support.

The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world. It then displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections.
Sharing content to their Favorite social networks is the most helpful thing visitors can do for ecodox. You’ll now notice those Sharing Button plugins everywhere (especially after looking at all the “Internal Informational Windows” like this one). The plugins are available across platforms, support sharing to 300+ services including of course Facebook and Twitter, and are translated into 70 languages.
Please Share The Joy When it Comes.

I Love Ecodox Bookmark and Share I Love Ecodox

I Love Ecodox Of course we need more referrals & unique visitors (unique visitors are always visiting and not just all of a sudden discovering us), regularly visiting us from their bookmarks to our various windows/pages. Everyone needs visitors to their website, but we need them more. Not just to grow our whole sections of publicly displayed Meta-Data & information, but for the support - and not only for the support of our site, but the support for everyone featured; displayed or plainly linked from within our site.

As time passes and more referrers post about us, while more visitors visit us, Ecodox will be in the mind space of awareness for more people than ever, finding us will be easer and clicks to us will be more widely distributed around the world the way they should be. The more people refer, visit; link and share ecodox windows and links with various people; sites & countries, the more detailed meta-data statistics will display for us from all sources that collect them and publicly display them, but the best part is, we get to help out even more.

Free Flag Counter ← This Page Views Counter, Counts The Page Views from Visitors of the page it's placed on, from July 14 2012
Free Flag Counter ← This Country Flag Collector, Collects The Country Flags from Visitors of the page it’s placed on, from July 14 2012.

As you know we are a site of helping; helping people, animals, and the environment. Support and Resources are our main contribution to helping (along with my Blogging and Graphic Design), but everything important that we freely provide (whether it via my blogging, posting pictures & widgets, displaying the true news & politics of the world, or linking to a place that will do it or explain it all for you), is all here to help others. Just as important as it can become to someone, that a simple referral to our website will bring them to us at just the right time in their life.

✫ TOP SUPPORTING REFERERS JUST FOR THIS WINDOW. Support our Supporters who Support our Support, & be Listed Above as Our Top Referers. Click Link to Find Out More & Thank You.

I Love EcodoxPreferring & Referring Ecodox - Please be a nice visitor and once in a while have a nice Referral to post about Ecodox, somewhere if you can. When a person asks you for somewhere online interesting or full of great things, go ahead and refer to Ecodox. When people are sad about something and need to do something about their sadness or upset-ness, go ahead and refer to ecodox, we’re understanding, supportive and care enough to make a difference for that person.

Increasing the number of inbound links, will increase the number of persons that arrive with particular problems, and Ecodox would like to address many of them. We want to address them, so we can help others with the same. We can help others acknowledge that there are such problems and there are things you can do about them. Increasing the number of inbound links and visits will also increase our site's Rating, Relating, Ranking & thanking many people for the ability to help others. PRCHECKER Page Rank ← Google Page Rank For Ecodox → ● FOR VIEWING ECODOX INFO HERE ♐ IF CLICKED WILL OPEN PAGERANK FOR YOUR WEBSITE ●
Google™ search engine and PageRank™ algorithm are trademarks of Google Inc.

Also the ability & authorities that a site needs online for certain types of information & access to services, which will allow us higher rankings & ratings with Search Engines (because of the visits), which will result in more awareness of us & what we are providing the public. That’s just in general of course but as more quality visitors & traffic to our website discover us and become Unique Visitors, THE POTENTIAL OF ECODOX HELPING OTHERS AROUND THE WORLD (just with information, resources & blogging about it all) IS ENDLESS.

We may not be Highly Ranked & Counted in the Search Engines as of yet (because it involves people posting referrals to our site and sending visitors without receiving anything in return), but we are online; we are offline, we are on a thin line and a fine line, but it’s a line that will lead you directly to us, and we’ll help you with it. Here’s to a future of High Ranking & lots of visitors to ecodox, but before hand, thank you for being a part of that.


I Love Ecodox Main Informational Welcome Greeting Window
The Welcoming “Welcome Greetings” Window For All New Visitors.:
Welcome! Greetings!

The Welcoming “Welcome Greetings” Window For All New Visitors.: If you’ve come to this window first before The Welcome Greeting Window, then you’re missing out on how much I appreciate you.

You know I just wrote a simple yet excited greeting for you and you didn’t get it? With twinkling stars; animations, my personal greetings, color, java & widgets, some details of proceeding forward, surprises and just enough room in the imagination left over, to know great things are about to appear!

