Update Update Are You Ready For This Big Update?

Hey everyone how are you? Sorry I havn’t been able to update ecodox so far but I predict in the near future, and usually my predictions are correct, though I’m here to tell you about a scheduled infrastructure change at the data center where ecodox.com is hosted. As part of the infrastructure change, my server will be moved to a brand new facility. The scheduled date for the physical move of my server is Saturday, September 20, 2014.


When I heard this I got worried but then I knew there was nothing to worry about, because The new facility is a state of the art data center featuring: Upgraded network topology, capacity, and throughput, Upgraded storage network and capacity, Upgraded redundancy and availability options, Enterprise-class security to protect your assets and State-of-the-art on-site NOC staffed 24/7/365

AND THAT’S WONDERFUL BESIDES, The time frame for the server move is ONLY From: 1:00 AM CDT on Saturday, September 20 To: 07:00 AM CDT on Saturday, September 20 AND THAT’S JUST up to 4 hours. Can my visitors handle 4 hours in the world without the site? Or will they visit all the other one’s I manage online? Mmmm, we’ll see with my site counters..

So I just wanted to tell you that, and thank you for visiting today. Talk to you soon and have a great day.

S℘εḉїαℓ Note For The ∀ẘℯṧøღℯ❣ Fans

Me☀ ☀ ☀ Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for visiting, and thank you to those who have genuinely commented in the comment section. It makes me so happy to see the nice comments of genuine interest, and then It drove me crazy going through and finding a higher majority of basic spamming promotional self-gratification posts by bunches of the same as NoBody, and then the same that made absolutely no sense with whatever they wrote, and then those in another language I figure were also selling something and using my free posting comment section to do just that.


☀ ☀ ☀ I spent hours or more like a whole night, tonight going through them and still couldn’t finish, what a complete bother. So, I’ve removed the part of the comment section that allows you to submit without me checking it first before publicly displaying it. Then I added more security where the person who is selling something with a url in the comment will get a terrible surprise back in return, it’s called consequences. Then, to make sure I won’t be so bothered again, Users must be registered and logged in to comment, I’d like the spammers to stay away, so now let’s get back to you and me.


☀ ☀ ☀ On this day so far away from the last day I updated this Micro Blog of Ecodox Social Postings, I think about how I’ve wanted to get here so much earlier but my slow speed connection limits my working on so many things every night. It’s been a long time since I last worked on Ecodox, because one thing after the next happened, but I’ve still been active online in the many social networks and sharing communities, not to mention working on all those kinds of pages that I manage, that is not Ecodox. ☀ ☀ ☀ It’s okay though, I’m not closing Ecodox and I will get back to it (it’s pretty embarrassing having that Halloween Affiliate at the top of the Index Page). I came today to post something to all of you letting you know you’re not forgotten. Thank you for reading and being genuinely interested in my work, my talents, my interests, affiliations and or my sites.


☀ ☀ ☀ There is more of me though, and you can find that more all over the web in different places, such as my facebook and twitter, and then the pages I promote because I Love them, I know others will love them, or I found an article there, or all of them are one’s that I myself manage; such as: http://www.allmyfaves.com/arishmarycanada. There you will find all my favs, affiliates and resource tools that can help many many people, by saving them time searching for them themselves.


☀ ☀ ☀ Then I made this personal official google site as well about me: http://bit.ly/AriRKolman. I can only update one place at a time, and I only have one time a day, usually all night long if I’m well, or not dead tired. So bear with me and keep following me here there and everywhere. Oh yes one more place: http://www.zazzle.com/ecodoxpizzazz


ℙℰÅℭ€ αη∂ℒ☮Ṽ€

Important Additions: 2 New Resourceful & Informational Windows ✍ ☑

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit our Ecodox Updating Blog. Many pages of Ecodox were updated & published yesterday. I’ve spent a lot of days on the new pages but I’m not finished yet, so when they’re done I’ll be here telling you first, until then see the windows you’ve not visited yet and enjoy the links I’ve added to different link listings.

I’ve been working on another two windows, but they’re both different, yet a little similar; one is for Causes and Campaigns, one is for Petitions and Letters, and they’re both for taking action and making a difference. Everyone needs to have an important Cause or Campaign; to work on and make petitions and letters for.

So that what I’m doing; helping them out, and offering everyone who have nothing to care about, something to care about and make a difference for. Right now the world is in turmoil and there are specific people in charge of the turmoil, we need to target these people and make them stop the turmoil, or at least stop encouraging it.

Not concerned about that, then you must be concerned about the environment or the animals, you can help the environment & animals with Causes, Campaigns, Petitions and Letters, to people who can stop the destruction of the environment, or the killing of innocent animals. Every Country every place and every government has people you can target these Petitions and Letters to.

The Environment, The Animals, The People and The Planet. We may even have friends or loved ones that are suffering and could get help from a Petition or Letter to someone in the Government, or someone with important Law Changing Influence.

I have a lifetime Online & Offline Cause & Campaign to help a beloved who is trapped as an asylum seeker in Africa, he‘s transgender aClick Here For My Global Offline Cause.comnd walks the streets of hate on a daily basis. Targeted and beat up if not careful, but there is not “careful“ when you live somewhere completely filled with homophobes and Xenophobes. If you’d like to take part in my Cause & Campaign, it’s Global and already in progress by many caring people. You can take a look at what I mean by visiting: http://bit.ly/globalofflinecause

That is the page with the details, and when you click to go to the main page from there, you’ll see the follow up post blogs; just small things of encouragement and details with the blogs but there‘s more coming of course it just all depends when the time is available.

I know how hard it can be to find the time for creating a Cause Campaign; I know it’s hard to plan the time and figure out what to do for many people. It’s hard to figure out what to say, where to research; reference, bookmark, organize, promote, network, and get people to join or help out with your Cause & Campaigning. Thus get ready for a permanent place that I wish to help you on Ecodox.

The new windows will count as important additions & online resourceful and informational windows for Causes, Campaigns, Petitions and Letters. Thank you for visiting, taking action, making a difference and talk to you soon.

PS: Thank you to those for the genuine comments.

Ari R. Kolman


♥◆“I work with language. I love the flowers of afterthought.” – Bernard Malamud

Thank you to those for your patience & sincere comments, I am always active online but not always on Ecodox, without me however Ecodox activates and continues activities on behalf of us without me even there, so we appreciate all of you, I’m honoured and humbled even further by the comments when time and effort is spent to give and not only receive, “oh really,? ttelll me more..

Just kidding, not really,, so enjoy and let me know what else I can do for you when the time comes. Join me on Facebook and twitter and don’t forget to share everything that helps others. And wait until you see what’s coming… You won’t believe your eyes and yes, I say, ,  “the scarcity of this type of information” sure is overwhelming so thank you for understanding. xoxo

►Bundle of Love & Support: http://bitly.com/or349p ☞✉☑

Follow a Life, Follow a Change.

☀ Site Changes / Living Changes / Inspiring Changes all in the New Changes of This Window, about “Changes”. Emphasizing the Word “Changes, Changed & CHANGE” throughout the window; with my Blogging about the beginning to the now of Ecodox; my life with the first one, the CHANGE to the second one and the CHANGE to the now one. Old pages vs. New Pages and everything before and after. My theories of Change from the site, to WE THE PEOPLE, from WE THE PEOPLE to the environment & animals, and from that to those of destruction, corruption and poisoning with everything, coming back to WE THE PEOPLE again.

For those of you who regularly frequent my blogs, you know what I’m talking about, but for those of you who do not, welcome to change.. Just want everyone to know the last bit of meta-detail and personal detail about Ecodox and “what up with all the changes”, this will be the last internal informational window before I start building the rest of the “Links Listing” Windows linked from the Welcome Index Main Menu, enjoy it and it’s only about 11 pages long, with images and separators, not like the last window I rebuilt.