It’s our Introduction to Ecodox for you & all visitors from around the world, and displaying the creative design of the window is to project imagination of what is within ecodox (and me) and what is to come. Introducing myself and letting everyone know that it is I, speaking to you; writing in and building all the windows and pages of ecodox.

Like this Informational Window and the Greetings Window, all the one’s listed in the Tabs below, are also part of the set of Informational windows, just the first one; the one that says “hello!”, and “what’s going on over here?” is the Welcome Greetings Window.. That’s why there are these Internal (in-house) Informationals, that I made for everyone to know all they need, to welcome & assist them with their visit and before continuing to look around.

♥ In Perfect Love & Perfect Trust ♥You can share the Welcome Greeting Window or any of the other Informationals anytime of course, and from there the people who visit from you referring to us, should be able to find themselves, at a place they knew not what took them so long to finally reach.

I spend a lot of valuable time on Ecodox, just for everyone to use as one of their own Favorite sources, and these internal Informationals hold helpful information; playful & personal information, constant blogging communication with visitors and explaining things of ecodox that you won‘t find in any other window linked (such as the “All links listing” windows).

I Love EcodoxWhat is in one window, may not be in another window, and sometimes within the windows I‘ll be writing in terms of expecting you to know what I mean about things, things that you will only find within the Internal Informational Windows, and I‘m sure now, you get it..

Sparkles, Design & Fashion, Lights Camera Action! What you see here is a small fraction, of so much that we’ve brought to you within Ecodox Passion. Enjoy.

I Love Ecodox Main Informational Welcome Information Window → You Are Here.
The Welcoming “Welcome Information” Window For All Visitors.:
Welcome Information

This window is made for the purpose of directing & providing visitors with Meta-Data, Information, Direction & Instruction. In most cases more info than anyone thinks they need to see, but meta-interesting still..

Graphic Illustrations, Meta-Hits, Meta-Files, Meta-Pages, Meta KBytes & More pertaining to, but you already know that and you’re almost at the end of this window.

I Love EcodoxIf you were a friend asking me what this window was about, I would say, The Site Details; The Personal Info, Meta-Data of Analytics and Counting, Statistics and Bookmarking, Directions, Instructions, widgets, resources, java, and more to come. However, it’s a window of the welcome information you may need to know before continuing as if you’ve been here already but you’ve not. Welcome Greeting is number one, Welcome Information is number two, and the next one you see after this is three, etc.. So, moving right along..

I Love Ecodox Main Informational Site Update, Plans & Tips Window
The “Updates, Plans & Tips” Window For All Visitors.:

I Love Ecodox“It Takes One To Know One”, is the proverbial expression I apply to the order of viewing these Informational Windows. You see, it takes one to know one yes, but it also takes one to know the last one; or the last informational window, to know the next informational window.

It takes one to know more about me and how I write and explain things, to know how I’m going to write and explain things in this window & the next and the next. This window is for updates, plans & tips, and by viewing the last one (the one you‘re on), you’ll know more about the information in this one.

This one get’s more technical if you can believe that, but in a nice understanding way that I’m able to write about and share with you. I try my best to make things easy for people to read and understand, but the minute they see there’s lots to read they worry, and then when they see there’s more technical stuff than personal stuff, they save it for another day.

I Love EcodoxHowever, finally what could be the most important ecodox visitor information section so far, has a proper place to be displayed. The Ecodox Site Update, Plans & Tips Window of helpful Updates, Plans & Site Tips, will give everyone the final course on fully benefiting from their visit to The window has more to do with you, than this one that has more to do with us.

❖ Great High Speek - Please Don't Speed Read ❖While the Information Window focuses on Meta-Data & Ecodox Stats & Details, The Update, Plan & Tips Window focuses on Ecodox Visitors enhancing their Visit & knowing the tools at hand to better experience what awaits them.

All the windows are different from each other, yet similar because they are important with each other. In The Update, Plan & Tips Window you’ll learn about the things I did not go through on this Welcome Information Page. Your Browser, Your Toolbars, Your Computer, Your Folders, Your Security, Your Java Enablers, and so much more. Including Illustrations and Instructions pertaining to certain features and aspects of your computer and browser you need to know about.

The Main Welcome Index Navigation Explanation, The Main Feature of The Last Added Window @ Ecodox, Explaining the 2 Page Linking System; Refreshing for further page power, copy & pasting, drag and dropping, The Main Links Listings, The Blog, The Feed, The Time, IS NOW..