☀ Confucius Says; “They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.” Don’t like that? Change it. It’s free, it’s inspiring, and it’s always new,,, It’s Called “Change” and everyone can do it even you. Thanks for visiting, I told you first so click here and talk to you soon. Oh yes and have a super inspired day! Xoxo  

☀ PS: I also tried to answer many questions for people who may be wondering those questions without knowing that they were but realizing that they are. I don’t know the Questions, but “CHANGE” is the Answer to all of them.

♥◆ About Ecodox / About Us – Brand New & Ready 4 You.

Click Here to Open The About us Window.♥◆ This one is a huge long window with pages and pages of my blogging, if I had made it pages and pages but it’s all on the one informational window so you don’t have to turn the pages…

♥◆ And then, like the most amazing thing, it contains even more blogging within that window’s blog, because I placed a Table Box of Drop Downs that you click open anytime (before or after you read the rest of the page) to read specifically more personal more deeper and more informational stories about us: Ecodox, Ed, I, The Animals, The Environment and The Human Rights in detail like never before.

♥◆ For those who love my blogs, you’ll love this one, divulging everything I can think of (trying not to repeat myself) and sharing it with you and everyone visiting. Each drop down window holds more writing and when you see Ed’s Drop Down section you’ll be able to read his short biography.

♥◆ I wrote allot in about us about us, but also a lot about the Animals that we had and the wild ones that are here, the beautiful environment in which we live where I take you on a trip to get the feelings of what it’s like to be in our Environment or Sanctuary, and how we speak up and fight for the Animals, the Environment and Human Rights 4 All.

♥◆ So enjoy this one, I have one more Internal Informational Window to update, and it’s the one titled “Our Change”, but for right now enjoy and click here for the “About Us / About Ecodox Window” because you’ll be one of the first to see it after publishing it. Thank you for following and talk to you again. Xoxo

♥◆ PS: Thank you to those who took the time to leave a nice comment. I’m not sure who you are, but I love you for it.

Updated To Newness: The Welcome Information Window ❖

❖ So we have 2 more to go: the About Us, and the Site Change Windows.

❖ ❖ These are part of the set of Informational Windows to look at before browsing around. Pages that help the visitor with their visits, and Pages so full of things to look at it may keep you at them for several hours, but don’t stop there. Visit the other Windows because I’m working on them as we speak as well. It’s so great to have a place I can express myself, I hope many visitors who need to express themselves also make a website for themselves.

❖ The Welcome Information Window is made for the purpose of directing & providing visitors with Meta-Data, Information, Direction & Instruction. In most cases more info than anyone thinks they need to see, different from the Updates, Plans & Tips Window but meta-interesting still..

❖ On the Welcome Information Window, you will find a Tabbed Table of Each Informational Window advised to look at before starting to scroll around again. Just click the Titled Tabs, and the Panel in the Table will open to the information about that window. The Welcome Greeting Window has also been Transformed, and now I just have to update the About Us and Site Change Informationals.

❖ It’ll be like a personal blog on both of them, well you know me. So I gotta go back but I came here first to tell you before I upload the Information Window. So I hope you go look at it all because I‘ve got lots more coming. If you have not been to “The Welcome Greeting” Window of Welcoming Introduction & Explanations, please Click here and then visit the “The Welcome Information” Window. Thank you and enjoy.

❖ ❖ MOST IMPORTANT TIP: Linked Popup smaller Internal Windows are full of Java, and cut to a size as to call them popups, and smaller windows. So if you don’t visit ecodox with Microsoft IE you’ll be missing out so much. Please view in IE, and when you visit the windows must be the only windows in the line of tabbed windows on your browser, or they will not be cut properly. If they’re popped up alone, like the link above, and viewed in IE, then you’ve got it right. Enjoy.