I Love EcodoxThere are things to know about between your computer and the Ecodox website, there are plans of preparedness that will take place and be announced only there as well. Many tips & technical DIY directions while visiting Ecodox await you, but by missing them (or not remembering them) will have you enjoy Ecodox less than you really should.

And what does that mean? It means that here you will find Featured Tutorial-type (explanations) to Assist You With Your Visit and make sure you‘re aware of the limitations you may experience while visiting us. Because all the limitations you may experience can be fixed to let you enjoy your visit limitlessly.

FUTURE ◀ PLANS OF PREPAREDNESS ▶The Browser that’s Best To Use; The Enabling of Access, The Internal & External Windows of Social Network Connections, Favorite - Bookmarking, Interesting-ness and so much more you may enjoy. Lots of Details to Read, lots of Graphic Illustrations to see and Pleasure without pressure.

Everything that will be new at ecodox, All the pages just added will only be announced there and on the Micro-Blog. Everything taken out of; and everything located somewhere in, ecodox that needs to be told about will be there. All the devices from other websites that I will explain, all the ideas for the future are waiting there anytime (when ever there is time), like after this window and a coffee.

I Love Ecodox Main Informational About Us Window → Editing as we speak
The “All About / About Us” Window For All Visitors needing more.:
About Ecodox / About Us

I Love EcodoxFor those visitors wishing to know more about us, please visit this window for my share-blogging over there.

In this window you will find more about us, Ecodox, Ed, Me, The Animals, The Environment, The People the Website, the World and how we connect to all of it, with more to read and more to look at. Who is Us Anyway? In Short For Here;

  1. ...Ecodox is the Name of our Online Presence.
  2. ...Ecodox is the Name of our Offline Home Land.
  3. ...Ecodox is the Way We Live Life w/Awareness.
  4. ...Ecodox is the coming together of two Words.
  5. ...Ecodox is giving to others, Diversity 4 Security.

More at the About Us Window. enjoy and know that more will be on the way.

I Love Ecodox Main Informational Site Change Window→ Editing as we speak
The “Change of Ecodox” Window For All Visitors needing more.:
The Change of Ecodox

“Out With The Old In With The New”, is the proverbial expression I apply to this informational window.

For those visitors wishing to know more about the Changes of Ecodox from the beginning until now, please visit this window for my share-blogging over there. In that window you will find more about the older website that has pages still up and running but not wanting for you to see them; which one’s do I mean?, why?, how are they no good anymore?, and what are all the wonderful things that have taken their places.

I Love EcodoxPeople are still viewing them by accident or because they bookmarked them for all these years, but As life goes by and people change; we grow & learn more, we speak up & say more, we give of ourselves or give more and help more, we become more.

Ecodox is More now,
and Change is good.

Everyone should know that CHANGE IS GOOD, but not everyone does, which is why this window is about "The Change of Ecodox", "The Change of People" and "the Change of the World". Yes more of my metaphoric blogging physiology for you because I don't know the question, but "Change" is the answer.

Who forever changes for the better, will forever change others as well, as long as there are others that you know needing to change (for the better while harming none).

If you have friends who need change; family who hate change, or website visitors who appreciate change, please refer them to our Ecodox of Change. For diversity & security, for the good of all while harming none. Enjoy and thank you..

E c o d o x
...S t a r ..R a t i n g
PageRank SEO
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Your Name:

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Your Question:

I Love Ecodox Yes I will personally answer any other questions I did not answer throughout the internal windows of Informationals, and I will answer them here. To not ask me anything I already addressed here or within the other informational windows, make sure you check them all out before browsing around, so the answers to any questions asked will be placed here &/or in which ever window is of related interest.

I Love Ecodox

❖  ECODOX BADGE  ❖The End,
or perhaps the beginning ✔
I Love Ecodox



I Love Ecodox In Milliseconds; see how many passed while you've been here, by clicking the Time Button ❖ ◆ above, because since you've been immersed within this window, so you should see what we have waiting for you in the other windows throughout the site. Hope many things from ecodox can help you if you need help, entertain you if you need entertaining, or inform you if it's informing you need via this World Wide Web. Enjoy.

- Yours Truly; Ari R. Kolman

Greetings Our Change Welcome Home
  Close Information Update About Us Welcome Index

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