✔✐ Some update of Update & Plan Information

❖  ECODOX BADGE  ❖Well I updated the ❖ Update & Plan ❖ Internal Window Today. A smaller window that will update visitors and share with them my plans & tips, and heads up, and instructions, etc.. Everyone here will be updated about the New Pages, and everyone there will be updated about everything, except the new pages will be blogged about here first as promised (which I explain on that window as well). I hope you like it, it took a long time since creating the last ❖ All Links Listing ❖ Window. Topics Include: Browser & PC System Compatibility, Security & Enablers. Instructions for Recognizing different resources on Ecodox, such as the Navigation Menu, different links and images etc. ◀ PLANS OF PREPAREDNESS ▶ The feature Item which is the ❖ LAST ADDED WINDOW @ ECODOX ❖ Explaining the Two Page Linking System, – REFRESHING – And Newly Added Helpful Tools, Tips, Resources, Internals & Externals… There is more but I promised to Micro-blog here not tell you the life story of each topic, so please check it out and enjoy.

PS: There is technical lingo going on, but I do break it down, and I do even repeat myself further to break it down even simpler. You know me, and it is me, so even though some of the blogging on this window is technical and professional, there is still your sweet, cute, demure and fun “in your face” little me comments & images, so enjoy.

✁ Some update Information

I uploaded the two new pages with the Main Welcome Index, so now The World Can View Them. I hope many people learn via those two pages; that the world and all our people in it are in dire straights for emergency Action from everyone online. Not doing Nothing; ever, is just not right anymore, We must all Take Action for Human Rights for All, and hopeful the pages will encourage that with others.

The Update Information here is: You have to wait for the page to fully load, it has counters, videos, news streams, links, images, java and more complex computer power swallowing content. It means all the images must load as well, because the links to both pages from each other are on the top left hand of the windows; and the bottom of the windows with my writing coming to and end for that page. Those Page Changing Links are in Images with BIG RED NUMBERS ON THEM (1 of 2, and 2 or 2). When you touch those images, they change (rollover to corresponding images) and show you that by clicking them you will change the page. But they have to be uploaded fully along with all the rest of the images for you to see them or you don‘t know how to change the page.

Refreshing is crucial to this (I have to refresh for ever with my computer to see everything online because my computer connection is slow). And there are other Windows that I’ve also made two pages for, but the layout of those linked images are the same f
or them too.

When viewing pages, you should check out the images placed, and that means place cursor over them; to see if they change, or do they alternatively display text, or can they be clicked? If you don’t take your time and you’re just scanning, then all is lost. I just wanted everyone here to know that, and thank you for visiting Ecodox

Death Toll / Deaths Door – Ready For Publishing.

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE ❖ Linked Here For You First. ❖ Death Toll / Deaths Door / Death Calculations / Wrongful Incarcerations ❖ Poisoned, Tortured, Killed or Suicide – Un-Necessary, UnWanted, UnFair, Cruelty ❖ Topics with Lots to Say, and I’m the one saying it. This page is full of resources, News Articles and Reports, Quotations from Amazing Groups and Individuals, banners and images from organizations and grass-roots sites AND Information via Death Tolls via Death Doors, and via Everything I have to say about them. Please enjoy this page, but it’s not a fun page, it’s a resource page that’s serious and offering the stimulation of Taking Action. It’s my Blog, It’s my Page of Creative Illustrations, and It’s a whole two windows for you & For Human Rights For All. Thank you for following me, and because of you I am linking access to the pages here only for you via this link: ❖ Click Here ❖… You’ll be the first one to see it. Tomorrow I’ll be Connecting to the Main Welcome Index for everyone to see and read and click away to places they have never been before.

PS: Between the Blogging, The Linking, and the Image Placing, the pages turned out bigger than the rest, longer than the best, and perfect for your time to invest. Because of this please be patient and let the pages load to full before browsing or something may not show properly. If something does not show properly, then please refresh until the whole page is loaded properly before you begin. Enjoy.